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Why girls should not enter temple and other religious places during menstruation ?


You said you are referring to ancient temples i believe, but today temples are not constructed in the architect way so how will this impact on women


Firstly, Its difficult to build like ancient temples.

But if the modern temple is constructed matching say 90-95 percent of ancient architecture. So yes bad effects might be slightly less but cant be ignored.

Because there are other things in temple like idol, bells, worshipping methods which also give energy to people who enter temple.

For One person spirituality is about temple.

But in your case since you are educated, you say not everybody needs to go to temple to be morally good. This is also correct. You are spiritual because of education, society you were brought up.

I appreciate you want things to be a little more practical and easy to believe but tell me how many people will be morally upright even when no one is seeing them.
For eg: A penicillin vaccine while cures for some one, it is lethal as well because there people, in fact i am sensitive to it. Science is also created by human which has its own limitations and faults.

Same with temples, it has its good and limitations. So why we are only looking at limitations of temple like religion, idol worship, restricting menstrual women. Please see the benefits.

Now if you dont like temples well and good.

If you feel nothing will happen when menstrual women go to temple well and good.

But like pencillin, what if there is some negatives for menstrual women.

Temple also has other significances.

Not everybody will just be good unless there is a concept of God, temple, cops, court, punishment etc.

Like plastic, its polluting but we use it. Similarly temple is not perfect, in fact nothing is perfect. So why only pick bads of temple ritual or rules.

Now the problem is about believing in the energy, what temples provide, (which is true, they have certain energies, its like pranic healing, accupressure. These methods are not visible but they work like your medicine or injection). This will require a bit of effort, you have to try it yourself, not much effort but you are the only person who can feel it.

The problem for this is, we believe everything our ancestors did was pagan, superstition. Yes, but not everything. We should remove old superstitions but there’s no harm in following what good they followed – like Yoga, etc.

Read here: Hope this helps.

Honestly I too had little knowledge abt #Sabarimala n initially shouted why such discrimination,why can’t ladies go. Then I took out time n learnt abt d temple’s traditions n #Ayyappa n understood thr is no harm for women in waiting.

The way its imposed without EXPLANATION, without CLARITY is wrong,but reason is right. Both sides should keep their emotions aside.Then oly this debate will end.


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