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How to prove if GOD exists?

Search Dig Deep. Apart from exact date, timing of next birth you can find many number of people who are born again. At same time now itself you can find many people who die at will, just sit there and die at will.


God means beyond time.
You call God, Salvation, Heaven, Jesus, Allah or No God, E=MC2, as well, whatever.
EVERYTHING INCOSMOS IS ENERGY FORMS INCLUDING NOTHING.  You can call nothing is potential energy. Yes, so from nothing also things happen.
Imagine you have full concrete block. If its full you can’t put anything inside concrete block.
But a concrete with holes or hollow can be filled. Got it. So nothing also is equal to something.

No death, there is something that never dies.So as of today you will find 100s of people who can die at will.

Just sit there and simply die.

Ignore the spelling mistakes, get the concept.

Yes just search you will find.

Hope i need not say where an all and what kind of people.

These people can just sit there and die. Not suicide. Got it.

Now all one needs, ask these people who are to die at will about their next birth.

Infact you can ask these very people who are likely to come back or born again.

Yes some will exactly tell you what time, when and how they will be born.

Out of those 100 trust me even if 10 are born again. Think.

Now dont look for loopholes.

Yes there will be chances they might born as deaf, dumb or evil. That is mind.

They might not be spiritual in new birth.

Infact some would just want to be born as animals or trees or stone, water.

Or some might not be born again at all.

Or their timing of birth next birth could be wrong.

But now do this to 1000 or 10000 or 1 lakh people who are in STAGE to sit there and die at will.

You will see the truth.

Surely you will get proof.

It’s not like Jesus they will get human body again without dying immediately.

Now don’t compare as Jesus was only one who died and resurrected he is God. Remember He is also son of God, Father and only God. Yes each one also fits in a context that he is son of God, He is father and God himself. All mean same but some say he is God and some say he is son of God. Let it be, he is God or what each makes it out. But is that the point. One thing all are missing is all are ignoring that Jesus, Holy Father, Son of God all are beyond physical, emotional, mental, conscious nature.

Get the context and point. Your spirit is also beyond this. But again its not YOUR spirit.

Many people can die at will be born again as humans or what they said also or born again as stone, air, water or go wrong as well. But out of 1000 atleast more than 100 will be true but with some inaccuracies or in other context even 10 will be true and exactly born again. Point is death is not the END. Something never dies including your spirit which is not yours. Got it.

But you will see, most of them who died at will and who said to be born again were true.

Now, i am not saying about God or religion.

Just saying rebirth exists in different forms and timings might vary.

But out of 10,000 people who die at will, atleast 100 (worstcase but my guess numbers will be way more) will tell when they will be born again if they want to be born again.

Infact Google, search dig deep simple you will find proof for many people born again. Why go sofar. Logical loopholes apart, factual inaccuracies apart, exact details of rebirth might not be found for all.

When i mean with Exact details like timing of rebirth, place, may vary but as they said you will find something, someone, bornagain.


Its like you will find RESAONABLE PROOF of rebirth for all people who died at will and about what they said about next birth.

But beyond doubt rebirth can be proven.

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