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FREE DOWNLOAD – Movies, Songs, Softwares, Games……and More (Series – 2) is the best source of free downloads. Download free movies, free songs, free music, free cartoons, free games, free books, free softwares, free mobile stuff and lots more free stuff from the internet.

The website basically is an online discussion forum neatly categorized into free movies, discussion topics ranging from A to Z, free videos, free software, free songs, free music, free anime, free books, free cartoon movies, free mobile downloads, free wallpapers, free kollywood movies and music, free hollywood movies, free bollywood movies and music, free kannada movies and music, latest movie reviews, free religious stuff, etc.


So once you find your content; click on the link for free downloading. Now read carefully before you download any free stuff make sure to “CLEAR THE CACHE” of your browser.

For Internet Explorer goto Tools>Internet Options>General>TemporaryInternet files>Delete files.

For Mozilla press Ctrl+Shift+Del and tick the ‘cache’ option and press OK


It is very important to do this, coz uses rapid share to download, which initially buffers or temporarily stores the content in your system’s cache memory(temporary memory). So the download is 100% complete only when it is fully downloaded. I know it is a bit technical, so do not bother just “CLEAR THE CACHE” – its not a big deal.

Now you have two options as a user- a premium user and a free user. A premium user has slightly better speed and higher download limit. While a free user has a limit of downloading only one single file per day and the download limit is also lower.

The download speed is totally dependant on your net speed. That is if your net speed is 25kbps then your download also happens at the same speed.

So Its pretty straight forward, just enter the site, login, browse for the content, see the preview or read the comments to verify if it the stuff is fake or for real. Then copy the link and paste in a new window to download for free. Now that’s what I mean by students rock like stars. Also I could not find any reason to believe that it was only related to students.

So do not get fooled by the name if you come across the URL of the site and think it to be some kind of online study material warehouse. Just go ahead and download for free.

For more free downloads, click on the relevant links below.

For Future Visits:

Bookmark the site or add as favourites.

Else Goto Google –  type “bestashok + shvoong + student rock stars”. The page should show up.

TIPS and Tricks: Since a free user can download only single file (i.e one movie or one link), I suggest you to create a multiple user logins and go on downloading as many times you like….and finally as I promised in my series of “DOWNLOAD: THE TRUE STORY OF INTERNET”.It’s FREE!!!!!!!!!!!




Free Download spirituality

FREE DOWNLOAD – Movies, Songs, Softwares, Games……and More (Series-1)

Free, free, free the very words strike a chord with us.

But it comes with a *(star)Conditions Apply. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way.
I have been using the net for the past decade, and being from a developing nation like India, it really gave us the view of the whole world, especially the developed nations who have reached their pinnacle of evolution.

So, though my abstract on Free stuff available on the internet might be mundane to the highly net evolved creatures, the same might not be the case with my fellow brethrens who are still in the nascent stages of net evolution.

So, here in my series of DOWNLOAD: THE TRUE STORY OF INTERNET, I shall be taking you through the steps on how to avail the freebies………

There’s a certain purpose most of us use the net for, but the majority use it for the E.Q ie the Entertainment Quotient..

Songs, Movies, Games, and the list goes on……Oh my pal here sitting next to me reminded me the most important stuff –  Yes the SOFTWARES, how could I miss it, thanks man!!!!
And here in the first of the series I shall go ahead with songs.

Here you can download free songs like – download free hindi songs, download free english songs, download; free bollywood songs, download free tamil songs, download free telugu songs, download free kannada songs, download free songs online, download free hollywood songs, download free malayalam songs, download free tollywood songs, download free mp3 songs, download free indian songs and download more free songs, the list endless..

Please refer below to the relevant links for the list of websites where you can get them for freeeeeee…….

Most of them require you to just register with your email id or just choose the song and wallah!!! you can lay your hands (oops ! your mouse) on the latest tunes rocking the world! Of course being a self ethical anti pirate person I would also request you to not pass on these songs to your pals or use them for any other commercial purpose.

Instead let them know the procedure or read my blog and go ahead….
Below are the list of some free songs categories you can download from:

Acoustic, Electric, rock… Hip Hop &Rap
Freestyle, Hip Hop, Rap…
Electric, Piano, Romantic… Jazz
Bebop, Ragtime, Swing…
Adult, Political, Satire… Latin
Mambo, Mariachi, Salsa…
Blues, New Country, Swing… Metal
Gothic, Heavy, Industrial…
Easy Listening
Lounge, Love Songs, Soft Rock… Pop & Rock
Pop, Rock, Punk…
Dance, House, Techno… Urban / R&B
Urban, Rhythm & Blues, Reggae…
Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Punjabi, Portuguese,
Santali, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu…

WARNING: Make Sure you have reasonable download limit usage for your internet connection. An unlimited one would be like an icing on the cake.. Happy Downloading..