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What is the density of petrol?

0.77 kg/L
The density of petrol ranges from 0.71–0.77 kg/L (719.7 kg/m3 ; 0.026 lb/in3; 6.073 lb/US gal; 7.29 lb/imp gal), higher densities having a greater volume of aromatics. Since petrol floats on water, water cannot generally be used to extinguish a petrol fire unless used in a fine mist.
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What are some good questions to ask about my pre deviated septum surgery?

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What can entrepreneurs learn from professional sports persons?

Take the example of a cricket match or a badminton match or any sports for that matter. I am sure most of us who follow the sport have the ability to predict the game 7 out of 10 times correctly. However, when the same comes to our business or real life, most of the times, we somehow are dumbstruck, think a lot more, not sure etc.

So the next time you are in a business situation or for that matter any situation, see it as a cricket match or a badminton match and think what you would do to win that game. I am sure you would win 7 out of 10 situations. Dont worry about losing that one game a.k.a situation.

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Can vitamin pills (medicines) be consumed on an empty stomach?

You should consult your doctor, I am sure you would have been told to take the prescription after food or before food. However, you can also ask the pharmacist as well. It depends on the vitamin pill you are taking, there are no set rules whether it is to be consumed on an empty stomach or after food. You can also Google the medication and see when it is best to take.

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What are the best home loan options available in India for a techie for 50 lacs, with a tenure of 20 years?

It depends on your priorities. If you are willing to buy some time and waste less money, then go for PSU banks. They take time, but are very transparent and their interests are reasonable and have no hidden charges but you might not get the expected amount.

Private banks offer good service, fast processing and you might the get amount as you expect but beware of hidden charges, high interest rates, they are slow to reduce interest rates, have pre-closure charges, etc.

so if you are in a hurry, financially smart and have a keen eye for detail, and expecting your income to rise considerably in the future, or surely make profit from your home, then go for private banks but keep a tab on their charges every month.

If you just want a peaceful home to stay, and not get into any further trouble in the future, just struggle a bit till you get the loan from a PSU bank and be contempt.

As of now competition is tough and all banks offer interest rate in the range of 9 percent to 10.75 percent. This is one of the best times to buy a home loan with interest rates at a low point. If you are young and your spouse is earning or financially secure, go for floating rate of interest, as interest rates are expected to go down due to the market conditions.

If you are already having a lot of financial commitments and have saved very less money, and don’t want to take any risks go for fixed rate of interest home loan.

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What are the merits and demerits of SBI and HDFC home loans?

SBI home loans:

  • Reasonable or lower interest rates.
  • Some branches might have poor customer service.
  • No unnecessary charges
  • No pre-closure or part payment charges
  • Over draft facility with SBI max home loan for loan account
  • Overall You get what you see.. transparent home loan


  • Time consuming
  • Have to produce all the documents
  • Might have to make down payments or margin payment, which is usually up to 20 percent of the home loan amount. For eg: if your home loan is for 30 lakhs, you might be asked to have a amount of 5 to 6 lakhs in hand.
  • Lot of rules and regulations
  • Might not get expected loan amount

HDFC Home loan merits

  1. Fast loan amount disbursal
  2. Prompt customer service
  3. Not a time consuming process
  4. Can bargain and also get higher loan amount


  • Very slow to reduce interest rates if home loan rates come down
  • Penalty is high if one month EMI is missed
  • Hidden charges
  • Pre-closure charges
  • Pre-payment charges
  • Highly expensive when compared to PSU home loans
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What is ramar pillai doing now?

This the last update I could find, hope this helps.

The Herbal Fuel Druid

SUPERGREEN BIKE: When he rode his TVS moped 15 years
ago on herbal fuel that he had ‘invented’, his wife was dutifully
sitting on the pillion. Today, he lives in hiding.

Remember Ramar Pillai, the wiry self-styled alchemist who could turn
water into gasoline? With crude oil prices so volatile in this day and
age, the 48-year-old is the miracle man the world needs. If only he can
get his chemistry right. Nearly 15 years after his magic fuel was
exposed as a combustible cocktail of petrol adulterated with cheap
industrial spirits, Pillai is threatening to strike again. This time,
armed with wisps of organic chemistry knowledge, patent applications,
and dubious certifications from overseas scientists.

Pillai first shot to fame in 1996, when he claimed to have
concocted a cheap herbal alternative to petroleum. Scientists and
politicians alike were taken in by his demonstration, using jerry cans,
plastic funnels, thistle funnels, burettes and the like. The final act
of his PC Sorcar-like show would usually involve Pillai driving a herbal
fuel powered TVS 50 moped, with wife in tow. But he always kept the
formula secret.

At the time, a senior advisor at the Central Government’s
department of science and technology had this to say: “Tests conducted
by Madras IIT found Pillai’s petrol to be ten times more efficient than
ordinary petrol.” Impressed, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi
promised free land for Pillai to grow his wonder herbs and set up a
factory, besides financial assistance for research. Riding high on fame,
he even set up a dozen retail outlets in Chennai, handed out franchises
under Tamildevi as a brand, and began selling his magic potion for
around Rs 15 a litre, a good Rs 20 cheaper than petrol then.

In a country in love with folk heroes, Pillai’s was a compelling
story of farm-raised genius. From Rajapalayam in south Tamil Nadu, a
town famous till then only for a fierce canine breed, the ‘Tamil Edison’
had no formal education but plenty of spunk. Even this writer was
intrigued enough to try his herbal petrol, during my student days, in a
65 cc moped. While the fuel works, it also screws up the engine badly.
In 2000, after a spate of consumer complaints and tide of scientist
disenchantment, Pillai’s luck ran out. The Central Bureau of
Investigation arrested him.

For a man who was once the object of curiosity of an entire
country, and the toast of his home state, Pillai now lives in near total
obscurity. His home, a few kilometres from Chennai’s Loyola College, is
in a crowded chawl that overlooks a fish and poultry market. I
ask a vegetable seller next to his house if Pillai stays somewhere
nearby. He has no clue, and is surprised to hear the name. Its fame has
survived, but as a butt of jokes. Tamil cinema comedians have lampooned
him, and tricksters have been nicknamed Ramar Pillai.

The original Pillai lets me into his two-room shanty after some hesitation. His house looks like a mechanic’s workshop. A huge puja
almirah coexists with a heap of nuts and bolts, carcasses of computers
lie scattered, and there’s an under-repair air cooler near some large
plastic drums of herbal fuel. Separated from his wife and two children
since his arrest, he now lives with a friend’s family who he claims has
adopted him. I suggest going to a municipal park where it may be easier
for us to speak privately, but he says being seen in public could be a
threat to his life. Instead, he settles down in a grimy easy chair—to
explain how he was shafted by a corrupt and greedy system.

So what went wrong? Talking about cases against him, Pillai’s
manner resembles comic villains’ in Tamil films. Exhaling sarcasm, he
questions the competence of cops to frame charges against a scientist.
“It is the patent office that should have verified my claims.” He claims
never to have confessed to herbal fraud. “The politicians knew what I
had invented was very precious. They were upset that I refused them a
share of the commercial benefits. In collusion with scientists who were
jealous that a rank outsider had invented something like this, they
framed me.”

Despite all evidence of penury around him, Pillai himself looks
prosperous. He wears a thick gold chain around his neck and is looking
rather well-fed since I met him last in 1998. What has he been up to? “I
have read organic chemistry books from the BSc to MSc levels. My
problem was that I couldn’t speak to scientists in a language they could
understand.” He then whips out a dossier with copies of his patent
applications in India, and endorsement from Ivan Christensen, head of
laboratory testing at the Danish Institute of Technology. In a 2008
letter, Christensen wrote: ‘Ramar has demonstrated several quick methods
for producing bio-fuel. The fuel burned readily, and there is no doubt
that plenty of fuel can be produced at low price. For this reason, his
discovery is unique, and Ramar deserves some worldwide reputation, eg.
By Nobel Prize.’ Contacted by Open, Christensen acknowledges
the letter, but adds that he got carried away when he saw the
experiments first hand. “We all make mistakes,” he says, “I think it was
one of them. I’m afraid it is a blot on my scientific career.”

However, Pillai claims to be in talks with several governments in
Southeast Asia to obtain local patents and start commercial production.
“The Malaysians, for instance, have given me a lot of respect that’s
absent in India. I’m likely to get approvals from them in a couple of
months, and then you’ll see what Ramar Pillai can do.”

If that claim is not bizarre enough, Pillai says that it would
take little to create annual capacity in 15 days flat to exceed the
amount of petrol Indian Oil Corp sells in Tamil Nadu. But he needs to
stay alive, you understand. “Do you know the number of people who are
out to kill me?” he asks, with a touch of melodrama that wouldn’t be out
of place in a spy thriller, “I know they will get me one day, but I
have made such arrangements that within two hours of my death, my
formula will become public property and the names of all those who have
conspired against me and our country benefitting from my invention will
be out in the open.”

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What are at the different vitamins and minerals required to heal the muscle and grow them, also what are there rate of intake per day?

Strange our ancestors dint bother about these and just ate what they liked. You can actually Google or even consult a dietician but the question how long will you will follow.

My suggestion stick to ur roots. Eat what our ancestors have been eating since evolution.

So go for something readily available and easy to cook and eat. Also you must note that people in the olden days were more physically active due to less machines. Not to forgt the manual labour they used to do.

I am sure your muscle repair is nothing compared to that kind of physical work.

Finger millets – you can make virtually make anything out of them. For all round nutrition. See wiki for the nutrients and I dare say if you will find any other food at such a price. Not too mention the agricultural benefits it has due to easy irrigation, low water requirement and grows instantly (thanks to the green revolution gone wrong, today we are full of rice everywhere and the effects are there for all to see – economical, environmental, health effects – just google india’s diabetic record and the rice connection)

Spirulina – Google how to grow them in your backyard and about its nutrients.

Soya – buy Soya beans, dry them in the sun or ligthly fry them in the pan to remove any moisture in them. Take it to your nearest mill or just use your blender (if you have good one) and powder them. Soya nearly has 36.49 g PROTEIN per 100 gm.

Offcourse you would by now have read the

MYTH: Men shouldn’t eat soy.

Fact: The concerns about the estrogen-like activities of soy have caused some to worry that soy products could decrease a man’s testosterone, but clinical studies don’t support this fear. There are at least two reports of men who have experienced feminizing changes in their bodies (one of whom had Type 1 diabetes) after consuming high doses of soy, but even at higher-than-average rates of consumption — higher even than what’s typical among Asian cultures — science has found no evidence to caution men against eating soy. In fact, men may even benefit from some dietary soy, as it seems to decrease prostate cancer risk.

Soy products, such as miso soup, tofu, and edamame, contain very weak plant estrogens called phytoestrogens that hinder the body’s natural estrogen from attaching to cells. (The prefix “phyto” simply means “plant.”) Normally, estrogens hook onto tiny receptor proteins in your cells that allow them to change the cell’s chemistry.

Think of it this way: An estrogen molecule is like a jumbo jet that attaches to the Jetway of an airport. It discharges passengers into the terminal, which is suddenly a busy, noisy place. Phytoestrogens, being weak estrogens, are like small, private planes with few passengers and no cargo, yet they still occupy the Jetway after landing. When phytoestrogens occupy the cell, normal estrogens cannot. Plant estrogens do not eliminate all of estrogen’s effects, but they do minimize them, apparently reducing breast cancer risk and menstrual symptoms.

For men and boys, the phytoestrogens in soy do not appear to have any effect on hormone levels and have not been shown to affect sexual development or fertility.

In Asia, where tofu, soymilk, and other soy products are commonly consumed, not only is the population healthier overall, but cancer and heart disease are much rarer than in the United States and Europe, and longevity is greater. As these populations differ in other ways—Asians eat much less meat and dairy products and generally exercise more, but also smoke more cigarettes and eat more salt—researchers have simply attempted to tease out the effects of soy itself. Also, it’s possible that the more processed soy products such as veggie burgers and veggie hot dogs are not as beneficial as the less processed soy products such as tofu and tempeh traditionally consumed in Asia. In general, the less processed your diet is, the more nutrient-dense it will be. Thus, replacing processed soy products such as veggie burgers and veggie hot dogs with tofu, tempeh, beans, and lentils may provide you with a more nutrient-dense diet.

A handful of individuals and organizations have taken an anti-soy position and have questioned the safety of soy products. In general, this position latches to statistically insignificant findings, understates how powerfully the research refutes many of the main anti-soy points, and relies heavily on animal research studies, which are medically irrelevant to human health.

Just look for organic, real-food sources and not genetically modified soya beans. and finally this i found on wiki –


Because of the phytoestrogen content, some studies have suggested that soybean ingestion may influence testosterone levels in men. However, a 2010 meta-analysis of 15 placebo controlled studies showed that neither soy foods nor isoflavone supplements alter measures of bioavailable testosterone or estrogen concentrations in men.[164] It has been hypothesized that soy foods and enterolactone may increase the development of prostate cancer although no significant associations were observed for the soy isoflavones.[165] Furthermore, soy consumption has been shown to have no effect on the levels and quality of sperm.[166] A 2009 meta-analysis of the research on the association between soy consumption and prostate cancer risk in men concluded that “consumption of soy foods is associated with a reduction in prostate cancer risk in men.

In fact I would be surprised if there is something as easy available as these diet options, nutritious and cheap diet.

But then here’s a update I found on soya bean:

Be sure to know these things about soybean. Very important information Sure enough!

Friends, no Soybean was eaten in India 40-45 years ago!
Then how did it start to grow in India?

Knowing this, a settlement made by you Manmohan Singh
Will have to know about!

Friends, in this country in the 1991 period, in the name of globalization, such a settlement that you will go! Read the story of a compromise in the other video! So the agreement was that one country is its name, Holland will be brought to 10 million tonnes of dung (Tatti) pigs there! And will be dumped!
Such a compromise was done by Manmohan Singh once!

When Manmohan Singh was asked why did this settlement ????

Then Manmohan Singh said Hollyland’s dung is very good in quality!

Then it was asked to say good how quality is in the quality ???

So Manmohan Singh said that Holland pigs have soybean accounts, it is great !!

Friends, like people in India, we raise cow like that
There is a big wrench that pigs for that!But there pigs are reared for meat!
The pig will eat as much as soyabean, and the meat will come out of it.

Then Manmohan Singh was asked that he goes soyabeen from countries such as Haaland where ???

So it goes from India only !! And most of the middle class goes to !!!

Friends, the world’s scientist says if you planted soya bean in a field for 10 years, then 11th year you can not grow there! The ground becomes so barren!

Now let’s see what Manmohan Singh did!

In order to feed soya bean in Holland pigs, soybean cultivation in Madhya Pradesh first!

How to make farming

The farmers were told that you will be given more than the price of soyabean crop!
Then the farmer began to grow soyabeen in the affliction of the poor greed!
And some doctors started speaking with bribe that it is very good for health
etc. Etc.!

So from India, Soyabeen started going to Holand! So that they eat their pigs, their fat increases and meat is more productive!

And after that Holland pigs eat soya bean which will make dung (tatti) they will be brought to India! That too 10 million tonnes of dung of pigs was taken by such a compromise Manmohan Singh!

And this settlement is done by a man who is given the voice of best finance minster in this country! 😛 😛
And people consider him a very economical economist !! Perhaps Manmohan Singh will have the same dung in his mind too!

Friends, the protein that is in the soybean is a different type of protein that does not remove the protein’s body’s escrea system and that protein gets accumulated inside it!

After that, after going ahead, he gets very upset! We have more options for protein! Like urad’s pulses have a lot of protein, you can eat it! Apart from this and other pulses !! Have peanuts, black gram etc.

And in the end one more thing is that if you have a grandmother or grandmother in your house, you asked him whether his mother had ever fed them by making soya bean?
You will come true!

This game of soya bean is played for this!

It is not possible to write all the information in this article. Please see this video fully.


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Is Aarogyam 1.5 Health Checkup kit trustworthy?

Could not find anything like 1.5 but found 1.7. Considering u wer asking for a complete preventive health check up, 1.7 is good at the price they are offering. Tests are trustworthy, they are a branded company but see how the lab is at your locality (staff, response, facilities, preferably avoid if you are not convinced they will carry out tests with care, however it is very rare and it can happen where the odd test results might be wrong, so feel sure about the place wer u test.

Here is a complete list of health test I would suggest for someone annually.

However, it is not complete, I would suggest you get the heart test – ECG, ECHO, XRay,(not telling about cardiac risk parameter)lung test and pap smear memmogrphy prostate (male) to find out if you are completely healthy.

You might save upto 1000 rupees if u do it a govt or aided hospital or by doing these tests at a small diagnostic centre or if you have a friend or relative at diagnostics or a doctor if they can refer for lesser price.

But my suggestion all these tests at a single place at this price is ok.

Disclosure – my experience, I m sure u can negotiate. Its a competitive business with lots of players in market today.

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What can I do with the petrol pump problem legally without much trouble?

Suppose ur friend works at that pump, try and a make rapport, atleast act.
Most guys are uneducated, just be friendly, tip them once in a while. And then once you win their trust, they will not cheat you.
Just tell or bluff like that petrol pump last time they cheated you, did u see news those guys wer caught, ask him jokingly hope u guys r gud, question him how exactly the fuel works, once in a while ask him to give the nozzle to you etc. Hey how was the match yesterday, where wer u last week,
Oops I will pay 2 mro buddy, forgot wallet etc….

Second you can ask them to lock the fuel gun and them tell to fill up, and stop only once when the lock triggers. Tell them to hold it NOT too inside the fuel tank because this will trigger the lock unnecessarily if the nozzle touches the fuel in the tank.
Avoid petrol pumps at Highway or lonely places, these people will mostly rig the fuel machine or adulterate the fuel.
Try Shell pumps only.
Make sure you identify and fill petrol at the pumps you are familiar and established rapport with.

So by now you know which pumps give u rite fuel for ur money.
Plan and fill regularly at these places as you would have made rapport at these places.
You can follow the rules, make a complaint online or call the media etc but do these only if you are sure of stopping the issue at the pump and biting the bullet till the end and hope no backlashes in the future.
Coz it’s simple, the oil companies know the pump is doing it, cops know it, the pump owner knows, it, the big shots of our country know about it, the rich , powerful people know it.

So raise the issue if u can completely stop and change the system at the petrol pump else be smart. If not that pump find another pump and I m sure uve friends in life though uve enemies, similarly I m sure u can make friends with atleast 4 petrol pumps, be smart and patient.
The reason they do this is fuel is now a low margin business, the guys are paid peanuts, they are not educated, have low incomes, off course it’s wrong but u questioning them also is not going to work always. So tip them once in a while.
Avoid peak hours if you wanted to be cheated less.
Take a can or bottle and go. Park ur vehicle nearby, take a walk at weekends with the can, send ur buddy with the bottle and u be nearby and unnoticed.

Demand for machine bill that comes from the petrol dispensing machine itself, I m not telling about cash receipts or bill for your card payment.
The machine bill will show the density and how much fuel is exactly dispensed by the nozzle. It is tough to rig the machine.
Inspite of all this you will still be cheated but that would 1 in 10 times.sodont wry, its like how u dint study for ur board exam or how u lost a 100 rupee that day. So once a while it’s fine. If there is good bad will exist in this world. Question is how much of bad you want to face. And over few years this problem will still exist but not by a large margin…..just imagine