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What is oil pulling for sinus infections?

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Google for oil pulling.

Its a age old practice where you take gargling quantity of EDIBLE OIL and gargle for 10–15 minutes.

You will start to puke or you can spit it once you feel oil has become full watery and white but atleast 7–8 minutes it takes.

Now what oil pulling or gargling does is:

Oil is like grease, so makes all germs stick to it. You spit it out.

Compared to mouth wash or even brushing teeth, the viscosity of oil and gargling action plus time of 10–15 minutes is better than brushing your teeth.

Do this for 3 days, you will notice teeth becomes sparkling white.

Now while gargling with oil in your mouth, the oil by default starts to pull your sinus.

Sinus, mucus is slowly drained into your mouth.

By swishing and swirling, and moving your jaw, you are creating a lymphatic circulation around your sinuses. This is the reason why many have had effective results with clearing and, draining of the sinuses from oil pulling.

You are working your facing muscles big time. Sinus will start to circulate, it will drain because of all the gargling movement.

You can spit out.

Infact, after oil is spit you might feel your nose airways little wide open and fresh.

You might spit out lot more mucus, clearing your sinus for a few days as a habit.

You have to try to get this, otherwise its hard to believe.

Best part:

Teeth clean

Gums strong, super strong

Zero bad breath.

No separate brushing required.

Just clean tongue.

Floss bonus.

No sinus problems, if you do this for 1 month. It will go.

Till death teeth will no do apart.

Facial muscles workout.

Try gargling, your face muscles will start to ache, you will pause in between gargling for few seconds. But in one week, you will see glow in face, less wrinkles.

Now i recommend only pure unrefined cold pressed oil like sesame oil, or groundnut oil.

Coldpressed un refined, Groundnut oil has zero cholesterol, google it.

Cocount oil can be used but with sinus and cold weather avoid it.

Otherwise just even refined sunflower or olive oil can be used nothing major difference.

You might swallow few drops of oil, dont worry but try to avoid swallowing.

Do this first thing in morning, like you can do this simultaneously while passing stool and do oil pulling and spit out when your done, so time saved for separate oral regime.

Wonder how mankind managed for 1,000 years till these toothpaste came but today not a single days passes till one uses or rather consumes toothpaste and brush, i must say.

I mean world will not stop even if all the brushes and toothpaste disappear tomorrow.

So give oil pulling a try for a few days.

So starting at Sunrise tomorrow, try Man vs Oil for a few days. Your toothpaste and brush can wait for a few days. Go back to natural ways.

Nothing against toothpaste and brush companies but its just too good a practice.

Yes, people can point out drawbacks in oil pulling but just look at it.

Sinus permanent cure, free mouth wash, white teeth, floss effect, zero bad breath, Super strong gums, life long teeth guaranteed.

Try it, to know it.

Here’s the killer, Plus 95 percent of health issues will not come for those practice from young age, its never too late even if your 40–50 or 60. Google oil pulling ayurveda benefits.

Forget oil pulling, forget everything.

Just use cold pressed un refined oil for cooking. No one will get sinus.

Sinus is Vata imbalance.

The below video is in Hindi. You can try caption options to understand the content in english subtitles.

See best cure for vata, it will be given as consumption & use of Unrefined cold pressed oil.

This means NO more Sinus, Arthiritis, Cold, ear pain problems.



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What products are there that get rid of oily skin and pimples?

natural acne treatment

How can I treat my acne scars? I have tried almost every product. Even benzoyl peroxide doesn’t work for my skin.

How does Erytop gel work for acne?

What products are there that get rid of oily skin and pimples?

And the truth behind most skin care products. There are some good ones but its just i personally i don’t recommend any of them. For my approach is to use the best of what you have? Nature has given has everything.

It’s just that we need to look for it. Look at animals, they were hear before us, they are still with us but no medicines, no cosmetics, no surgeries, no healthcare as such but still a vast majority of animals are in superb health condition right.

Yes, animals do get wiped out in some cases but look at the success rate, animals are healthy overall. Get the point.

So are humans not animals, in fact we should be making better use of nature with the BRAINS we have.

Coming to the topic, I know this answer repeats a lot of things and is way too big. Trust me, its worth all the struggle reading through this answer than going through years finding the right cure. That is why I have included everything here..

No point, searching everywhere finally to find a simple solution. This is not just an answer, it is an experience i have shared. Don’t just feel you read this answer, you will find solution, take your time, but be really focused and committed when you read this answer.

Only then you will understand the acne problem completely. If you know the problem completely, then you can only find the solution.

What this answer will do is give you all the possibilities regarding acne problem and you can choose the remedy or you can even create your own remedy for your acne.

Comment or post me if you need any further information.

Trust me, its worth all the struggle you will go through for years finding the right cure for your skin problem. So anyway you have decided to find a cure for your skin care, then think reading this answer is one of those tough tasks. It is really big ..big answer. I have included everything here..and lot more.

I just wished someone had told me these when i was desperately searching for answers. So this answer is written with that in mind. If someone is really looking to get to the core of their skin problems..then here goes…

See, in case of acute or tropical pimples or acne. Say which is because you had oily food or went out in the dust, or just occasional eruptions, stress, these ointments work. In case you have a lot of pimples or acne then you are in a never ending battle.

Some days, it will work, some days it will not work. You have to change your lifestyle, have healthy food, follow natural remedies. Build your immunity over a period of time and give your skin the best chance to recover.

However, let me tell you the other side of the story with regard to Erytop Gel?

Did you know before Erytop there was something called Erythromycin in India? Yes, where is it now. You might find Okamycin from Cipla. In fact, get me one ointment with only Erythromycin as the main ingredient for pimples. Even if you find, it will be less.

Erythromycin was a good ointment and costed around 30 to 40 rupees during 2007’s in India for 20 gm. Yes, it was costly for a small tube but it was better than some costly remedies.

Then the government of India gave subsidy. One of them was the government lowered the prices of drug formulations for bacterial and fungal infections. The ointment I was using Erythromycin became as cheap as 9 rupees for a single tube. Even the medical store guy said it is because of government subsidy.

However, only after one month, entire market I could not find the medicine. The new one was Erytop and in gel form. Vow and the price was higher than erythromycin. I looked for other good acne remedies in the same price. Great, the game was now costlier. There was nothing in the same price with the same quality.

Don’t you get it. It’s a whole a trap. Forgot to mention about antibiotic drug resistance as well. The skin care specialists, nothing against them but most doctors know that acne/pimple issue will just go off if the person just takes good food, water, less stress and a healthy lifestyle and give some months time.

However, here we have micro abrasions, creams, costly treatments and so on. It’s never ending. Now coming to the point. The erythromycin cream was working but the medicine was no longer available. In fact, my acne was severe, I had them all over the body, thighs, face, back, neck.

I could not live without them. I could not go out. I had pricks even if ventured out in the sun. The tube hardly lasted a week. It was working but it never cured my acne. I always had bigger pimples or acne after few days. The medicine should have at least reduced the was not.. It was good quality but i never got cured.

One day i had no soap, had just shikakai my grandma brought. Bathed in it. No foam but i made a paste of it and applied on my body and scalp. It gave a scrubbing effect naturally, because its like rubbing mud. Felt really good. Felt all my pores breathing. then my skin din’t feel dry or oily after bath. Because it was natural ingredient.

Soaps used to remove all the oil and moisture also. Mild soap could not remove the oil. Strong soap made my skin dry. Pricking was always there with the soaps after bath. Never felt better. With Shikakai, yes, the pricking was there a few days but that’s because my skin was still sensitive and the oil secretion was more.

Now my skin started to cure itself because no more abuse with chemicals. Offcourse, diet and lifestyle played a equal role. I always took good food, exercised, even when i was taking those other medications. However days passed, I was using soap after bathing in Shikakai. Just made some foam and wash off to take away the shikakai smell. Finally, i experimented with chicpea powder, later occassionally i used even salt but very mildly. Then moved on to sandal powder, neem powder and any safe natural ingredient.

Today i am completely managing with just bathing with any natural ingredient. Even rice powder is enough. Same is used for my hair as well. I am 98 % cured. See its like this some people are just susceptible to skin conditions.

So considering that i had a huge battle with skin problems from age of 14, now I am 32 and hardly take any extra care.

Hope you get the entire picture. Unless you have skin disease, i don’t mind taking medicines and meeting a doctor. But Acne or pimples are something related to your age, lifestyle and the way you manage it.

I have tried homeopathy including German medicines, including holistic homeopathy, classic homeopathy, remedial homeopathy, met many skin specialists, tried even imported medicines. They all work but the battle is never ending, especially as i said your pimples are anything from moderate and above..

So first learn why you are getting pimples. If there is no reason, then surely it is just that age, hormones are a factor but the acne/pimple condition can be completely controlled without much fuss. No matter how crazy your hormones, if you are male or a female and have no other major health issues, only hormones is not a thing to worry at all. No matter even if your sexually aroused.

Yes, in that case porn stars, prostitutes should have most of number acne/pimple problems. Yes, your sexual feeling do cause some amount of problem but teenage is also a time when the body is at its starting stage of peak condition physically.

So it can take some amount of erratic lifestyle, behaviour. I am not encouraging any sexual behaviour but all i am telling is you don’t have to feel guilty that pimples are because you are sexually more active.

In fact, for this i suggest something for addictions. See given a option, ask any person who is addicted to something. Give him to two buttons. One button will completely make him forget that he had the addiction and other one will ensure he can still be addicted.

Surely, most would just like to just press the button and forgot that they even had such an addiction. So, THIS MEANS YOU JUST NEED FIND SOMETHING MORE FUN, MORE ENJOYABLE, to be more direct, MORE PLEASURABLE.

However, this time, ensure that whatever you find as more pleasurable is of useful for your life. It need not make you successful. But just ensure that it improves your quality of life.

You should not regret it, like the previous one. Don’t stop till you find something pleasurable and that improves your quality of life. Remember it need not make you successful. Don’t be result oriented.

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IIT Job Vacancy Exam Major Loophole – No Transparency

Dear Sir/Madam,

Without much ado i would like to bring to your notice about certain serious discrepancies in IIT job vacancy exam at Palakkad.

This is about Computer Proficiency Exam conducted for Junior Technical Superintendent (CE) and Junior Superintendent on 9 July 2018.

There is no specific hall ticket seating arrangement.

Any candidate can sit at any system in Lab and complete their exams and come out.

There is no proof on which system which candidate sat. As a student i cannot prove which system i sat.

They just ask us to type the computer number name in the file we work itself.

Which means after exam, anyone in the IIT having access to these can just change the name of the files and change system number in the file.

Also would like to bring to your notice there were quite a noticeable students including who could not complete the test, as the systems were not comfortable


I mean if am lying, i suggest you just pull up the details of all the candidates shortlisted for the second round of test held on 9-July-2018 and ask them.

Not one or two, Many of them will tell the same complaint.

I know you can say why dint you question during exam.

Third round was written test, even if i did raise the point, they can easily target me in third round. Same with others why they kept quiet.

Its clear, whole system is favoured for malpractice and tough to raise complaints.

Remember IIT is autonomous, they can choose who they want, candidate wont know.

They could just restigate me from further exam.

We all know how our people are, most of the times we just to have to keep quiet or shout in anger or I have to take risk and raise my voice like this.

I know i am at risk here as well but at least the loopholes i pointed are genuine.

My question why is it made impossible to raise a grievance in the first place.

Especially common man like me with lots of already existing daily troubles, how will we get the courage to fight against such meticulous schemes and elaborate plans.

Not to forget fear of backlash.

As i said still not convinced, just ask all the students selected for second round, i guarantee you will find students who will tell they could not do ppt, because the software was manipulated.

Anyway just compare my profile to all the people applicants that itself will the whole story.

I am not being over confident but it surely will tell the story.

Exactly see how hard it is just to prove a small point. It is hard to believe what i say.

It is really disheartening, sometimes i feel why should i even work in this country.

For writer like me, all i need is just clear english IELTS exam and move to Canada etc easily.

Anyway let my claims be false but the loopholes are there:

If job vacancy is at IIT palakkad and if exam is also at IIT Palakkad, what is the guarantee existing staff will not engage in Malpractice.

Exams should be conducted by one central body. In short the exams should be in a system like Banking exams like SBI Probationary exams. No chance for malpractice. Everything should be computerized. 

Any vacancies should be sent to one central interview test board.

This board will create test, students should go to other state to avoid malpractice by existing staff.

Which ever institute has vacancy send the requirement to central exam body, the exams should be done in other state and give test.

All should be computerized. Unique login, password, seating arrangement should be done to every candidate.

In short it can be outsourced. Just  see how MeritTrac company conducts test for private companies. You can also keep exam in other states.

Everything from login to test to results is done by this third party. There is no chance for manipulating the computers.

I dont know what else to say, it really doesnt make sense.

It is really sad state of affairs. It was a post which required basic computer knowledge and good english.

Today, even school kids are adept at these, except for may be the aptitude test. Young kids might find aptitude tough.

It is really more silly, someone who clears aptitude test but failed in basic computer, but the truth he was made to fail in computer proficiency test.

I am not worried about this job but today a genuine candidate lost an opportunity not because he failed but was made to fail.

If we cant correct this basic level of corruption, how do you except things to change at the larger level.

I understand in a democracy even citizens have to stand up.

I have done that by bringing this issue to your notice.

You just to question the staff and find out the truth, you will find it.

But you have be really seeking to get the true information out.

Whatever, at least please rectify the loopholes.

Let my case be a lost one. I dont want to leave such a environment to my next generation, where we have to fight to just get a job.

Animals are far better, hardly most animals stock food but still everyday most animals find food.

God’s grace, For me this is just a job, for someone else it could have been everything.

That too IIT was the last place i expected these things. One of the premier institutions.

The points in this mail sound unusual but this what it is. Please ignore the way it is written, what is written surely makes a lot of sense.

Hope as a citizen i have done some justice and i hope i need not fear my civil servant, with all due respect, isnt it..what i voted be served.

Unfortunately today in the intention to polish and present things, the main point of the issue is left out.

The least that can be done is the exam centre should have no influence from the IIT.

Even written test should be valuated by the independent exam centre.

Till the candidates reach the final interview stage, IIT should not know about the details of candidates. They can choose candidates from Interview.

Only reason i have written it like this, i believe that whoever is reading this is adept at understanding the concerns in the content than the way it is written.

Atleast, there should be one Person independent from IIT to oversee entire exam and be available in the exam hall in case candidates have issues.

This should be announced to all candidates in the exam hall that they can raise a query to the independent auditor.

Jai Hind.

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Emotional Intelligence and Your Career

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I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

Ever wondered why you were not considered for the interview you went, for that foreign trip from your office, or for that all important promotion? You did all the work on time, you were punctual and you hardly took a leave. You even wished your superiors every time you crossed. What more, you even had the right qualification. And being a sensible person you probably gave yourself a huge dose of reconciliation ranging from it was not my day to a better destiny. What if these misfortunes happen on a regular basis? You have the talent, yet you are not considered.


All of us like smart people, but do we like smart, intelligent plus arrogant people? This where the smart quotient or the IQ takes a back seat and gives way for the EQ – Emotional Quotient. So being smart is not the only factor. To be successful in a society, especially in a corporate society, you have to be emotionally smart and learn how to deal with the society – that is the clients, colleagues, superiors, competitors etc.


The good thing about EQ is you do not have to go through books, write exams or score marks. It is already inbuilt in all of us. As humans one must understand that all of us are unique in our nature and there is none like us on this planet. In simple terms, Bill Gates (no offences) might be the richest in the world but even if he tries out of his skin he just cannot be like you in behaviour, attitude and persona. He might be slightly better or below par. So you already have the talent. The only thing is recognizing the talent and using it your way. So stop following the herd or the worrying about the end result.


Then, you have to realize what your qualities are like – your behaviour, attitude, and personality. Whether, you are a shy introvert or the extravagant extrovert or the normal ambivert. Are you the eternal happy go type or the critic who takes everything with a pinch of salt in life? What is it that motivates you? What upsets you? Basically do a soul searching about inner you.


So once you realize the “True You”, you will know what to do the next time you go for an interview, apart from carrying your credentials. You will know if you are really enjoying the job or just doing it.


End of the day you might be an expert in your domain. But if you end up having emotional attyachar, then it is time to check your EQ.

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Not giving up!

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All of us want to taste success, yet only a few of us become successful. Off course if you are born with a certain talent or a Godfather, then being successful is an exception. But how many of us are gifted with such fortune? The question is then what do you do?


Well, then there are three magical words for you – “Not Giving Up”. Though these words clearly specify what they mean, they rarely get the required action from us. Just a few months back life seemed to go pretty well for most of the MNC staff. They had good jobs, fat pay and a great career ahead, until the R-day happened, the Recession had arrived.

Suddenly there were pink slips flying in the air, depleting bank balances and long queues in front of the most hated buildings– the Government and PSU offices. The Youngistan which dreamed of conquering the globe were now at the fringe of becoming desi babus.


Meanwhile there was a spirited bunch of yuva who were almost waiting for this disaster to happen. And boy did they come out with flying colors? The recession saw a huge spurt in the enterprenual talent, self employment opportunities and these youths were now even working from the comfort of their homes during recession. What made this people stand up when the rest fell like a pack of cards? Did they all have the raw talent? Or Godfathers to back them?


One thing that made all the difference was their mantra of “Not Giving Up”. Firstly the best thing about ‘Not giving up’ is you do not need any special talent or a Godfather to put it into action. You have to identify the problems or the obstacles that are in your way of getting up. Ask yourself, “Why do you feel down and depressed towards a certain situations”? Worry is a good thing. Worry shows that there is something which is not right. So do not give up, just go ahead and find the reason why you are worried? Worry becomes a problem if you just worry and do nothing about it.


Now that you know why you are down, make an action plan. Once you have made a mental plan, put it into action.


On the other hand some of us set goals, may be you even started doing great but then the usual trouble of keeping up the momentum crept in. In this case identify what your major goals are; do you really want that goal? Never set goals for the sake of rewards. The outcome is not in your hands. Instead, you must be passionate about your goal and must be willing to go to any lengths. As they say, “If you do not know what you are living for? Find something to die for.”


Lastly, it is good to be mad about something in life but you must realize that life always comes out with unexpected twists and turns. So to be on the safer side, have a ‘realistic’ mindset on what is really possible under the present circumstances. We often give up on our goals because they are beyond our capabilities. It is best to have a goal that fully utilizes our capabilities then going for a goal that is unrealistic and extravagant. Part of ‘Not Giving Up’ lies in having reasonable goals and the possibility of achieving it.


Finally all said and done, you must always be ready to expect the unexpected. You must constantly review your goals, plans and see where you are heading and then make changes accordingly. Not giving up is not all about getting up after every fall. It is about thinking why you fall and how to prevent the next fall…

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Be Obsessed About Your Career

Image result for obsess career

Everything in life has an obsession tag to it. Take for example: a simple food chain. The sunlight helps the grass to grow, the grass feeds the deer, and the carnivores eat the deer. At the end of the day the lion hunts at any cost and the deer knowing its life is in danger, it still goes out to graze every time it feels hungry, such is their obsession for survival. If mere animals can show such high obsession for a basic instinct such as survival, what about our careers that determine the course of our lives?


Similarly have an obsession why you are doing a job? It could be for fame, money or your inner satisfaction. Ask yourself are you committed to do anything to achieve that goal. Never join a job because it is a good company, it is a good source of income or your dad said so. Yes they might advice for your good, but what if the organization shuts down, or the job loses its sheen.


Your choice of career must be a necessity to you. You must be obsessed about it as you go about your daily chores and yet feel no remorse.


The word ‘work’ itself is some what heavy. We sometimes get bored to do work but never get bored to eat and sleep. We never feel them as burden. So never consider work as an additional part of your life because it is anyway inevitable. You might as well binge on the work you do. At least it is not going to cause you any indigestion.


The good thing about obsession is that you are totally fixated on something to the exclusion of everything else. So the best part about being obsessed about your career is a guarantee that you will never feel the burn out or the burden about your career. So be obsessed about your career, you will do anything for it. But there is a flip side to obsession. Obsession is good only if it is in moderation. In fact as the old saying goes “Too much of anything is a bad thing”.


As human beings it is quiet possible for all of us to have some kind of obsession and so what if you could not to be a cricket player because of the corrupt system or the risks involved? But who ever stopped you from being a cricket commentator on TV, radio or the web. You could even be a referee, fitness trainer or a coach. Obsession must not lead to desperation at any cost.

Remember: The lion never hunts unnecessarily or the deer never binges on the grass.

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Does Training help?

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Some things are easy to us; we could almost do it with closed eyes. While there are things that are far out of our reach and we hardly manage to pull it off even with our full concentration. Why does this happen? There can only be two reasons – one your own attitude towards the task ahead of you or either you have not figured how to do it?

The former is not a problem, you can build your attitude in no time at all, but sometimes a ‘Never say die spirit’ is not enough to make a dead man come alive. Instead if you were really possessed to get a dead man alive, you would have ‘trained’ to become a doctor and then once you know the tricks of the trade, you never know you could have made a dead man alive.

Similarly there are instances in our careers that require us to have some assistance that is training. One might attend all the flying classes and learn all the theory of becoming a pilot and score high grades but there is a world of difference in actually training to fly and learning the theory of flying. Learning does not make one perfect, only practice makes a man perfect.

So if your natural talents and qualifications are not getting you in the right places then training is the way to go. Based on the nature of your job, training can be classified into two types.

  • Off the job training
  • On the job training

For example to be a journalist you compulsorily do not need a formal education, that is not say that education or theory does not help. The theory will only give you an extra edge but to be a successful journalist you need to have the hands on experience of all the situations a journalist goes through in his career. So if you want be a media person, make sure you get an internship opportunity or some sort of prior experience before your actual job. Also media organizations can afford to give all their newbies a ‘on the job training’ as it does not incur too much cost.

While in some cases you yourself have to find a suitable training opportunity, like in the case of a new trend or technology in your job domain which is entirely different from what you did all these years. Also some jobs cannot risk ‘on the job training’ due to various constraints like the risks involved or the cost factors. You do not want to just study jewellery designing and then apply for a job without any prior trial and error experience.

Also the confidence of having experienced similar situation during your training goes a long way in your actual job performance and significantly reduces the chances of mistakes. In today’s fast paced world where novelity is the name of the game, where things change drastically, where today’s technology is tomorrow’s archive – Training does help.

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Disastrous Career Mistakes

Image result for career mistakes

Everything seemed to go well for the corporate citizens, until the recession happened. One can always blame the recession but the fact that the corporate world still goes on; people are still getting their money’s worth shows that circumstances alone cannot be blamed for their downfall. So what is it that made these people swim over the tide?  Why didn’t the rest of them make the cut though they did their jobs well?

Just going through your job and doing the job well is not enough. Anybody with a decent qualification and training can do the job well enough. The major mistake everybody makes is the lack of planning. How could one be so thoughtless about one’s career when we put lots of thought just to buy pair of clothes or how we dress up every day?

Meanwhile some are always in the limelight and are preferred over the others irrespective of the same competencies and the same level of job performance. This clearly shows the lack of networking and that only work does not put you on the path to career growth. One must have a good social relationship with their colleagues.

Today’s job market demands constant renovation in all spheres of one’s career including their qualification, skills, persona etc. One must never be complacent even if things are going smooth in one’s job domain. A time could come where one fine day your services could no longer be required not because of your capabilities, but the organization has new technology or system in place to do your job, or they sold out the process. The list is endless. So always be on the lookout for other options. It is possible for a person to have multiple interests. So if you are a corporate trainer, you could also do a part time or guest lectures at educational institutions, have personal web/blog giving online career coaching. You could even double up as a personal career counselor and give career guidance or career counseling services to clients. This always gives you plenty of options to choose from during the times of crisis and therefore you always have an extra job option to rely upon in case if one of your job posting does not go as planned.

Any organization expects a certain level of job performance from its employees, which is the very reason one is hired. Similarly if you have an issue with your job like the team coordination, regarding the pay scale, the all important promotion or any other concerns, make sure you sort it out. There is no point in keeping quiet. Your organization has far important things to worry about than your salary hikes and promotions.

And just when you feel you got everything under control, don’t be. Never rest on your past laurels, always have a plan B and even have a plan C if possible.

Finally Change is the only constant thing in the job market so always review your career plans periodically because life always finds a way.

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Only Innovative Organizations Survive

Image result for innovative

If one were to go through the Forbes list of top companies, there is a constant turbulence in the rankings. In most cases the employees are the same, the organizations do not change much, they do the same business, then what is that changes the fate of these organizations in a matter of 365 days of which  the working days are even less. The reason is the lack of innovation.

Change is the only thing that is constant in the universe and today’s corporate world is no exception. Organizations must realize this need to constantly renovate if they are to survive. Employees are the most important part of any organization. So if they are satisfied, the organization is sure on the path to growth. Though appraisals are a good method of satisfying the employees, the duration of these appraisals need to be considered. And one year appraisal is too long a time to appraise the employees. Year end appraisal or annual appraisal should be a thing of the past because today’s employees are expected to perform day in and day out. So doing a performance appraisal once in a blue moon is only going to leave the organization feeling blue.

Appraisals are only part of the solution. Along with the appraisal organizations must also look into the career progress or the career growth of the employees. An organization might need the employee for a job opening but an employee joins an organization for a good career. So organizations must innovate and create new job positions, restructure its human resource or create new job postings in its domain. This will make the employees work for a higher career goal apart from the appraisal clause, but again money and power is not enough for one’s survival.

There is always scope for improvement, that should be the mantra of an organization and it must not make the mistake of resting in its past glory. Organizations must look into the under achievers or average performers as well. Find out if something is required from the organization side else give suitable career guidance, job tips for the improving the self confidence of the under achieving employees. For this organizations can have dedicated in house career counselor or counseling services.

The organizations must not only focus on becoming No1, it must also encourage a social atmosphere. A little bit of fun can go a long way in building goodwill among the employees. For this organization can have common eating place for both the supervisors and the team members. They can also arrange for fun activities like secret santa, celebrating birthdays, personal happiness like marriage etc without disturbing the work schedule.

First impression is the best impression. Even the new job entrants must not be taken lightly. They too must be encouraged from the start. Organizations can assign an ‘office buddy’. The new job entrant can ask the office buddy regarding any problems he faces at work. This way the new job entrant does not feel left out nor takes time to gel.

Lastly the good old suggestion box must be necessity even if it’s biting the dust, because ideas are the starting point of innovation.

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Moving With Times

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Ask even the most successful CEO, is he done that? Been there, seen it all? The reply in most cases would be a prompt no. And yesterday’s richest man is no longer today’s wealthiest man. So in this cut throat competition, there is no scope for sitting back and relaxing. One has to be moving with times.

It’s easier said than done. In good times, our careers are on the growth track and nothing goes wrong. Whatever job you take up is an instant success. This was case with most of the corporate citizens, whose career growth was on a bullish run and did not seem to tire at all until that fateful day arrived. Things had taken a turn for the worse. Pink slips were in the air. Suddenly job loss numbers were out numbering quarterly results. Everything turned upside down. The global economic meltdown had begun. This was the worst case scenario, which was only thought to be true for theory.

If one were to look up the history, the global recession was not the first of its kind. It had occurred in the past. And it will occur in the future simply because the economy is a cycle which will go up and down based on the demand and many other factors. So instead of blaming the scenario one must learn to cope with the job loss and understand that good times are not far ahead. And today’s jobs available are again a clear indicator of good time ahead.

So mere understanding that bad times are as natural as good times is half the battle won in one’s career growth. The recession had its own share of fortune too. Many took this opportunity to fulfill the knowledge gap and went back to academics to improve their job performance.

As they say when the going gets tough the tough get going. Many of the corporate misfits found their ‘true calling’ and are now successful entrepreneurs and satisfied because now they are working for a reason and not just the salaries. Similarly why wait for tough times? One must always ask what is it that they truly want from life.

The recession is only one of the scenarios. We must never wait for bad times to pass or good times to arrive. Every moment of our career requires us to on the move because time and tide wait for none. So it’s our job to be moving with times!