About bestashok

I’ve all the basic ingredients of most homo sapiens.

Wat makes me special is….well if i knew that i would have surely made my mark on this world.
Until then I am your average Joe, who dreams big..basically a decent guy..with moments of crests & troughs

I am very energetic,always eager,looking forward to life and people.

Like to spend my time worthwhile and yet at the same not negate the fun element.

Very easy going.

Equally responsive to people.

Do not have a set of pre conceived notions and keep myself as neutral and open minded as possible.

Like to play within the rules and if possible improvise or add a bit of creativity.

Have high consideration for mutual respect.

Have high aspirations – a big feeling to achieve something in my life.

Very realistic and pretty disciplined.

Have no inhibitions in expressing myself…………..