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That God Go This God. This God Go That God. Atheists Says No God. Let’s Explore

Spirituality is not something you need to reach or acquire.
Its not like you need to become a businessman.
You need to be spiritual.
You can be rich and spiritual.
You can be poor and spiritual.
You can be evil and spiritual. It’s like i believe God but i am not able to get rid of my addiction.
Or what if you want to be just Practical.

How for example?

There is a serial rapist. He is in pscyhology ward.
One day in psychiatry hospital, there is a cardiac arrest to the psychiatrist who is a young female.
It’s raining heavily, no one else , no other doctors available.
You know what, they have know option but to call the serial rapist who was also a doctor.

Now which was superior? The logical practical guys who thought lets take a risk and allow the psycho to treat the female doctor.

Or the Spiritual side of the Psycho which finally came out to help the female doctor.

I say both are right and both are wrong.

How? See practically they passed because the psycho treated the female doctor.

But practically they failed because what will a serial psycho rapist do.

Spiritually the pscyho rapist passed because he treated the female doctor.

Spritually the psycho rapist failed because all these days he had raped.

Now don’t tell spirituality and practically varies on situations and person to person. And don’t create SpiritAtheism. As it is there are enough problems in the world.

The thing is get the point. Ignore the characters, stories, situations.
You take what you want.
I take what i want.
This one point.
But the main point is both of us should be ready to see each others view.
If not let us live and let live.

Now if the other person is going to argue with you – argue or ignore. (Believer)

Now if the other person is going to kill you – do what you can to not get killed. (Die hard Believer)

Now if the other person says you are also right – you can again agree or say don’t lie.  (Spiritual Person)

Or you can say i am not happy with the story. Whole thing is mindwash, smartass article. (Atheist, Practical Thinker)

I am saying, let it be. Be confident. Why you are getting insecure?

So if people like Sadhguru- good, you don’t like, put your views.

If someone says you are wrong Sadhguru – you defend or ignore, but do with reasons. If not convinced ignore.

If Zakir Naik says – i will goto hell, i say okay great. Thank you Sir. Atleast i know where i am going. But i request you please not get angry that i am not following what God wants.

BTW my first God was Jesus. No comparison. I just said i know the truth, if Jesus is God. He will know what to do for me to be in Heaven.

My Atheist friend says its okay man. I wish you the best. Pray for me but i will choose something else. What can i Say? He beat us all. Look at his foolishness, yes it is foolishness alright but he is best foolish. He is best.

Like a Ant, Lion think they are best. Yes, try fighting even one to one with a big rat. Trust at least out of 100 man to 100 rat conflict, one human will be gone case.

Yes, story has loopholes, its not possible.
Not many will agree.

Point is not that let the story be full of loop holes.

What is the moral of the story apart from the wisecracks/trolls, critical analysis.
What is one of THE THINGS the story is about.

Very simple, when we are born only everyone has something.
You call it life.
I say spirit.
Some say Morality.
Some say Ethics.
Some are by mistake born as Pscyhos, Mentally insane, can’t do much.
Some are mentally retarded.
Some just go by what they see and need proofs like Atheists/Scientists.

Yes, leave a person alone in jungle and that person might have completely something different, his own thing like say Animality instead of Spirituality, Being Practical or Say Atheist. He will be none of us.

Or imagine there is no one else on this earth right now. Right now.

Just one human. Not Even Eve. Just You & Planet. Get the point.

You don’t know any language. Yes, i know God created Adam,Eve.
And so my logic is wrong. As i said, yes i am wrong.

Please still leave me. I beg of you. I respect you. I will come pray wherever, whenever you want. But let me choose my freewill without conditions apply.

Don’t you get it.
It’s not about God.
Nobody needs to forced/mindwashed/read/follow/practice/worship/think to what needs to be done.
Whom you have to follow.

You can think and do.
You can worship God and do.

You can worship idols and do.

But do something that is like Live & Let Live.

So don’t look at the loopholes/weakness/facts or inaccuracies in the book, person, rituals, God, idols, methods, yoga, temples, church, mosques.

Yes, now you got the concept right. No God. Then Good Atheist Be happy.
I say apple is sweet. Let me Believe in God.
Someone else Believe God is Allah.

Don’t look at who is correct or superior. Atleast Don’t fight unless the person forces his will on you. Yes, then do what you need to defend yourself and save yourself.

So He says apple is juicy.

Someone says apple was tasteless. Gave my dog an apple, he puked disgustingly..

No one of our fingerprints in a human match. Not even Siamese twins.

What does it show, you can follow your own, follow someone else or don’t follow.


So if you feel, some shit guru is shit, Please have the capacity to prove him wrong.

If you hate him, but have the commonsense to be calm and prove someone he is wrong. But also the humility to accept if some wisecrack proves you wrong.

So as i said, remember the apple…all are humans, but apple was different for all. Yes, i know wisecracks, die hard believes and practical holmes are saying  i am &*(^^***. Gone crazy.

Exactly, i respect your views, you guys feel my opinions are wrong.

I am saying. Learn to Co-exist, say thank you or even if i don’t agree with you. This is the point. If i aruge, abuse you, fight with you, then you do what is right. But just coz i have different opinion, belief..Please..

Okay imagine i am the world’s best musician after AR Rahman.

But i am a psycho thief. So yes, punish put me to jail.

But don’t say my music is demonic.

If it is demonic, okay let it be for you, but not everyone and don’t say mindwash.

What about people who like the music, what about the people whom i inspire to become good musicians.


So point is ignore the person, his voice, his tone, his past life, current life, future life. Get to the matter of the story. Is it Good for you. Good Else, be smart Ignore, why argue or hate?

If you are Atheist, so go tell Michael Schumacher see i told you there is No God.(With all due to respect for the Racer).

If you are one of those who are ready for the Judgement Day is coming and booking tickets to heavens, for the near ones, dear ones and mindwashed ones. I say what about someone who is born
deaf,dumb, blind, no hands & legs, So No Calligraphy. We are all born in Sin right, Now What?

Okay, since Jesus already died for sins, the baby that is born like that has not committed any sins, so no hell for that baby. But it has to suffer lifelong. Vow God. Great. A ticket to heaven but
life like hell on earth especially what about the parents, relatives of that kid. Now don’t say God tests on earth and anyway heaven is permanent.
Okay, anyway body is mud, why worry, spirit is permanent right. Ok.

Vow and if fail i will goto hell? just coz he wanted me to write a exam called life, i have to pass and look at the stakes – it is hell for eternity..My God, that’s scary..Yes, i got my chances but i say i don’t want exam..So my spirit also has chances of going to suffer.

My spirit, i choose my subject and God is the best teacher. Debate end.

Trust me Good teacher will always find a way.
If student doesn’t like a subject, he knows how to make the student good at something else.

After all isn’t a true teacher supposed to guide the student.
Being educated, exam I can sit at home and do correspondence also.

It’s like If I read the holybooks Bible/Quran, then will goto heaven just by sitting at home till death.

Imagine, I am tenth standard kid, till date i just did nothing and read the holy words, Vow is that all. In that case i already got my ticket to heaven right.

Yes, i also know that not all believers goto to heaven. So point is you are saying i will goto heaven only if i do something. See again, but that is not what i want to do.

I hate exams, assignments.

Man this is life, why isn’t it a white paper and no results. Just writing.

So what if i fail in life, so what if i later someone mindwashed me to be Atheist but till tenth standard I was a hardcore holy believer. Only one God.

Point is I don’t want to pass or fail. Or once i pass, i don’t want to keep on feeling insecure that i will fail. I pass I am fully responsible. I fail I am fully responsible.

I damn care if i pass or fail also. This is what i want. I don’t want to be worried. It’s so silly.

See its not about ticket to heaven…Yes, your point is right. I agree Jesus, came to the earth, Yes there is no proof denying that.
The Bible is true. I agree, say there is no mistakes also i agree. But all i am telling is let it be.
Anyway no one can be without committing sins on the earth. I see a murder, i am coward. But that’s okay God forgives my sin because Jesus already died for sins.

As i said and I admit Yes, Jesus is God. He is the saviour. All i am saying is can i have the freewill with *No CONDITIONS APPLY.
I have admitted yes, Jesus is God. But do i have the freewill *NO CONDITIONS APPLY.

So Now can i say something. Can you let me live. I will not bother you. I will come if you want me to worship, shout out to the whole world. Yes i know Jesus, I love God.
But all i am asking is Please let me live and don’t say others are wrong.

Thank You.

As for other God/Allah, Almighty or Atheists.
Point is not about God.
I am saying i want to be a writer. You say writers are crap.
You say its science which runs the world.
All i am saying is please if you know the truth, you think you are superior species, have better lifestyle to me, thoughts than me.
I request just one thing.
It’s as i said i am not right, but since you are superior species, have proven scientific thoughts or pragmatic thoughts.
I just request one thing…Please love me for who i am, even if i stab you in the back tomorrow, please since you are superior, instead say hey you needed anything else.

I am not saying show your cheeks. See the situation, person and the point he has.

See if someone is raping someone, if you have no other options, do whatever is required to stop that injustice, if you can.

But let’s not say he shouldn’t have killed(Die hard Believers), he shouldn’t have just watched(Practical thinkers), he should have saved her(Spiritually Enlightened) or say the victim was wearing wrong clothes(God fearing Believers).

See let God do his job. You do your best,talk,share,defend,stand by what you can do. But after a point don’t do anything out of frustration.

Do what is the most right thing if you felt. But don’t say other person deserved it. Let’s stop it at that.. You did, said what is required but don’t feel pity that person is wrong also.

EXPRESS YOUR TRUE OPINIONS, FACTS, TRUTH, BELIEFS, SAY other person is wrong but if he is not agreeing based on the situation either prove him wrong, make him lose, punish him but do what is the best and not what you feel is right.

It’s like this imagine all lions are just the size of a small new born chick. Will we be afraid of the tigers, lions, if they attack us, if they were tiny creatures..yes may be but after of death..

Same thing be afraid of God if you want and follow but don’t become angry, judge others, feel sympathy, or love others for God, leave others for God. Then what is the point. God din’t leave you for all the shit but left them is it.

So we are all looking in different views, there is no right or wrong views.

It’s like this you say rape is wrong.
I say yes, rape is wrong, will i keep watching if someone is raping. No, i will do whatever to stop that, if i can.

But the problem is imagine if every man knows he will get aids if they rape a girl. What if nature had made women in such a way that without a women’s consent if someone raped her, the person would
be infected with HIV/AIDS. Even if they wore condoms, even if they touched a women, if nature had given a women power like that.

Or like snake, any women if she is physically handled without her consent, if nature had created a snake/cyanide like venom which if enters through inhale, touch. Yes, I know humans are pervert, they
would wear suits an all to prevent HIV/AIDS and still risk raping a women. So the imagination.

So i am saying what if cyanide like poison came out from every women who was touched without her consent and they would inhale and die it. Now what if the stupid man found gas masks or vaccination for cyanide.

Or best if any man ejaculated without a women’s consent insider her or outside her would die or anywhere else would die.
But again loophole what about retrograde ejaculation.

So the point is not rules, the point is freedom to follow what they want without disturbing others.

So you see this will go one, nothing is foolproof..

So get the point.
You are saying is rape is bad.
I am saying yes rape is bad but every male has to be taught to respect females from the start at home.
Rapes will still happen but there will be huge change in society.
So yes punish rapes strictly but long terms find solution soon.

Same, its not about God, Spirituality, Being Atheist, High Fi Practical Thinker.  
It is everyone’s choice, give the choice and freedom to the person.
You know you have met the true God. Please share it to the person.
But don’t worry, you have done your bit.
Keep faith in God knowing that you did your best even if the other person is about to hurt you for telling about God.

Trust me God will do the this is my thought ha….chuckles..

I Say Yes, Allah is God.  Prophet Mohammed(PeaceBeUponHim). I know how all the previous messengers were sent, and final is Quran and Prophet Mohammed(PUBH) is final messenger and on the judgement day what will happen. Yes, Allah is my God. You have a problem.

Jesus is the only Way. He is my first God. I only have Bible at my home.

I believe in Shiva, Ganesha and Mariamman but I hate superstitious beliefs.

I also respect who says no God, I love the logic of Thinkers. BTW i was hardcore NO God Guy till i met Jesus.

But i get the point. 2+2+4,




0+4=4 (If that’s what Scientist/Atheist/Humanity Thinks)

All of us right. It is wrong only when we want to Live & Don’t Allow others to Live.

Let us be beyond everything.
Just You & God.
But free to what follow you want and allow others to be free, to follow what they want.

See any person can be put in coma today with medical science.
So if all the people world are put in Coma. What is God, heaven, hell or what will a Atheist in coma do..

Live and Let Live.

I am Hindu but i want to follow God my way and let you follow how you want but not force, feel pity or attack me for following what i want.

Let us be in Coma with God. You be in your coma with God.
Let me be in Coma with God.
If i disturb your coma with God, do what you want but don’t say i am in coma, dilemma, born in sin, following wrong things.

As i said, if you are in coma, you are only gone case…So..Live & Let live. Get the point, let me get my point. And its okay if the others  don’t get the point.

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