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Permanent Easiest Natural Home Remedy for Any Acne

I m not saying this has to work for everyone.

Ive had pimples since age of 12.

Severe acne, i was underweight.

Lot of pollution in India.

I used to eat any thing.

I tried allopathy, homepathy, ayurveda, diet, fasting everything.

In short had acne on whole body on back, face, hands i had acne.

I could not have a normal life.

Could not play, not go in sun.

Used to prick.

But i never gave up, i tried beef and pork. Point i tried all.

Searched internet.

So from age of 12 i never gave up on acne not because i did not want to but as i said i could not go out.

One day, money to buy my homeopathy medicines.

I was fed up.

I saw turmeric at my home.
Yes just a took it, made paste.
Put it on few spots on my acne.

Trust its an experience.
I see the pimple were getting zapped in few hours.

Slowly put them overnight.
In a matter of few months.
Yes just apply turmeric, preferrably “kasturi turmeric”.

This is mild, doesnt leave yellow stain on skin.

You bathe in soap later, it does off.

Just apply turmeric on your acne.
Apply howmuchever you feel is adequate.

Leave it for 2 hours.
Or again your choice.

In short, turmeric is natural ingedient. Zero side effects.

Just apply wherever you want.
Apply a little extra always. Yes, no problems.

After you are cured you can just apply before bath.
That will do.

Now i am completely cured.

You can say i had 3rd degree acne.

Yes, that’s how severe it was that too for more than 20 years.

I am 33 now.

Later i replaced my soap and shampoo also.

I just make a paste and rinse my body with any natural ingredient.

Like rice paste, sandal paste, turmeric paste, fuller’s earth.

Occasionally i use salt. Just lightly scrub salt on my body. Rinse.
Vow trust me 90 days.

Mostly i use paste of rice batter, or chicpea powder.

Its just knack of how you bath in them.

Dont feel its dirty or messy.

Its a art.

Just make a cup full of paste.
Wet your body and apply the paste and rinse with your hands.

No need to scrub as well coz the paste are like granules. Gives scrub feel.

Yes they kill germs. How?
You apply on body. Remember skun is like leather. See skin images in micrscope or Google.

So this paste sticks to your skin.

You rinse it.

The germs, dead skin, oil all are washed off.

Best part no side effects on skin.

Life long skin will never get wrinkles. Becoz they are natural items which also nourish your skin.

I apply for my hair the same thing.

For fragrance like, just a drop of essence oil in bath water or the paste, Done.

Trust me no loss of moisture in skin.

In fact, that water can be again used in gardening.

Or you can bathe in rivers also coz these natural ingredients dont pollute river. Get it.

You can use baking soda also. As i said for smell put essence oil drops.

Trust me ninety days. Any skin problem will be gone.

Eat whatever, play wherever.

In fact this is what people used before soaps came on earth.

Man came atleast say 5000 years on earth.

So tell me soaps, shampoo came only last 300 years, max.

Get it.
Anyway as i said no side effects, so try.
Best part bathing, skincare will be almost just few minutes work daily.

No need to worry.

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Why women of MENSTRUATION Age should not enter Sabarimala Ayyappan, Shani Shinganapur or other Temples?

The way its imposed without EXPLANATION, without CLARITY is wrong, but reason is right.

Both sides should keep their emotions aside. Then only this debate will end.

Someone on TEMPLE KnowHow, Create TANTRIC setup like #Sabarimala.

Do demo & PROVE. Then people will know BAN reason is RIGHT. Please No Emotions Both Sides. THINK. DEBATE.

Those Not Convinced, Live & Let Live. Agree to Disagree.

Folks dont get it due to today’s PRAGMATISM & only Logical way of thinking. Hope issue resolves. Emotions are high.

I suggest to put an end to this.
Folks like Sadhguru and other people who know about ancient temple architecture should come together.

They should build a structure that mimics the energies of Sabarimala.

Then ask 10 volunteers, especially women who are of menstruating age.

They should make the menstruating women be in the structure for few days.

Honestly, searching for the truth, going in depth, i can come to the conclusion that menstruating women better avoid Sabarimala.

Not because they are women.I am not saying i am smarter than SC judges.I am not saying i am master of temples.

All i am saying is there is a reason. All i am telling is this is not about gender equality.

Tough to believe but as i said, it can be proven if the above experiment is done.

Now, yes, you will again say okay we will go during non-menstruation days.Chapter close.

Now let me tell you, there’s a reason for that also why women should not go.

It is because temples are energy places in which every diety is energized with a certain rituals.
Sabarimala is a celibate God. So physcially women’s body will be affected if she enters the temple.

It’s like not that the diety will pounce on you.

But please dig deep on ancient temples of India, mantras and how they chant certain mantras for a certain purposes.

It’s like if i use angry words why you get angry. I just used words. Din’t beat you. Similarly, mantras/rituals work but can’t see, takes time, effect varies.
Every temple is built for a certain reason like Education, wealth, occult practice.

That doesn’t mean if you goto temples each of these problems will get solved for you.

Don’t be so narrow minded, your effort and other things also count. But yes, temples work, or else
why will scores of people keep going knowingly or unknowingly.

Yes, you are right foolish people, but millions still going..think..dig deep..find if there is some truth.

But doesn’t mean you shouldnt goto church or mosque.

Like i said, you can achieve things through hardwork, confidence, faith or combination of all these. There is no one method that works.

Who said goto temples only. If they say then its the people who are wrong, temples dint tell you..

Yes, from science perspective you will not believe all this but its not like Science is perfect.

Science makes mistake, its called part of experiment.
Same with Spirituality, it exists and has its mistakes. Becoz its again manmade. Dig deep. There are people who vouch for things beyond Science.

So in Sabarimala, mantras, rituals, energies, everything will affect women of 10-50 age.

Online, twitter and sitting at my desk and finding truth is not the way.

So what i am saying is before going against any traditions, we should dig deep, be hell bent on knowing the truth.

Find the full truth, what is the reason. Now folks will say we can go during normal days.Good please go ahead.

But again can we exactly say when menstruation occurs.Dates can pre-pone or postpone.
Which means on the inside we never know what exactly is happening.

Now yes all said and done still there is a gap of 20 days.
so any woman can for sure go when she doesn’t have periods to temple, if they want to.

But we say feminists and equal rights. Plus the traditions are blamed as mumbo-jumbo.

All i can say is, we all know risk is more if you don’t wear a helment and drive.

So should i prove it, wear helmet.Similarly, ancient temples like Sabarimala if women who are of menstruation age go to the temple, there are more chances it will affect.

But keep in mind the Effect varies.Intensity varies. Out of few lac women if they start going, it will will surely affect few women but we can’t say who, when, how much.

So point is, is this risk all worth it.Firstly, we should not assume temples, mosques, religion are all fake and always wrong and not scientific.

Next, we should try to understand from the other side, what exactly is the truth.

As i said, dig deep, find the truth.We will all do the right thing.
Yes, i know people will not be happy with this answer. But all i am saying there is a reason.
you are saying its a silly reason, can’t believe. Is that what really smart people do..they will dig deep, find truth, see risks involved rather than shouting equality.

But will you understand what i say.Again, they will put a question for that also. It’s not about right or wrong.

Find the truth. Everything else fall in place. All of you, dig deep.find the truth. Don’t Believe This Video also nor your logic.


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What is Spirituality?

Suppose i cut your hand off.
Put you in fire.
You still survive.
You are not worried about pain.


Earning billion dollars.

Having all knowledge or control of world.

Now you tell me which is more tough… Offcourse the torchers i mentioned are impossible, forget about even saying its difficult.

You must be asking the torchers i mentioned are just fiction.

Now are you saying is it possible?

Hmm did u know about Nirguna Kaya. There are few people or yogis or God as some say Jesus. Yes if it is it..
Point is not jesus was God or yogis are hindu or its some kind of magic.

Every Human can reach a state where nothing not even death, threats or pleasure can conquer you.

Not even ambition.
Infact u will be beyond all physical, emotional, psychological factors.

Isnt this is what God is.
Isnt God created us…
Isnt God in every creature

Just that with humans we have chance to conciously reach this stage..

I m not saying once u achieve spirituality you will not fall down..

You will, you  mite even commit blunders but in the long run…trust me faster than most talented human on earth, you will realise that human is just a form..

U r a spirit, creation, life, conscious, still dint get it…

Tell anyperson to be happy by himself. Not his ambitions as well.

For eg; say ur most socially good person on this world. U are problem solver for all world.
But my question is if there is just yiu, say just one person…wt is ise of you being good or bad…

R u happy or feel contend…

Say you are rich..but imagine now you have all wealth but you are just one person earth…
Now…what is value of you being rich…

Okay to fight injustice, good..but if there is just you…no other human on earth then..

Okay you say people are bad. Say you are a terrorist with all weapons.
But again you are just one persom in the whole world..

Okay i know jokes apart…go ahead tell me which is a wiser decision, shoot yourself in the name of Jihad…or live.

Okay heaven or hell. As i said God judges you for what you are. Right, suppose no Eve. Imagine now what will only Adam do. Tell me.
Okay feminists, just Eve is there on whole earth.

Just one person is alive.
Now common, tell me does heaven sound like a big deal.

I mean ask 100 people, you will clearly see, some will think this is not enough.

Exactly what is that is saying it is not enough or dies heaven really exist. Yes, you might say demon but who created demon. I know Lucifer became demon out of choice.

But point is the part of creation that exists as demon, the source of Lucifer is God, right.

So point is we are not satisfied because the creation inside, say i will call it soul. You can call it logic, spirit, mind or concious or just life, this wants to merge with the creation.

Say you tell me forget all spirituality, heaven or God.

Just say which animal or plant does not have a role in Nature.
Point is we dont know.

Even moon has a role in existence of human life. Google it. Or Go deep, real deep. Find what will happen if moon is removed from the universe.
Do you know, if there is no moon, no human women can concieve. Yes, IUI, IVF might work but in long run, no women will get menstruation, which means no women can start their reproductive cycle.

I know this is hard to believe but as i said. Find the truth, dig deep.

Now man might find a new method to breed species but this what we are doing in the name of science.

We had water but wasted it.
We had trees we cut it.
We had nature, we have destroyed.

So tell me if humans are smart, should we first understand what we are on earth in the nature, in the universe.

Then knowing this should we invent, dependcon technology.

I mean point is nothing in universe is foolproof. Not even Universe. You all know right Universe is itself is getting born and dying.

Yes, check it out.
Universe is always expanding, yes but it is also end and start over again.

Point is Energy. Neither created nor destroyed. Got it.
Thing is forms change. Universe has different forms but only constant it itself is a big life form.

Dont you get it. Remember Moon, yes like soil, moon is non living. But destroy moon, no menstruation for women. No more natural human species, may be science can create but i doubt. Science can may be just delay the end of human species.

So point moon is a life. Entire Universe is a life in itself.

This is the point.
Dont you get it.
If Earth is just a few centimeters here and there in orbit, Sun will sheesh-kebab us or Earth will freeze fully.
Yes just a few a cm closer or farther from current orbit.

This is a not happening by itself.
I call God.
You say Jesus.
They say Allah.
But that is not the point.
Point is can you see it.
Ignore the stories.
Ignore the facts.
Ignore the accuracy.

Can you see, no that is the problem.
It is a experience.
Have you experienced God, Spirituality, Goodness.

Good this is the point.
Point is not i am right or there is only one way or just heaven.

Point is nothing in Universe, not even a single retina or fingerprint or DNA matches.

So why should your truth, yes Jesus is God but why should it match mine.

Yes, Allah is only God, but dont you get it, what Allah really wants.

Point is i am looking or experienced a portion of God or the Ultimate truth.

You did the other side.

I mean, can anyone 100% describe God.
What does this say?
No one can say what is God exactly.

Infact our minds can, no one can say they know even 0.1% about a leaf.

Yes, till date we dont know even 0.1% about a leaf entirely.

This shows that we all can only grasp a little bit.

Infact are we immortal.
Same our mental ability is immense but it will always be too little.

Still dint get it.
You say humans are smart.

I say under water, deep ocean creatures and the cockroach will survive on earth even after the Armageddon.

So point is not we humans. Point is we are also part of a huge universe. The universe is one big living thing. Get it.

Atoms anyone. Humans have atoms.
Animals have atoms.
Atoms are in space.
Atoms are in comets.
Atoms are in soil.
Atoms are in black holes.
Atoms are in rocks.

Get something..different forms but we are part of Universe which has atoms.

Its like are your nails, dead.
Same Universe is like a big life which is not alive or visible to us but we are likr nails but alive and we feel we can cut off from universe.
Point is even if humans become immortal, we have same atoms.
God is immortal who has atoms.
So same, you are just choosing different methods.
Good but dont say other methods are wrong.

Some say no God.
Good he is trying to grasp everything.
I am saying water.
Athiest says H2O.

That is all. Neither are wrong.
But in one case you have to experience and other is trying to understand the experience.

So logic is not wrong. Good dont change but understand there are many methods.

Logic says science is only way.
Fine but what language.
Science itself exists because of language which is creative.

Creativity also exists and so i Science. Remember atleast whole universe or creation has Atoms.

So you might not become spiritual. May be not this life.

You might become spiritual but not still feel pains of the body.

You might become spiritual and attain mahasamadhi or leave your body willingly.

Or like Jesus you could be crucified but resurrect and even acquire same body back.

See, God is in every inch of Universe.

Question is how much i got or what i saw.

Till school i thought Maths means only addition, minus, wtc or Arithmetic.

Then high school, i got to know it has Algebra.


Then i came to Geomtey, Trigonometry etc are all Maths.


So point is about God you saw geometry and i saw alegbra.

Now i can’t say maths doesn’t agree for food for seven roads.

That doesn’t mean a person is not spiritual if he is a soldier.

I feel a soldier is equally spiritual for he puts his life on line while we sit here and meditate etc.

Get the point.

God cannot be defined fully.

Same for Spirituality, it is experience.

Your experience can be different from mine.

Dont you see God in the whole creation.

None of human, finger print or retina matches. No two DNAs also match exactly on the planet. Not even identical twins.

What this shows?

God has personal signature in every human inspite of million years, countless humans born so far.

So why should my God match your God?

Even if someone say no God, he is also correct.

Point is should we agree that when a DNA is unique for every human then why dont we respect difference of opinion and agree to disagree.

Ignore the errors in their God.

I mean as a person, no one is perfect but don’t we still love our dear ones. Think. Get the essence.

Same with Spirituality.

For me its universal God.

For you no God.

For him Jesus or Allah or other God.

Point is not who is actual God.

Point is have you experienced God.

If you have not experienced God, have you realized atleast there will always be limits to a human and we are just a cog in the big universe.

This is spirituality.

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Rajinikanth is also Human. Question is which part of his human Nature you saw

I am not saying you are wrong. Eg: You saw a man shooting an other man.

I see the same situation. I see the man shot another man because the man had killed his father few days back.

I am not endorsing murder, just see the context. Same situation bit two views.

Now coming to Rajinikanth.
He is not God.
He is human.
He would have made mistakes.
He will make mistakes.

Now i don’t justify his mistakes and i m not his fan.

All i am saying is trust me can he live without all this.

Ask yourself, trust me among all celebrities if there is one person who can quit everything and go, he is the only person. Even you know this.

Next is there any rule – spiritual or political person should not be rich.

Now are you sure Rajini does little charity compared to you.

Its a fact, Rajini does MORE CHARITY than you or most of us in life.

So now you are point is why he earns so much money?

Why he is living rich life while so many people are struggling?

Why he is not living simple life?

Why he is not donating or helping more money?

Yes why you want Rajini to be without defects.

I have defects.
Even you have defects.
Rajini has defects.

But let us agree, he also has more good qualities than you.

Doesnt mean i will support if he does something wrong tomorrow….

Its like me writing this useless article on my website while my soldiers are putting their life on line for my well being at the border.

So my article is waste.

Its like discos, pubs, movie theatres, bars are useless while our soldiers are sacrficing life for us at border.

I am saying never compare anyone with others.

Don’t compare two situations.

Know the context of Rajinikanth, be in his shoes. Then also you can  just say it is your opinion.

Not the whole truth.

For a fish what is Air – it is water.

For a human water- is not Air.

You never know as i said you saw a murder, i saw revenge.

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A person who never committed a Sin

See whole point of heaven or hell is based on Sin.

Yes we are all born out of Adam-Eve’s Sin.

Jesus died for our Sins.

So i lead as much as righteous life, follow word of God, sincerely believe in Jesus. I din’t commit any sin knowingly that would take me to hell.

Yes, imagine i believed Jesus and i know i din’t commit any sin that would put me in hell.  Coz i know God will still judge me and then send to heaven.

Not simply whoever believed in Jesus.

But what if i never did any Sin from my birth. What if i was righteous as well.


Yes, imagine i am put in isolation from birth. Only given food, water and shelter.

I die.

As Jesus died for my sins i will goto heaven.

Yes say new born babies who die goto heaven.

Same i never saw a single soul in my life, i dint know how, who gave food as well.

So i am like a baby who grew up and died but i will goto heaven even if i dont believe or dint know Jesus.

Get the point.

Dig deep, find the truth.

You will know God.

GOD cant be checkmated.



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If Jesus Died Today Then All Goto Heaven Right

Bro, What about all people who died the day before Jesus got crucified.

I know Since Jesus died for all Sinners they went to heaven. Vow so souls who never knew about Jesus or dint have chance to accept Jesus but did all Sins went to heaven because Jesus died for their Sins, back then.

Surely there were people who didn’t know Jesus when he was alive and crucified. Like say India, Australia etc. whole world people dint know Jesus when he was alive and got crucified right.

This is a fact.

That is why Jesus himself said go and spread the word to whole world.

I will come back.

So till the day Jesus died all people went to heaven right. No matter what sins they did.

Yes some sinners went to hell.

And whoever believes in Jesus now will goto heaven. Those who don’t believe will goto hell.

Yes, i know God will judge, so all believers will also not goto heaven.

Only righteous and believers will go, right.

So what i am saying, i want to send atleast one Sinner to heaven who will not believe in Jesus.

Because imagine if today in 2018, if Jesus died, all humans goto heaven.

Get the essence of what Jesus said. Don’t get lost in words.

Word of God is perfect.

But our interpretation is wrong.

Plus God is not only what is given in Word of God. He is beyond that as well. It is just for our human brains limited understanding that he has given some description about him.

Tell me is word of God everything. No.

It has only what is required for our limited brains. God is beyond things told in Bible, Quran or other scriptures.

As i said i am okay to goto hell for atleast ONE sinner.

Because if Jesus died as of today, all will goto heaven for he died for all Sinners.

As i said lets keep it simple.
Jesus was never known to whole world when he was born, when he lived, and when he was crucified and resurrected.

This means there were people, even new born babies born on the day Jesus was crucified who all would go to heaven because jesus died for all their Sins.

Yes, people who never accepted christ went to heaven once he was crucified.

This is a fact.

This is a fact, whole world never knew Jesus when he was born and was alive and crucified.

And my point is it is not my mission. I am fine.

But my freewill what God has given, i will atleast tell God to send one sinner to heaven instead of me.

This is what i learnt from Jesus, the saviour. This is God – FOOLPROOF & PERFECT.

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I am ready to goto Hell For Any Sinner. Is God Ready for the Deal?

Okay are you ready to give your heaven quota for a sinner. Yes, let a sinner go to heaven and you choose hell.

Now tell me is that all. End of the day you want to go to heaven.

I am okay to goto hell for you Bro..

I believe in God but i won’t argue about God.

Jesus, Allah, Shiva all are God. Why should i look at the faults in each of them.

A rose plant has more thorns but we call it rose plant not thorn plants.
Get the essence of what God wants.

I believe in Jesus, but i know God is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

What i dont like is saying there is saying this is the correct God.

There is no wrong God. How can God be wrong.
There is only wrong or incomplete understanding of God.

God is one or many how does it make a difference.

What if i say only God and do all sorts of things.

What if i believe Allah & Shiva but lead a pious life.

As i said, i am okay to die in hell forever for any sinner.

I will pray to God i want to be the last person to enter heaven.

Let every human spirit goto heaven.

Get the big picture.
I am just a human, mere mortal. If i am thinking like this…
The creator is surely FOOLPROOF and magnanimous than me.

God never deals, its his business. Remember its his creation, his profit, his loss, his heaven, his hell.

As i said, i will ask God send me to hell for any sinner.

I will be Happy even if one sinner goes to heaven because of me.

If jesus died for all of our sins, then this is what Jesus taught me.

At least as a human i will save one soul and send it to heaven.

This is God he is FOOLPROOF.

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Everything in Universe is Already Heaven

Terrorists are they good people or bad people?

Or what to do if you face a terrorist?

Imagine if only ten people are there on earth.

What value has the terrorist has now?

Get the big picture? Why terrorists are there in the first place? It’s because of certain situations. I am not supporting terrorists. I am saying if there are only 10 people then terrorists almost have no impact like today.

So get the big picture.

Say Kashmir problem also, imagine entire Kasmir only 100 people live.

Then no one will fight and even one among the ten fights it will look silly and even if the one person manages to win Kashmir from remaining 9 people how will the so called terrorist/winner guard entire Kashmir.

So get the point. Yes, on immediate threat from terrorist we need to tackle but long term stop the reason why terrorist are being created in the first place.

Hope i need not say what needs to be done.

Just bring down the damn population, start a FOOLPROOF plan but in next 25-50 years bring population under FULL control, not only Kashmir but whole Earth.

Now moving on which is better? Travel to other planet, become a humanoid or save existing nature on earth.

I say 10% focus on outer planet explorations, 10% on humanoids & remaining 80% on saving existing nature.

Simply because we have 100% chances to bring back nature to good old ways. Only problem is stop further damage and consistent effort.

Life on other planet or human (humanoid) becoming robot is GOOD but as of NOW risk-reward is too skewed compared to controlling population and saving nature in 25-30 years.

I could be wrong, technology could make a humanoid or start life on new planet.

We could all own one galaxy each by travelling and able to live anywhere on space or any planer.

Yes, if every human becomes robot like (humanoid-concious/mind/spirit/soul of human but body of machine), imagine every humanoid can travel outerspace and each humanoid can have one solar system. Yes, size of universe is so big every human can have 7 galaxies each.

May be heaven is true but what if earth is only planet. So be smart, first save and maintain existing planet.

Imagine if there is just 2 people on earth, then what is impact of hell or heaven. Tell me, may be yes one person might still be evil and steal, do wrong things, tell lies, do sin but see the impact.

I am not justfying bad behaviour or sin just saying based on population heaven-hell impact on human mind is almost nil if population is just 1 to 100 humans.

But if heaven is true then impact has to be felt even for one person. Yes, imagine if there is just one human on earth and now tell impact of heaven.

Yes i know the genesis and how man today is a sinner and how he fell from God’s perfect world.

But tell me which is superior way to live.

Live by word of God, offcourse you are sinner but will goto heaven because you believe in blood of God.


So now you decide to live honestly or evil but not based on hell or heaven. Here again knowing that humans are not perfect.

Let’s take one more example.
Is it a Sin if i dont goto work and take care of family as per word of God?

Imagine if there are just 100 people on earth. Would you still need to work for survival.

So now NOT going to work is a Sin is it?

Now point is see –
No animal cooks food.
Don’t say man started cooking from first day he came into existence.

Another example is –

No vaccination for animals don’t they survive?

Iam not against hospitals, vaccination but at what cost, so costly, so much resource consuming from pharma companies, side effects.

I am just animals are still here on earth without any of these.

I mean look at final picture today. Only few percent is rich, have full control while rest are in rat race.

I could be proved wrong but for now point is we have less time. May be jst 25 years before we start fighting with each other.

I mean sooner or later only few houses or places will have water. So what do you expect, from people who dont have water. They will attack you.

You might be smartest, strongest, or God’s only son but if your house has water they will come after you. Entire neighborhood will break into your house.

So now who is demon, where is heaven or God.

God is already everwhere in Universe. In your neighbour, the terrorist, the water. We just wasted it and ignored them.

I am not against space exploration, economics, financial markets, investments, buisness etc. but tell me which is more important for now having trees, water food for all or other things.

As i said if there is food, water, shelter for eveey human money, MNCs, heaven will not matter.

I can be wrong but returns are high if we see God in all universe, all things, people.

I mean see point is cockroaches will survive, under water sea creatures even after us…any doubts…??? Then just google.

We could goto space but it will be foolish of us to have been on this planet for 1000’s of years and escaped to other planet. Infact what about other creatures and trees. You are just escaping.

Imagine your pet dog, now what sin did the animals in forest committ. Humans spoilt ecology and now escape.

What guarantee, the same will not happen in mars also then again journey starts and what about risk in space.

I mean imagine if Lions created spaceship and went to Mars. And they said only one pet human we will take to Mars. So dont say we could save only few creatures. Point is you spoilt ecology, and now you are escaping.

For now easiest way is, today without passport can anyone fly or enter other country, no right.

Same we need to get same kind of control on population. This number should never cross a certain figure on earth because earth can only sustain so much life on earth. This is minimum we can do.

Everyday every hour put up a video all around earth in all TV channels, YouTube etc.

Let people stand in silence one minute, every hour.

The video should show about how earth was, how it went bad, how we need to save from today.

And once under health of earth/,population is under control, everyday 3 times a day we again put video till humans last on earth.

Every kid needs to see this in future. We need to put this as well.

Dont tell it wont happen, its already happening, earth is dying.

Every 5 km, a lake has to be there or find a number and govt shud create artificial lakes.

Yes entire planet should have so many lakes.

Every year, like military every person has to serve nature, bring a rule.

Like this like NCC there will always be batch to serve nature all around earth.

These people will clean, water, dig wells, save nature as a part of global plan.

Like we have defense force, every country should have nature force.

This is mandatory voluntary service where every human citizen has to serve for 1 year.

No excuses. If handicap, he will have to work in admin, or cooking or backend work.

Work will be assigned on individual basis but no money, no salary. It is for earth.

Like this we convert deserts, clean garbage, everything etc.

So two things, population should never cross the numbers.

And like NCC everyone has to serve nature for 1 year.

So entire world air, water, forest count should be maintained constantly everyday, 24/7.

It shud nt go beyond this level.

One subject environment has to be there.

Kids have to plant trees as homework.

Tribal population has to be there in every city, every district, they will live in forest to show people reminding from where we came.

Get the picture, we have to blend in this system. Not running or escaping or winning against earth, nature, universe.

Tell me is winning better or solving a problem by blending into the problem.

That means no problem at all, no loser, no winner.

See, 2/3rd planet is water, this only we are almost on verge of exhausting. I mean global warming is so silly problem created by us. Cant believe not a single creature has done damageto earth but we smartest of all species, shame on us.

So i wont even take credit of innovations we hav done.

Internet is good but its not all used the way it is supposed to.

Electricity is good but its a shame no other creature requires. Not even your dog.

So with brains shud i give excuse i am  innovating.

Innovating at cost of what???

See i could be wrong if technology can beat me but so far till date..???

So anyway why being angry just to maintain the earth that served our human species, if today ur here, then coz nature gave wat ur ancestors wanted…so we should give back to nature.

Being smart is fine but giving back what, some care for the air, water breathe is basic humanity.

Not a single animal/creature pollutes the earth, everything is in harmony, food chain, yes get it.

We have to fit in chain and then, innovate, invest, use technology but it should be kept with entire earth in mind not like create things like plastic, pollution.

Ir even if created, plastic should, polluting technology should never exceed a certain limit/dependancy considering impact on earth.

As i said internet, mobile is good but they should not be made so much in demand.

People should realise that trees, water air other animals are more important at anytime, anyday.

Cars are gud but there should  never be more than so many cars, population, mobile phones in the world.

Innovate but their market shudnt not expand in numbers.

Variety of phones can come up but enough of startups for mobile, internet brands.

We just havevone planet for now, maintain it, then innovate, if we become success move to mars but it still not a wise thing that we spoilt a perfect planet

For eg- moon, do u know if moon is blasted, no women on earth will conceive. May be IVF, will work but look at it. So much money.
So much effort but you want ignore something which is already existing and perfect.

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Yes after Armageddon, Judgement Day, World War, what will happen?

Yes after the END, what will happen.

Whole human species and lots of other species will be extinct. Then what?

Under the sea, above the Clouds, deep somewhere in earth life always exist.

Google Tardigrade.

Remember germs, virus, bacteria. Yes they will arise again.

Dont you get it why do we believe in God? Because we are scared of world war, hell and human lives getting extinct. If not atleast we want to be safe in heaven, kind of escapism that’s about it. Okay are you ready to give your heaven quota for a sinner. Yes, let a sinner go to heaven and you choose hell.

Now tell me is that all. End of the day you want to go to heaven.

Point is why dont you think. Water, air, matter has organisms. Water feeds soil, soil feeds plants, animals and humans feed on plants. Yes, i know animals are carnivorous and humans eat meat.

I am saying dont you get it.
If there is no organisms in soil, there is no life.

Dont you get it, if there are no forests, there is no good ecology.

Good is in every atom, soil, microorganisms, every cloud.

Still dint get it. Remove all humans from earth, right now. Trust me nothing will happen to planet. What happens, think.

Infact tell me one work or achievement what man has done that without which planet earth cannot survive. Nothing.

But do you know if all rivers go dry, if all insects die or if all trees in world go, life on earth will not exist.

I am saying believe in God, heaven. But God is in all creation, entire cosmos.

There will always be life forms even after we go. Humans are not the superior species. All life, all universe is connected.

Tardigrades, often called water bears or moss piglets, are near-microscopic animals with long, plump bodies and scrunched-up heads. They have eight legs, and hands with four to eight claws on each. While strangely cute, these tiny animals are almost indestructible and can even survive in outer space.

Water bears can live just about anywhere. They prefer to live in sediment at the bottom of a lake, on moist pieces of moss or other wet environments. They can survive a wide range of temperatures and situations.

Research has found that tardigrades can withstand environments as cold as minus 328 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 200 Celsius) or highs of more than 300 degrees F (148.9 C), according to Smithsonian magazine. They can also survive radiation, boiling liquids, massive amounts of pressure of up to six times the pressure of the deepest part of the ocean and even the vacuum of space without any protection. A 2008 study published in the journal Current Biology found that some species of tardigrade could survive 10 days at low Earth orbit while being exposed to a space vacuum and radiation.

In fact, water bears could survive after humanity is long gone, researchers found. Scientists from Harvard and Oxford universities looked at the probabilities of certain astronomical events — Earth-pummeling asteroids, nearby supernova blasts and gamma-ray bursts, to name a few — over the next billions of years. Then, they looked at how likely it would be for those events to wipe out Earth’s hardiest species. And while such catastrophic events would likely wipe out humans, the researchers found little tardigrades would survive most of them, they reported in a study published online July 14, 2017, in the journal Scientific Reports.

“To our surprise, we found that although nearby supernovas or large asteroid impacts would be catastrophic for people, tardigrades could be unaffected,” David Sloan, a co-author of the new study and researcher at Oxford, said in a statement. “Therefore, it seems that life, once it gets going, is hard to wipe out entirely. Huge numbers of species, or even entire genera may become extinct, but life as a whole will go on.”

In many conditions, they survive by going into an almost death-like state called cryptobiosis. They curl into a dehydrated ball, called a tun, by retracting their head and legs. If reintroduced to water, the tardigrade can come back to life in just a few hours.

While in cryptobiosis, tardigrades’ metabolic activity gets as low as 0.01 percent of normal levels, and their organs are protected by a sugary gel called trehalose. They also seem to make a large amount of antioxidants, which may be another way to protect vital organs. Water bears also produce a protein that protects their DNA from radiation damage, according to research by the University of Tokyo.

In cold temperatures, they form into a special tun that prevents the growth of ice crystals.

They also have another defense for when they are in water. When the water they live in is low on oxygen, they will stretch out and allow their metabolic rate to reduce. In this state, their muscles absorb oxygen and water well enough that they can survive.

God doesnt discriminate or has created anything superior.
Some species like lions, humans etc, we are dominant that’s all. Every drop of water, every atom, every stone, all are connected. Some are dominant, that’s all.

It’s like, is hair in your body useless. Is skin useless. I know heart and brain are useful.

But imagine you dont have skin. So soil, germs, mountains and humans all are also useful in their own and connected. Get it. By the way skin is largest organ.

Similarly nothing in universe is useless. We dont know, that’s all.

Everything in Entire Universe is CLOCK WORK. Just that we have to see.

Still dont believe, dig deep, find the truth.

Do you know if moon is removed from universe, no human women can concieve. Yes, exactly. Dig deep find the truth. Its hard to believe but its proven 100%.

Science, cloning might come up with something but point is there is a reason why moon exists in Universe. I just said one reason.

But again science is not perfect, cloning, ivf will only lead to its own set of endless loop. So science is just one part in universe. With science we cant create everything and solve everything, right? Anyway point is entire Universe is connected. Even science is just one thing in universe.

If you see like this, then it wont matter whether heaven or hell exists.

I mean tell me what if someone just nuked entire earth, right now. Entire planet is removed from universe.

So essentially that one person goes to hell, rest all goto heaven because that one person killed all. God checkmated is it.
Please God is there.
God is good.
God does punish.
But God is FOOLPROOF as well.

Just that we humans are saying God is what we think it is. Which again is just one part of God. No human or word of God can also say fully about God. Word of God is only how much God wants humans to know.

Dig deep find the truth.

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Suppose there is Just You God and the Devil

Yup, let us not beat around the bush.

Keep aside heaven or hell for a moment.

Imagine there is just you, God and the Devil.

Okay Devil made you Sin, next what?

You are now Sinned, you went to Hell.

Bottomline is Devil- 1. God- Zero.


Is that all?

Now just come to current numbers.

So devil has so many numbers in hell.

God will have some numbers.

Humans are jokers.

Remember God is perfect. He surely has a foolproof plan.

And what about other creatures.

Agreed God created everything for man and I know God says use, consume everything in limit in the word of God or Scriptures.

But did you know if there is just one plant, one human, one God, One Devil. Just imagine.

Plants will win hands down.

Plants need not require a human.

But a human needs atleast few grass to survive because we need oxygen to breathe.

But again for grass to grow, soil has to have microbes in them. Just water and soil cannot grow plants, grass, trees. For example: Clay, or Desert Sand, not much grows in them.

So do you see the connection- germs in soil feeds soil, roots in plant feed on those nutrients in soil. We humans eat these plants to survive. So get the point, creation or God is inclusive. God is everywhere in everything in every form. Not just heaven or hell.

The plan is already foolproof.

Trees, plants, grass can survive even with just earthworms because even they give carbon di oxide.

Still not convinced?

So who is superior? Earthworms, Grass are way superior to humans because they dont need us. Get it.

Humans cant survive without flora on the earth. All air, oxygen is given by only plants/flora. Few creatures, organisms, do give oxygen but it is not sufficient for all life on earth.

Still not convinces, imagine we can survive without plants.Okay humans might start growing creatures like algae or spirulina to give oxygen, but what will we eat, if we there are no vegetables, flora, fruits on earth. Only non-veg, how long we will eat or eat only Algae etc. Get it.

God is in every creature. It is not about getting born, use all things in creation, live life, or even conserve nature and goto heaven by following word of God. In fact you dont have to conserve nature. If we control our needs, nature will grow itself.

So point is Flora or plants can survive even with a frog, earthworm, ant or just a useless pig which is there to give carbon di oxide. They don’t need humans on earth.

Get the point.

Each creature, non living creature like mud, water, clouds all are equal. This is the point.

Did you know if moon is blasted, humans will die. Yes, no women will conceive if moon is removed from cosmos. Dig deep, find the truth. You will know even moon is connected to human life.

So like this our concept of God, Word of God is not wrong but limited to humans. We are not the only the superior in God’s eye. You saw right, even useless moon is required for humans to have their next generation of species. Just Google it. See what happens if moon is wiped out from universe. Human women wont be able to concieve. Tough, but find the truth. As i said God has already made foolproof plan.


So if you feel humans deserve heaven, then as i said earthorms, deserve heaven, plants deserve heaven, moon deserves heaven.

I know they dont have spirit, they dont committ sin.

I am just saying, just look at who is superior. It is not right to look at this way but if going to heaven is the ultimate, then surely it doesn’t make sense for inferior beings like humans to do all sin, then reform and seek forgiveness in word of God and goto heaven.  Simply because, all creatures in soil if they die, humans are gone. If moon is gone we are gone.

But look at what we have done in the name of heaven.

The point is crystal clear even if all the hospitals, great scientific experiments, nuclear facilities, share market, Government meetings, conferences, even all words of Gods,  are stopped right now. World will still run.

But if all Honey bees, all organisms in the soil, all trees are wiped. Entire Life on earth will collapse.

Point is bees, soil organisms, flora have more impact on ENTIRE LIFE on Earth than humans.

So who deserves heaven.

I am not saying, dont believe God, or Heaven. I am not saying environment is superior. Moon is superior.

I am saying cant you see God in everything. Did you know mountains also have a purpose on earth. Yes, ask US, why they get tornadoes and why India doesn’t go so many. Ask if they had mountains like Himalayas would it be a better place.

Yes i know God created man immortal. But if you see creation everything else was already in sync. Rain, clouds, water, trees, animals. They were all perfect.

I am saying, live and let live.

Still if you want to go to heaven please go but dont feel the rest are all sinners.

Don’t feel sad or force or even preach that the other person (in the wrong fear) that we will goto hell because he doesnt believe the Scripture or Word of God.

To be following word of God, be Good and reach heaven for sure is so escapism like.

Instead admit be fully responsible for all things you do. Its okay to go hell if you feel you deserve it.

Which is true freedom?

True freedom is not about heaven or hell or saving environment as well.

All i am saying is dont be so desperate about salvation or heaven. Just be free to face life.

Still not convinced…

Okay what if man drops his flesh and blood. Yes what if human found a way to live in robots. For example, what if man creates humanoids.

If life can be in person with coma, or a person on artificial life support then yes, today we can keep person alive with life support system but he wont move.

Yes, what if man finds a way to remove the mind, conscious, life,spirit, soul and put in machines. Say we become machines where man creates a technology to feed the mind or conscious or spirit or soul and feed into a machine.

Some what like say humans become like the robots in transformers.

Say i am now a machine but fed with human conscious.

Hope you know about Professor Stephen Hawking  who lost his ability to speak in 1985. He was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a rare form of motor neurone disease, aged 22, and has relied on a computerised voice system to communicate and speak since the ’80s.

So its just one step away. If my thoughts can be spoken by a machine, how long before my spirit, life form, fed to a machine.

Then how does it matter if i sin. No pain. A new baby is born, i take the intelligence, consciousness or spirit in it and feed into machine.

Now i am a machine but with consciousness of man. I dont have to eat, worry about health, age, blood, sin.

No death, you can change into any machine you want. Whenever my machine gets old, i just change.

Offcourse, my spirit, soul, life or conscious is now in a machine in a chip. So if entire robot is crushed or zapped into ashes, i am gone forever.

But look at the situation. I have no pain, no morals etc.

So point is God, hell, heaven matters for a human spirit in a flesh and blood.

Imagine my conscious is now in a robot or machine. I will be worried about my existence but i have no pain, no blood, and no need to worry about food, water or worry about word of God etc. Infact i can have backups and almost be immortal.

I mean possibility is just limitless. Now you can survive in space, other planets. No food, oxygen or water.

Now the point is i am not saying Science is superior.

The human conscious, soul, spirit has no death or birth. This is the same force residing in every inch of the cosmos.

Say everything in cosmos has atoms right. Like that. Atoms dont die.

I am saying live and let live.

Dont you get it. Everything in creation is made of the same atoms. Including robots, germs, cosmos, humans. So where did this heaven come from.

Problem is because someone statrts Word of God is ultimate truth.

Scientists say there is a way things work but its not God.

Point is we all are same. Remember Atoms. Yes your phone, the ant, the bird, sky, planets, microbes, soil, rock, everything has atoms.

All of us are seeing different forms and giving different meanings.

I am saying all are same and God exists in entire cosmos.

Some are saying word of God and Scriptures give full picture.

Problem arises when i say i am right or other person says scripture or word of God is ultimate.

As i said word of God is true but that is not complete picture about God. Can anyone know God fully. Never. Even word of God says only what is required for humans. It is not wrong but it is for humans limited understanding.

In fact if word of God is ultimate truth, We all can checkmate God now only. Say entire world people can just accept the Saviour or Scripture and die at once now. Anyway world is getting to brink of collapse. Hope you see currently earth is no flourishing. Lot of good things are happening but is it enough.

Next few years you see people will no water to drink. Atleast lot of lives will be lost due to lack of water, like these problems.

Why we have to fight in end days when survival will become hell.

For example imagine I believe in God, i will tell God, God there is no water, no food, ozone layer gone, anyway earth will be unliveable in few years. So we put ourselves to rest.

God will take care of everyone in heaven even if i sinned by putting everyone to rest.

Let God send me to hell. Atleast i will go with fact knowing because of me all humanity went to heaven.

Remember i am sinned because of Adam so i demand i goto hell and i dont believe word of God or Saviour. But others cant to hell because i nuked the earth.

But that wont be fair. Some are still unaware of word of God, Allah or Scriptures. Oh okay, they will goto heaven because i nuked earth but i goto hell. Vow, i send whole population to heaven but i goto hell. God checkmated is it.

Infact, i insist i goto hell. Again i am not giving God the creator option. I am choosing hell. Again God checkmated is it.

But there are sinners till date, who know the truth but still committ sin. Okay, they will goto heaven because humans are sinned coz of Adam and their good luck earth got nuked.

So point is by accident there will always some people who goto heaven is it. What rubbish? God is foolproof.

Still dint get it. Imagine Armageddon. All babies born during just before collapse of earth will goto heaven.

What rubbish. Just because i was born 30 years before Armageddon i was stupid not to believe God and suddenly Judgement day happened. I goto hell for my sins as i was born 30 years earlier. Or i was shrewd and believed God and did some sins but i went to heaven.

Common I can’t fool God by doing few mundane sins like not studying, not being fully occupied in life, say i goto just a average job, have a few drinks every week and die.  God is not average or neither is God a ticket to heaven.

Also the baby by fluke born just few seconds or hours or days or say 3 months during Armageddon goes to heaven as earth was destroyed on Judgement Day.

This is not free will. This is blackmail.

In fact why wait, because if you push humans to brink, there will be people who will be desperate to survive and choose to kill or do more bad things at Armageddon.

Atleast i did it peacefully. I take the blame because i want every human to go to heaven. I dont want them to Sin anymore.

So get it heaven or hell is not the point.


On their day any creature, force in nature can beat anyone.

Humans can also beat everything on our day. As i said Humanoids, remember.

But remember, everything is one and same. Problem arises when we start thinking we can sort it out or go to heaven and that’s it.


We are missing point, that right here, right now everything in cosmos is connected.

And ya forgot to mention, cockroaches have been there before humans, they were there with the dinosaurs, they will be there even after ozone is punctured and after all life on earth is gone.

And here’s one more:

World’s most indestructible creature – the Tardigrade.

The tardigrade can survive 30 years without food - half its lifetime 
The tardigrade can survive 30 years without food – half its lifetime 

The tiny tardigrade has been named the world’s most indestructible species after scientists discovered it is the only creature that will survive until the Sun dies.

Although cockroaches are traditionally seen as Earth’s most resilient species, the eight-legged microbeasts are actually far hardier and will continue to thrive for around 10 billion years, come hell or high water, Oxford University has found.

Tardigrades, which are also known as space bears or moss piglets, are able to survive for up to 30 years without food or water and endure temperature extremes of up to 150 degrees celsius, the deep sea and the frozen vacuum of space.

Tardigrades would survive most asteroid strikes unless it was so big that it caused the seas to boil
Tardigrades would survive most asteroid strikes unless it was so big that it caused the seas to boil CREDIT: MARK GARLICK

Researchers from Oxford and Harvard University, found that their astonishing abilities would protect them from calamities which would wipe out all life on Earth. In fact the only forces capable of harming tardigrades, such as a gigantic asteroid, an exploding star or a deadly gammar ray burst will not happen before our own Sun dies.

Not only does it suggest that tardigrades will survive long after humans have died out, but it gives hope that life could exist on even the most barren and hostile planets.

“Life on this planet can continue long after humans are gone,” said Dr Rafael Alves Batista,  of the Department of Physics at Oxford University.

“Tardigrades are as close to indestructible as it gets on Earth, but it is possible that there are other resilient species examples elsewhere in the universe.

“In this context there is a real case for looking for life on Mars and in other areas of the solar system in general. If Tardigrades are earth’s most resilient species, who knows what else is out there.”

A tardigrade seen under an electron microscope 
A tardigrade seen under an electron microscope  CREDIT: BOB GOLDSTEIN & VICKI MADDEN 

The water-dwelling micro animals can live for up to 60 years, and grow to a maximum size of 0.5mm. The only real threat to their existence would be from an apocalyptic event which would cause Earth’s oceans to boil away.  But the scientists discovered that there are only a dozen known asteroids and dwarf planets with enough mass to cause the oceans to boil if they struck the Earth and none are on a collision course with our planet, Smaller space rocks would not harm tardigrades.

Likewise in order of an exploding star to boil away the oceans it would been to be 0.14 light-years away but the nearest star to the Sun is four light years away, so even if it exploded in a supernova it would not harm tardigrades.

Tardigrades are also known as moss piglets 
Tardigrades are also known as moss piglets CREDIT: SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY/TOM JACKSON

Destructive explosions of electromagnetic energy known as gamma-ray bursts which are thought to be caused by neutron stars colliding or the formation of black holes could also be a threat to the little creatures, but again non could occur close enough to wipe out the species.

Dr David Sloan, Co-author and Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the Department of Physics at Oxford University, said: “To our surprise we found that although nearby supernovae or large asteroid impacts would be catastrophic for people, tardigrades could be unaffected. Therefore it seems that life, once it gets going, is hard to wipe out entirely.

“Huge numbers of species, or even entire genera may become extinct, but life as a whole will go on.”

No exploding stars or gammar ray bursts could happen near enough to Earth to threaten tardigrades 
No exploding stars or gammar ray bursts could happen near enough to Earth to threaten tardigrades  CREDIT: MCT

In highlighting the resilience of life in general, the research broadens the scope of life beyond Earth, within and outside of this solar system.

Professor Abraham Loeb, co-author and chair of the Astronomy department at Harvard University, said it proved that life could survive in even the harshest environments, such as beneath the surface of Mars, or on the moons of Europa and Enceladus.

“Organisms with similar tolerances to radiation and temperature as tardigrades could survive long-term below the surface in these conditions,” said Prof Loeb.

“The subsurface oceans that are believed to exist on Europa and Enceladus, would have conditions similar to the deep oceans of Earth where tardigrades are found, volcanic vents providing heat in an environment devoid of light.”

Now also i am not telling dont miss heaven. I am saying dont feel insecure, threatened or even privileged that yes, you will goto heaven.

Atleast dont say whatever word of God known is the only truth.

I am saying there are things beyond that as well. You are just stuck with a fraction of God’s word. No human, even me can say even description about God. Not even word of God, Ancient Scriptures or Holy book.

So point is all are right. Problem arises when i say only i am right