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Which is the best architect firm in India in terms of knowledge?

I am not promoting any person or company.

I just came across it, my friend had shared it to me.

Must say, i loved it.

The video is about a house in juhu mumbai with just 2400 sqft in a crowded area.

They have built a calm, serene, close to nature high on design, low on carbon footprint home.

See it to belive it.

Hats off Nitin Killawala.

3D modeling spirituality

Benefits of 3d Modeling in Architectural Presentations

3D designing is a process by which designers, engineers and modelers use a 3D modeling program to produce a 3D model of an item. The item can then be viewed and considered in the virtual 3D space before any money is spent on actually making the item.

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People use this process to create a final prototype of a product without then creating any intermediate real world prototype. Designers also use 3D design for house designs or room decors that can then be easily changed for the client.

The term “3D architecture” refers to the virtual models used to visualize a building or similar structure that doesn’t physically exist. Architects and engineers (as well as, increasingly, those without specialized training in design) are using these to build three-dimensional architectural models.

As suggested by the increasing number of Internet applets (small, targeted applications) for creating such models, average people are designing rooms and even entire houses and landscapes in 3D.

Although these applets don’t have the tools for finely detailing a structure, they fulfill their intended purpose: to help people turn their ideas into realities.

In fact customers purchase the property based on the models alone, justifying the importance of creating accurate and concise 3D models, which can be rendered in the form of a tour of the unit. If done with conventional methods, architectural design and planning require many man-hours to produce useful construction documents.

To survive in today’s competitive environment it is important to deliver quality outputs within demanding budget and time. Using Computer Aided Design and 3D Modeling techniques you can save abundance time and efforts while generating useful 2D drawings and 3D models to satisfy your construction documentation and promotion needs.

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Benefits of Architectural 3D modeling include:

    • Check for errors that might occur in the drawing process
    • Better visualization for all types of buildings
    • Better insight to surface patterns of Kitchen, Bathrooms, Offices, etc
    • Generate architectural walkthroughs & virtual tours
    • Efficient marketing and promotional tools for advertising
    • Renderings with Custom interior or furniture
    • Minimum errors/revisions in Design and RFIs
    • Improved coordination among architects, engineers and contractor
    • Optimum use of materials
    • Lower project costs

In the present globalization modern building requires fabulous interior and exterior looks. projects of interior and exterior decoration are heavily depend upon the most popular technology architectural 3D modeling and 3D rendering that can be supplied by the contractor or builders to professional architectural firms.

These details allow you to view your future building before it is built and also help to make cost estimation. Using 3D modeling and 3D rendering you can get exact idea about your all building components.

In Last many years 3D modeling and 3D rendering have got significant growth in the Architectural industry due to need of faster infrastructure development.

So both techniques are become most popular term for outsourcing. Many of architectural firms are offering exceptional solutions for 3D modeling and you are wise enough to choose proper one.