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What is the density of petrol?

0.77 kg/L
The density of petrol ranges from 0.71–0.77 kg/L (719.7 kg/m3 ; 0.026 lb/in3; 6.073 lb/US gal; 7.29 lb/imp gal), higher densities having a greater volume of aromatics. Since petrol floats on water, water cannot generally be used to extinguish a petrol fire unless used in a fine mist.
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Mahindra Mini Xylo is a vehicle for all the occasions

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Every one has particular taste in life and this applies to the cars as well. Not everybody has the same requirements and choice in terms of the cars they want as well. Mahindra too is looking to cater to a particular segment of audience with the same philosophy in mind. The company is planning to come up with a car that caters to an audience who not only want to own a car but also want to have the occasional hilt with the speed. The Mahindra is about introduce a mini version of the xylo that will not only suit the family audience but also for odd off road escapades. The car is expected to create a new space in the market with its entry level price for a SUV and also give a new option for the family buyer. The car though being a trimmed down version of the Xylo will still hold the same strong and bulky nature of the standard xylo.


The car can easily seat up to five people compared to eight people in the standard xylo version. The eight seater car had five doors for an easy entry and exit while the mini version might not have the same large finesse it will still hold its stead with some compact and neat features. The car is also expected to have some of the most common features like the central locking system for safety and prevent any un warranted entry into the car.


The mini is also expected to have some comfort features like the power windows which is once again a common sight in most of the cars these days. However, what separate the mini xylo from the rest of the pack are the interior features and the build quality. The car like a typical suv will adorn a muscular and stud look to it.


Like most of the suvs, the mini xylo too can be used like a multi purpose car for the usual transportation and for any heavy load work as well. Mahindra has always been considered good for both the purposes. More so the car is specially suited for small business purposes and for the big Indian parivar during their festive purchases. The car is ever ready like your friendly neighbourhood transporter for most occasions and situations.


The complete range of the xylo variant includes the Mahindra Xylo E-4, Mahindra Mini Xylo Hatch and Mahindra Xylo mHawk, each with some specific feature. All the cars though born of the same platform are specifically built for a unique purpose. So when you are going out to buy your new xylo make sure you do some research work on the kind of Mahindra Xylo that will suit you and off course the prices as well. The car prices vary on the features, the build quality and the market positioning.


One of the hall marks of the Mahindra Xylo range has been the mileage they provide along with some raw power. The car gives a better average mileage compared to most of the suvs in the market. Truly, the mahindra mini xylo is a vehicle for all the occasions.

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Honda Brio Automatic Gear Variant Ready for India

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Honda Brio just got more comfortable with the launch of an automatic gear variant of the hatchback in the coming weeks. Prospective hatchback car owners now have the luxury of choosing from three automatic gear cars with the likes of Hyundai i10 and the Maruti Suzuki A-Star as well.


The engine of the new variant of the Brio will still be the same 1.2-litre i-VTEC engine that powers the manual car. The four-speed automatic will be a rip off the highly popular Honda City five-speed torque converter. However it is highly unlikely that the five-speed gear will also be a part of the Honda Brio.


The pinch however might be that the high tech feature could only be available for the top-end variant, but going by Honda’s penchant for surprises we could get the optional AT for the mid-level variant as well. The Brio is one of the better cars in the segment and the AT will make it even more practical for urban use.


Coincidentally the launch of the auto gear will mark the first anniversary of the Brio going on sale, so it will also be the right time for Honda to introduce a few more features on the Brio.


The 1.2-litre i-VTEC from the Brio also runs on the Honda Jazz, which has already proven its might. This means Honda could double surprise us with the launch of an automatic transmission for the Jazz in the not so distant future as well. A four-speed automatic would be great for city use, although with the Jazz’s extra bulk a five-speed like the one from the Honda City will make it complete. Either way, it will have to think very hard on what the Jazz’s automatic variant’s pricing should be.


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Honda Jazz Car Is Music to Your Ears

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In one word the Jazz is astoundingly spacious for a little car. Do not let the exteriors fool you. The exteriors do not really do justice to the large interior space inside this little car. This enormous space is because of Honda’s ‘Super Forward Form’. A concept where the car’s overall packaging mainly revolves around maximum space utilization.

In the case of Jazz the bonnet is like any other MPV. You will not find any transmission tunnel to the fuel tank. The tank is mounted under the front seats which releases a massive amount of space in the car. Honda has also done a commendable job on the interiors. The materials used, the way it is put together, choice of colours and the upholstery all are very neatly tucked in.

The car has ten cup holders. There is so much space in the car that you might even a need a map to find where you put what. In fact one cannot help wonder who would need so much space. The seats themselves are comfortable; the driving controls are laid out nicely. The inside does make up for an enjoyable experience. The music system is just about ok.

The engine itself is a 16 valve, 1198 cc, four cylinder that manages to make 90 break horse power. The car also meets the Euro four norms. The car is not a power horse but it is not a dead horse either when the engine is at low. In fact the engine relishes when you throttle it a bit. Once the engine is spinning you get to see the car in its true elements. As usual the gear shifts are smooth, the suspension is well tested and with a decent wheel base the car does make it presence felt on the road. It absorbs most of the bumps. The handling quality is very likeable too. The entire car reacts well to the steering commands. The electric power assistance helps maintain fuel economy.

All the variants come with airbags, disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the back. The car has also successfully grabbed the five star for crash safety at the Euro NCAP test. The car also worked on the eco friendliness by using fewer hazardous materials like ice cream, pork fat, cadmium etc.

The basic variant starts from a price range of Rs 6.98 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. But do not get fooled by the base variant tag, the car has all the safety elements. The next version called the Active costs 7.28 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi.

The Jazz is expensive but it offers significant value for your money. Also one must not forgot the huge warranty coverage that is up to four years or 80,000 km. With Honda’s excellent service quality levels the only thing that Honda must ensure is to get the people in the show room and try out the car. This is one area where Honda has never had any trouble getting sorted.

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Honda Brio Is a Value for Money Car

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Honda Brio is ready to rule the sales charts. At least that seems to be the notion behind Honda’s new creation. The Honda Brio is the cheapest car from the company in India. It will be cheaper than the Honda Jazz. The Honda Brio is pitted against the likes of the Maruti Swift.

The Honda Brio looks a generation above than the present lot. The curves are a never seen before, the car has a stance to reckon with. Over all it is a sporty and compact car giving it an appealing nature.

Compared to the other compact cars the Honda Brio is smaller in size. This could possibly be a cause of concern which makes the car look below par its class. The most striking feature of the car is the entire packaging it comes in. It has a 1.2 litre motor, the dashboard is not very deep and most of the focus seems to have gone on the making the best space utilization.

As a compact car the Honda Brio has hit all the right nodes in the fuel, performance and stability department. The car is ultra low weight with just 925 kgs. The strength is bolstered with high quality steel and reinforcements at vulnerable areas. The suspension takes the entire load and is springy and lively even at the worst stretch of roads.

The engine is same as the Honda Jazz and delivers up to 88bhp. The interiors are not up to the likes of the Jazz or the Vista, but it does surprise you to an extent when compared to its compact exteriors.The back seats are comfortable as well. The Honda Brio has good arm and leg space for the occupants. In fact a person of even six feet height can easily sit at the back in this compact car.

The Honda Brio is a compact car but not a cheap car. The Honda Brio is not embedded with jewels of higher end cars but at the same time it is not stuffed with low cost materials to save costs. When compared to the low cost materials available in the Toyota Etios Liva the Honda Brio does not come with the same cheap feel to it.

The actual cost savings comes in the form of no adjustable driver’s seat, lack of parcel tray at the back, no music player options, no rear demister, which does pinch you a bit. The boot is also on the smaller side but Honda has done enough for the maximum utilization of its luggage area.

The gear transmission as usual needs no introduction from Honda. The engine too is also smooth and nice for a decent run around but it wrangles at higher engine speeds.


In short the Honda Brio is spacious for a compact car. Does not look cheap for a compact car, pretty comfortable with good looks, decent engine and a good fuel economy it has all the right nodes to become a successful compact car. The Honda Brio does look worth its price at Rs 4.3 lakh making it a value for money.

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Tata Merlin Car Review Price and Specifications

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Tata Merlin India: After the huge success of the Tata Safari SUV, the company is all set to replicate the same fervor with the launch of a revamped Tata Safari renamed as the Tata Merlin. In fact the speculations regarding the car had begun doing rounds from the last two years. However until recently not much was known about the car. Recently the Tata Merlin India has been caught during several test rides and the company too has buckled under pressure to reveal the launch of the car which is expected to be in a matter of few weeks as you read this review.

Tata Merlin Exteriors:

The Tata Merlin is nothing like the old Safari. The car has a no nonsense design and has no attitude to its looks. The car has a got a studded front which is one of the most common sights these days. The L shaped projector head lights have a neat flat appearance and voluptuous at the right areas. The Tata Merlin seems to be heavily swept off by the Range Rover style and the body color bumpers give some relief from the copied look. The fog lamps are almost ready to attack situated on the bumpers. The whole appearance is carried with grace by a 5 spoke alloy wheels.

The sides have body color door knobs. The ORVMs are also attached with indicators. Power windows are a compulsion in both sides of the Tata Merlin. Remote fuel filler, keyless entry and the tinted glass all add to the gorgeous name of Merlin and off course not to forget the panoramic top for some cool breeze.

Tata Merlin Interiors:

The Tata Merlin interiors will surely stand up to its name and is also expected to outdo the outgoing Safari. The Merlin will easily carry seven people inside the cabin. The car will have complete electronic switches, new meter dials, tachometre, two trip meter and white back light dial and arm rest for the driver. The dual AC vents will come with a climate control on the dashboard. The car will also have good high quality upholstery for the interior cabin. While the footrests for the last row seats are retractable the folding options for the rear seats are absent.

The driver’s will have to make them self’s comfortable with the manual seat adjustment. The gear box will be a manual transmission with five speed options. The steering wheel will also have some mounted controls for making your driving easy. Over all the Merlin will surely be better in terms of the package and comfort compared to the Safari.

Tata Merlin Ride and Handling:

The Tata Merlin will be equipped with solid braking system to ensure total road control even during off roading escapades. The front section of the car will have the ventilated brakes while the rear wheels will be controlled by the disk brakes to decelerate the SUV in quick time during any type of emergency road situations.

Tata Merlin Specifications

The Tata Merlin Specifications come with a 2.2 litre DiCOR diesel powered engine. The engine will be of 2179cc capacity and power up to a maximum of 140 bhp at 4000 rpm. The car also delivers 320 Nm at 1700 rpm. The Tata Merlin Specifications for the tyre size dimension will be up to 235/70 R16 105S and will have a ground clearance of 195 mm. The Tata Merlin Specifications will length around 4650 mm while its width is 1918 mm with a height of 1925 mm. Tata Merlin Specifications reveal that the car would be lighter than the Tata Safari making it more fuel economic. The Tata Merlin Specifications for the fuel tank will be 65 litre and have a kerb weight of 2040 kg.

Tata Merlin Ex-showroom Price:

The Tata Merlin Price as per the variants

– Tata Merlin Price GX 4×2 – Rs. 12,00,000.00
– Tata Merlin Price GX 4×4 – Rs. 13,00,000.00
– Tata Merlin Price VX 4×2 – Rs. 14,00,000.00
– Tata Merlin Price VX 4×4 – Rs. 15,00,000.00

The Tata Merlin price will cost more than the outgoing models of Tata Safari, it will be priced between 12 lakh rupees to 15 lakh rupees.

Tata Merlin Competitors

The Tata Merlin India is expected to rub shoulders with the likes of other SUV’s like Hyundai Santa Fe, Honda CRV and the Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra xuv500, Ford Endeavour and Toyota Innova etc.

Tata Merlin Mileage

The Tata Merlin like most of its other contemporaries will drive about 11 km / litre in city while it gives 15 km / litre on highways.

Tata Merlin Safety features

The Tata Merlin India is expected to come with remote central locking system to ensure un-wanted entry into the cars. It will also have Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) with Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) technology to give you total control in case of emergency braking and helps you stay on the road. On the passive safety list the car will likely come with parking sensors to assist the parking of vehicle at the right space. The addition of fog lamps gives you good visibility even during poor light or weather conditions which are believed to be added along with traction control.

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The New Look Hyundai Verna Fluidic Car

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The new Hyundai Verna fluidic has sure come a long way from its predecessors. This latest Verna is the seventh avatar and is totally different from the rest of the pack. The chassis is seriously stronger and has been made in stringent accordance with the European and US standards.

This new look Verna has a sporty fluid sculpt that gives it the name. The fluid shape is a combination of sharp sculpting and crease patterns on the exterior. The inside of the car is not as impressive as the outside but has a decent looking dashboard. The gear transmission flows smoothly and the high end model will have a fully auto transmission. The storage space though could have been spared a bit of space.

The seats are out right comfortable and there is enough space for the legs including at the back. The seats are a bit too low and this kind of hinges the thigh support. Even corner of the seats are rounded off with stuffing adding to lack of thigh space. In spite of the huge leg room the journey is not as comfortable because of the lack of thigh support.

The Verna will be available in petrol and diesel version. The engines however will be different from the previous editions. The Verna will sport Gamma petrol and U2 diesel motors. The petrol will be of 1.4 litre capacity while the diesel will be of 1.6 litre capacity. The diesel beats the petrol hands down with a horse power for 126.

The Verna Gamma petrol motor comes with sixteen valves with continuous variable valve timing. This ensures that there is a healthy output of power and torque.

The petrol engines with auto gear option come to idle pretty quietly. The initial pick up also is pretty nippy for an auto gear. Engine response at low revs is pretty good. If you step on the gas the Gamma engine fades quite quickly. The medium range speed is adequate but at high speeds, the motor struggles to keep up with the paces and starts to rattle and feels strained.

The suspension hardly gets tested on the long, smooth and arrow straight roads. Even the steering is at pretty ease and does not need much handling. The Verna has a good presence and the long wheelbase gave it a composure that promises to make it a good long distance cruiser. The strong crosswinds can unsettle the car. Its true test though will be on Indian roads though. The steering is quite light but still had pretty good feel around the centre position but it does not weight up consistently and at times feels disconnected from the road. This should not bother typical owners who will be looking for an effortless steering and light controls for an easy commute.

The new Verna is miles ahead of its predecessor, blends practicality, quality and value in a package that is more up market and stylish than before and is good enough to disrupt the established order of the City and Vento.

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Mercedes Benz GL Class Grand Edition Review and Specifications

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The new GL Class Grand Edition Mercedes-Benz presents the characteristics of the release of Grand’s high-tech convenience and comfort, which is equivalent to a luxury limousine. The special model Grand Edition also offers a range of new high quality equipment and is available for all engines in the GL-Class line-up.

Dark-colored lights, grille, black air flow, shiny new redesigned front bumper with integrated LED daytime running lights to determine the specific model. Alloy metallic gray in the Himalayas – high gloss finish option also available – add more exclusivity.

Strong engine specifications:
The latest V6 diesel engine technology which is equipped with PARKTRONIC and a machine is available. GL 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC highly efficient use of SCR exhaust, performance of 155 kW (211 hp) and maximum torque of 540 Nm at 1,600 rpm. On average, this is the engine oil consumption of 9.0 liters per 100 kilometers. The GL 350 CDI 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY V6 engine power of 195 kW (265 hp) and 620 Nm of torque. Consumes 8.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

The high-volume model of a V8 gasoline engine in the EU 5 emission. 5.5-liter V8 engine in the GL 285 the output of 500 kW (388 hp) and 530 Nm of torque. At 6.5 seconds to accelerate time to stop 100 km / h is almost worthy of a sports car. The GL450 V8 petrol engine capacity to 4.6 liters, power 250 kW (340 hp) and generates a maximum torque of 460 Nm. It takes 7.2 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km / h

Transmission of Grand Edition Feature:
The innovative 4MATIC all-wheel drive, air suspension AIRMATIC series, Direct-Steer accurate and the ADS Adaptive Damping System, which is also standard in the management of the GL-Class Commander impressive, ensuring excellent driveability, along with a excellent active safety. While cuts an impressive GL data on the asphalt, this is a real terrain data. Modifying the suspension system AIRMATIC allows maximum ground clearance of 307 mm.

GL-Class interior with seating for seven passengers comfortably in a very wide, which is expected in a luxury Mercedes-Benz – in this case is similar to the S-Class.

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Tata Aria Car Price Review and Specifications

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The Tata Aria is a comfort and effort machine. Unlike any of its previous cars this baby here is a class apart. If you have driven the Safari and then the Aria, you will understand the weight of the previous statement. The acceleration is really up there considering the machine weighs over 2.5 tons and the refinement is equally excellent. The heavy beast clocks a sleek 60 kilometers per hour in 6 seconds and 100 at a fair 15.8 seconds. This only goes to prove that it is a class apart.

Finally one can say that Tata has come a long way. The Aria barely whispers even at high speeds or for that matter even when you are coming to stand still. It barely makes a squeak. Irrespective of the road conditions the car absolutely makes no bleeps or rattles either from the shock absorbers.

Tata Aria Exterior and Interior: With a Solid body and frame construction this rugged and mean machine is ready to reckon with. Such strong body coupled with next generation styling right from the front, the Aria is sure to street grab a fair share for the good looks and street presence. The interiors are a heaven to be. Comfortably seating up to five passengers in the front two rows and the quality upholstery with the wooden bits are of top notch.

Engine: The Tata Aria has the engine from the Tata Safari with a 2.2 liter diesel motor which gives a horse power of 140 and a massive torque of 320. These numbers are enough to hit the 100 speed mark in 16 seconds. This is a couple faster than the Toyota considering its weight. The smaller engine glistens with modern innovation and posts acceleration figures of 170 top speed. This easily encompasses the Innova on all counts. The brakes are ventilated discs at the front and solid discs at the rear. The mileage is a double digit 10.9 kilometers per liter on the streets which is again excellent, though I suspect the 18.3 on the highways. Over all the mileage of 14.6 for a four wheel giant is truly unbelievable. The driver comforts are well sorted. The gigantic wheels just crush anything in its path.

Meanwhile on the inside it is as soft as a feather. Hardly does one feels uneasy even after sitting for a few hours in the seat. The seats are sure shot box office hit. While auto scribes always scribed about the Tata’s handling, when it comes to the Aria this one has sure put a cap to their pens. A definite leap from the Safari, the Aria does roll a bit when leaned into the corners but not as much as the Innova with the huge size.

Aria Design: Tata says that it is not just a factory output, but a well thought out creation with a very competitive package. With some first time safety measures with all terrain capabilities it is more than just a locomotive.

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Hyundai Verna Fluidic Car Review and Specifications

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Previously a cheap, sustainable and pragmatic car option was to go for the Japanese auto brands. Lately Hyundai has brought some relief to customers looking for a value buy. Hyundai has really taken the Indian market by storm with its huge plan and has a sensitive understanding of the domestic audience. Most importantly it recognizes the opportunities in the Indian market. The records speak for themselves.

Currently they are the second largest car makers in India. With six variants on the road they sure seem to be on the right track. Now that they are on the right track, Hyundai is moving ahead with the Verna. The Verna is available in eight variants with both petrol and diesel versions. It also has two high end models with extra features which is optional.

The New Hyundai Verna is the latest from Hyundai in the C plus class. With a fluid sculpt, this car sports both a comfortable and racy look. Surely Hyundai is in no mood to give up its market share and is only going from strength to strength. This babe is loaded with all the nice packages like safety, sleekness and high end features. Surely one will have their hands full with this darling.

As per road tests done the Verna’s mileage differ from each model but experts agree on a common figure of 17.43 kilometers per liter which is actually a decent number with a tank capacity of up to 43 liters. It also has an ideal drive mode which helps in getting the maximum mileage under ideal conditions.

Engine: The engine gives a total power of up to 5,500 rpm and maximum torque of 14.9. The Verna is equipped with 1.6 Liter 1599 cc with five speed manual gear box reaching a top speed of 195 km per hour and that too with no vibration. Now that is some performance.

Colors: Hyundai Verna Fluidic is available in six vibrant colors that are blushing red, crystal white, stone black, sleek silver, champagne gold and Deep Ocean blue.

Exterior: The new Hyundai Verna is surprisingly sporty with big headlights, the trademark hexagonal grille, L shaped fog lamps with jaw shaped chin. The Verna also slims down at waist line along the length of the car with stylish mirrors and built in turn lights. The chrome door handles and alloy wheels also complement the sporty look. Finally the eye catchy look is further enhanced with wrap around tail lamps on the bumper giving the appearance of seething red eyes.

Interior: Technology and style is a rare combination, especially till now as Hyundai is known for only delivering technology in its cars. The pinch of style surely comes as surprise. The car has dual toned dashboard and like the popular i20. It lets you adjust the height of the steering. It has a V shaped console, with built in music player, climate control and air purifier. The leather finishing gives a comfortable driving experience even during long escapades.

Handling and Safety: The braking system ensures complete safety of the occupants in all the variants. It has front disk brakes and rear drum brakes. It also has six air bags built in ensuring complete safety for both front and rear occupants and comes along with seat belts too. While the handling offers light steering, good grip it also offers easy to park and handling controls with features like reverse parking sensors, reverse camera, folding mirrors.