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Skoda Mission L Car Will Be Released by the End of 2011

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Skoda MissionL will be released by the end of 2011. This was revealed at the ongoing world’s biggest auto show in Frankfurt. The Skoda Auto division’s Czech division confirmed that the car will be on the Indian roads by 2011 and the car will fall in the compact car segment.

“The MissionL will be launched in Europe, Russia and China in 2012, and the customers in India will see it arrive in the market even earlier, before the end of 2011,” this was confirmed by Skoda. Skoda also confirmed that the car is almost complete and will soon start large scale production.

“This new compact model and the new products to follow are a guarantee of accomplishing our goal to increase global annual sales to 1.5 million by 2018. We are going to present a new car approximately every six months,” said Skoda Board Chairman HC Winfried Vahland.
Similar to the likes of SEAT IBL concept, the Skoda seems to get inspired from the VW Jetta platform. Even the sharp curve lines on the flanks and discreet door handles are similar to the Spanish touch from the Jetta.

The customers can lay their hands on the new Skoda by fag end of 2011.The car is expected to be more of a sedan and not the usual hatchback. This move is said to have been devised in order to suit the target audience.

The company’s Board Chairman Prof Dr hc Winfried Vahland said the launch of this car is said to mark the beginning of a new approach from the Skoda car makers. He said that the new small car model is the just the start of their aggressive campaign in achieving the sales target of 1.5 million by 2018. Keeping this in mind the company plans to launch a new car at least once in every six months.

Speaking on the design of the car Eckhard Scholz from Skoda says that the “We have taken a pure approach to this design study. The car has a strong, sporty look that conveys a beautiful simplicity and a youthful and contemporary appearance. Many people look for clean, minimalistic lines, and the MissionL concept offers that.”

The Skoda’s strong sales approach seems to have so far gone the right way. The sales have grown by 18.3 % to 583,600 cars for the year 2011 until now. The January to August sales in China have grown by 29.2% alone that roughly translates to a whooping 148,862 cars on the road. In Russia, the sales for the year 2011 so far has stood at 43,604 vehicles. Skoda India has so far sold 18,980 cars. All these numbers add up to a huge growth of 50.4% in the comparison to the sales target of the previous years.

The Skoda MissionL can be expected to give stiff competition to other small cars like the Maruti Suzuki Alto, Hyundai i10 and the Chevrolet Beat.

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