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Tata Merlin Car Review Price and Specifications

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Tata Merlin India: After the huge success of the Tata Safari SUV, the company is all set to replicate the same fervor with the launch of a revamped Tata Safari renamed as the Tata Merlin. In fact the speculations regarding the car had begun doing rounds from the last two years. However until recently not much was known about the car. Recently the Tata Merlin India has been caught during several test rides and the company too has buckled under pressure to reveal the launch of the car which is expected to be in a matter of few weeks as you read this review.

Tata Merlin Exteriors:

The Tata Merlin is nothing like the old Safari. The car has a no nonsense design and has no attitude to its looks. The car has a got a studded front which is one of the most common sights these days. The L shaped projector head lights have a neat flat appearance and voluptuous at the right areas. The Tata Merlin seems to be heavily swept off by the Range Rover style and the body color bumpers give some relief from the copied look. The fog lamps are almost ready to attack situated on the bumpers. The whole appearance is carried with grace by a 5 spoke alloy wheels.

The sides have body color door knobs. The ORVMs are also attached with indicators. Power windows are a compulsion in both sides of the Tata Merlin. Remote fuel filler, keyless entry and the tinted glass all add to the gorgeous name of Merlin and off course not to forget the panoramic top for some cool breeze.

Tata Merlin Interiors:

The Tata Merlin interiors will surely stand up to its name and is also expected to outdo the outgoing Safari. The Merlin will easily carry seven people inside the cabin. The car will have complete electronic switches, new meter dials, tachometre, two trip meter and white back light dial and arm rest for the driver. The dual AC vents will come with a climate control on the dashboard. The car will also have good high quality upholstery for the interior cabin. While the footrests for the last row seats are retractable the folding options for the rear seats are absent.

The driver’s will have to make them self’s comfortable with the manual seat adjustment. The gear box will be a manual transmission with five speed options. The steering wheel will also have some mounted controls for making your driving easy. Over all the Merlin will surely be better in terms of the package and comfort compared to the Safari.

Tata Merlin Ride and Handling:

The Tata Merlin will be equipped with solid braking system to ensure total road control even during off roading escapades. The front section of the car will have the ventilated brakes while the rear wheels will be controlled by the disk brakes to decelerate the SUV in quick time during any type of emergency road situations.

Tata Merlin Specifications

The Tata Merlin Specifications come with a 2.2 litre DiCOR diesel powered engine. The engine will be of 2179cc capacity and power up to a maximum of 140 bhp at 4000 rpm. The car also delivers 320 Nm at 1700 rpm. The Tata Merlin Specifications for the tyre size dimension will be up to 235/70 R16 105S and will have a ground clearance of 195 mm. The Tata Merlin Specifications will length around 4650 mm while its width is 1918 mm with a height of 1925 mm. Tata Merlin Specifications reveal that the car would be lighter than the Tata Safari making it more fuel economic. The Tata Merlin Specifications for the fuel tank will be 65 litre and have a kerb weight of 2040 kg.

Tata Merlin Ex-showroom Price:

The Tata Merlin Price as per the variants

– Tata Merlin Price GX 4×2 – Rs. 12,00,000.00
– Tata Merlin Price GX 4×4 – Rs. 13,00,000.00
– Tata Merlin Price VX 4×2 – Rs. 14,00,000.00
– Tata Merlin Price VX 4×4 – Rs. 15,00,000.00

The Tata Merlin price will cost more than the outgoing models of Tata Safari, it will be priced between 12 lakh rupees to 15 lakh rupees.

Tata Merlin Competitors

The Tata Merlin India is expected to rub shoulders with the likes of other SUV’s like Hyundai Santa Fe, Honda CRV and the Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra xuv500, Ford Endeavour and Toyota Innova etc.

Tata Merlin Mileage

The Tata Merlin like most of its other contemporaries will drive about 11 km / litre in city while it gives 15 km / litre on highways.

Tata Merlin Safety features

The Tata Merlin India is expected to come with remote central locking system to ensure un-wanted entry into the cars. It will also have Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) with Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) technology to give you total control in case of emergency braking and helps you stay on the road. On the passive safety list the car will likely come with parking sensors to assist the parking of vehicle at the right space. The addition of fog lamps gives you good visibility even during poor light or weather conditions which are believed to be added along with traction control.

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Tata Aria Car Price Review and Specifications

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The Tata Aria is a comfort and effort machine. Unlike any of its previous cars this baby here is a class apart. If you have driven the Safari and then the Aria, you will understand the weight of the previous statement. The acceleration is really up there considering the machine weighs over 2.5 tons and the refinement is equally excellent. The heavy beast clocks a sleek 60 kilometers per hour in 6 seconds and 100 at a fair 15.8 seconds. This only goes to prove that it is a class apart.

Finally one can say that Tata has come a long way. The Aria barely whispers even at high speeds or for that matter even when you are coming to stand still. It barely makes a squeak. Irrespective of the road conditions the car absolutely makes no bleeps or rattles either from the shock absorbers.

Tata Aria Exterior and Interior: With a Solid body and frame construction this rugged and mean machine is ready to reckon with. Such strong body coupled with next generation styling right from the front, the Aria is sure to street grab a fair share for the good looks and street presence. The interiors are a heaven to be. Comfortably seating up to five passengers in the front two rows and the quality upholstery with the wooden bits are of top notch.

Engine: The Tata Aria has the engine from the Tata Safari with a 2.2 liter diesel motor which gives a horse power of 140 and a massive torque of 320. These numbers are enough to hit the 100 speed mark in 16 seconds. This is a couple faster than the Toyota considering its weight. The smaller engine glistens with modern innovation and posts acceleration figures of 170 top speed. This easily encompasses the Innova on all counts. The brakes are ventilated discs at the front and solid discs at the rear. The mileage is a double digit 10.9 kilometers per liter on the streets which is again excellent, though I suspect the 18.3 on the highways. Over all the mileage of 14.6 for a four wheel giant is truly unbelievable. The driver comforts are well sorted. The gigantic wheels just crush anything in its path.

Meanwhile on the inside it is as soft as a feather. Hardly does one feels uneasy even after sitting for a few hours in the seat. The seats are sure shot box office hit. While auto scribes always scribed about the Tata’s handling, when it comes to the Aria this one has sure put a cap to their pens. A definite leap from the Safari, the Aria does roll a bit when leaned into the corners but not as much as the Innova with the huge size.

Aria Design: Tata says that it is not just a factory output, but a well thought out creation with a very competitive package. With some first time safety measures with all terrain capabilities it is more than just a locomotive.

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Tata Aria Looks, Price and Specifications

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The Tata Aria looks reveal that the exterior design of this vehicle is very much skewed. Indian reviewers have reported it as very attractive. It looks unmistakably a Tata. The Aria is spacious on the inside as is expected from a big crossover. The dashboard is also very contemporary, loaded with features and good looking.

The Tata Aria car looks a sure competitor to the likes of the Toyota Innova and is much better in terms of design, styling, exterior, interiors and safety features.

Tata Aria Specifications

The Tata Aria India not only looks right but also has right proportions.
The Tata Aria Specifications is it is a seven seater multi utility vehicle and features the latest 2179cc DiCOR 4 valve DOHC diesel engine. The Tata Aria Specifications with regard to the length is 4780mm, width is 1895mm and height is 1780mm. Tata Aria India has a seating capacity of seven passengers and all the occupants will be in for a soothing ride. The Tata Aria has a big wheelbase of 2850mm and the ground clearance is neat 200mm which also makes for a great off roading experience.

Tata Aria Price

The Tata Aria price starts from the range of Rs 12.91lakh for the base and goes up to Rs 15.5lakh for the high end version. The Tata Aria India is high on features but for a Tata brand the crossover some might believe is priced on the higher side.

Here are the Ex-showroom Tata Aria Prices (Delhi)

Pleasure: Rs 12.91 lakh (Fabric upholstery)

Prestige: Rs 14.13 lakh (Fabric upholstery)

Prestige: Rs 14.5 lakh (Leather upholstery)

Pride: Rs 15.5 lakh (Leather upholstery)

Tata Aria On Road Price includes logistics (shipping & handling) & number plate charge and other charges which the dealer may apply.

With an attractive price tag expected to be between Rs5 to Rs7 lakhs and Toyota’s reputation sure makes this car a hot buy.