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BeagleBone is the newest member of the BeagleBoard family

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The BB-BONE-000 board/kit builds on some of the most loved features than the original BeagleBoard such as an open low-power high-performance arm cortex-a8 CPU compatible with of thousands of open source software applications access the low-level hardware expansion and the ability to operate as USB peripherals.

What’s new at this be deported or platform the jobs front both the board size and the price or adding a significant number a partner i/o connections and surprisingly nice single cable. To begin with the BB-BONE-000 simply plug it in your windows Mac OS X from Linux computer up including a beagle board.

The provided micro SD card with the action distribution makes aboard look like a flash drive the contains instructions to install the necessary device drivers.

You can be able to simultaneously access over the USB cable a serial console as well as in system J tag debug interface with no additional hardware. Further instructions provided to you walk you through the process setting up over the USB cable a network interface.

You can use a supported html5 compliant web browser to not only navigate word capabilities but also to develop your own simple applications directly in the browser. While expect a lot of people to take advantage of this new simplified over the network interface. BB-BONE-000 is possible to directly connect a monitor using one available daughter board . This board will make open source development even easier in kick starter inventions from 3d printers Wireless robotics to home automation.