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What industry or skill should I learn now that will be more valuable in 10 years than it is today?


The way world is moving at a pace and in a way, that you cannot predict what will be trending in next decade.

What i mean is the pace at which things are moving be it technology, economy, or trends? Earlier if something came it would stay for sometime and fade out slowly but after 10 years it will be erratic.

It might change in a few weeks as well. Then what you will do.

So i suggest, you be in such a zone that no matter what happens, whatever comes you are in a position to work with it.

Lift youself so much, that outside things do not matter.

For eg: Tell me is there anything more sophisticated than your body, mind.

So ensure your mind and body is at peak even for next 10 years.

Peak meaning not full of muscles & knowledge.

I mean a lively physical body and a happy mind.

Keep it simple coz the more things you get into things, its a trap you can’t come out if it.

I mean okay lets say future trends are Nanotechnology, Blockchain, Open Source, Cloud, AI, Robotics, Virtual Reality etc.

Say you prepared from today and after 10 years became expert at something futuristic. But if you are physically ill or not happy at mind. Yes, what then? Yes, imagine suddenly something unexpected happened and just before you start to reap rewards of your effort. You die then what?

Have ambitions but do not forget to be healthy and happy daily.

This means even if life doesn’t go as planned you must be healthy and happy.

Is this what we want when we achieve success as well right.

I say be it failure also no problems. Yes, its a fact not everyone can become successful right.

So what if you are one of the failures.

Get the point. One could die, life can trurn against you.

But nothing can take away your reaction to life. So be happy and healthy.

As i said there will never be anything more Sophisticated and Latest than your body and mind. Keep them in top form. No comprises.

And anyway what is the point if you already know what you will be doing in 10 years.

I mean tell me which is a better way. I say plan, but something that you will make you free from shackles of success.

Yes, what is point if your rich, success but can’t drop anything and have to run from pillar to post.

I know some people say i like it.

I do it for my life, country, people, my satisfaction.

See everything you say can be taken from you.

Your life – you gota accident, fell terminally ill, gone. Yes, some people will stil fight odds but most are gone.

Country, Parents, Family – no guarantee. Can we always be 24/7 behind them. Right now you are here, but entire something happens to the outside.

So you aim should simple be your aim & not entangle you.

Yes, even your aim/reputation should not become a baggage for you that when you want move again it doesn’t

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