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Skoda Yeti Car Price Review and Specifications

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The new Skoda vehicle comes in two models. The two variants are the Ambiente and Elegance. The Skoda Yeti is a rugged yet smart car not only in terms of the looks but also in terms of the riding experience.

Interiors: With the combination of style and comfort its jam packed with features. The interiors are spacious and the instrument panel is nicely placed on the dashboard. The interiors of the car is very elegant with dual tone styled interiors and highly advanced comforts. The spacious interior of the car is sure to attract the car crazy crowds. The Yeti will make you feel at home even in the busiest of traffic jams.

Exterior Appearance: The Skoda Yeti is a stylish compact premium vehicle that offers distinct sporty look. The front of the car looks even more ravishing with the logo of Skoda embossed on the bonnet.

Engine: As of now it is available only in the diesel option. The turbocharged, liquid cooled, high pressure direct injection diesel engine is endowed with six speed manual transmission for robust performance along with a high mileage for both the cities and the highways. The engine also has turbo charger making it very efficient and cooling very quickly. This is the same engine which powers the Skoda Laura and Skoda Superb but one can consider it as a beta version that returns more engine output. The motor of the Skoda Yeti is power packed and delivers muscular response.

The large wheels are of great help in controlling the car in bad road conditions and give good overall control and also reduce the skidding rate in slush and watery roads. Though it does not give the muscle power like the big cars and tough diesels, you will never be left in the large for power with the six speed gear box.

Handling and Safety: The Skoda Yeti is a five seat stylish compact vehicle. Its sleek dimensions assure neat handling for city driving. This model from Skoda offers an off road mode that has an intelligent system which makes driving on slopes much easier. This outstanding quality ensures that you are ready for any terrain. The car is equipped with safety features that act as guards against any unexpected surprises that come in our way. The Skoda Yeti is available in five colors that include matos brown, candy white, magic black, brilliant silver and aqua blue.

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