Why I want to be a Writer

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Do what you love, love what you do. I guess this sums up why I want to be a copy writer.

Any further justification would be like explaining how much you love some one, where I believe the question itself is wrong? Similarly there is no such thing as why I wanted to be a copy writer or neither am I extremely talented to support my career choice. It is not because I doubt my abilities but realistically I am also aware that you cannot please everyone.


That does not mean I am blindly in love with this profession because I could not find anything else. It all started like this…Luckily from my early days I had this knack of doing things with consciousness. Somehow I was always dissatisfied with what I did.


Unlike most youth who join a job due to their ignorance or peer pressure or even for monetary gains, I did not tread this path. So I set upon the soul searching quest to know the purpose of my life and so it began. Not finding what I wanted I ran from pillar to post. Being a cynical guy too did not help my cause. All the answers I got from various people, career experts, peers and sometimes my own self were all met with stringent pinch of salt.


Finally the moment of epiphany had arrived. Not that I had to make a decision but truly it had happened. It cannot be explained in words it was an experience. I forcibly took upon myself to find my career path. So thus my career choice was not a fluke but a rigorous process that has led me to be a copy writer.