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Permanent Easiest Natural Home Remedy for Any Acne

I m not saying this has to work for everyone.

Ive had pimples since age of 12.

Severe acne, i was underweight.

Lot of pollution in India.

I used to eat any thing.

I tried allopathy, homepathy, ayurveda, diet, fasting everything.

In short had acne on whole body on back, face, hands i had acne.

I could not have a normal life.

Could not play, not go in sun.

Used to prick.

But i never gave up, i tried beef and pork. Point i tried all.

Searched internet.

So from age of 12 i never gave up on acne not because i did not want to but as i said i could not go out.

One day, money to buy my homeopathy medicines.

I was fed up.

I saw turmeric at my home.
Yes just a took it, made paste.
Put it on few spots on my acne.

Trust its an experience.
I see the pimple were getting zapped in few hours.

Slowly put them overnight.
In a matter of few months.
Yes just apply turmeric, preferrably “kasturi turmeric”.

This is mild, doesnt leave yellow stain on skin.

You bathe in soap later, it does off.

Just apply turmeric on your acne.
Apply howmuchever you feel is adequate.

Leave it for 2 hours.
Or again your choice.

In short, turmeric is natural ingedient. Zero side effects.

Just apply wherever you want.
Apply a little extra always. Yes, no problems.

After you are cured you can just apply before bath.
That will do.

Now i am completely cured.

You can say i had 3rd degree acne.

Yes, that’s how severe it was that too for more than 20 years.

I am 33 now.

Later i replaced my soap and shampoo also.

I just make a paste and rinse my body with any natural ingredient.

Like rice paste, sandal paste, turmeric paste, fuller’s earth.

Occasionally i use salt. Just lightly scrub salt on my body. Rinse.
Vow trust me 90 days.

Mostly i use paste of rice batter, or chicpea powder.

Its just knack of how you bath in them.

Dont feel its dirty or messy.

Its a art.

Just make a cup full of paste.
Wet your body and apply the paste and rinse with your hands.

No need to scrub as well coz the paste are like granules. Gives scrub feel.

Yes they kill germs. How?
You apply on body. Remember skun is like leather. See skin images in micrscope or Google.

So this paste sticks to your skin.

You rinse it.

The germs, dead skin, oil all are washed off.

Best part no side effects on skin.

Life long skin will never get wrinkles. Becoz they are natural items which also nourish your skin.

I apply for my hair the same thing.

For fragrance like, just a drop of essence oil in bath water or the paste, Done.

Trust me no loss of moisture in skin.

In fact, that water can be again used in gardening.

Or you can bathe in rivers also coz these natural ingredients dont pollute river. Get it.

You can use baking soda also. As i said for smell put essence oil drops.

Trust me ninety days. Any skin problem will be gone.

Eat whatever, play wherever.

In fact this is what people used before soaps came on earth.

Man came atleast say 5000 years on earth.

So tell me soaps, shampoo came only last 300 years, max.

Get it.
Anyway as i said no side effects, so try.
Best part bathing, skincare will be almost just few minutes work daily.

No need to worry.

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Which shampoo brand is mildly available in India?

I know why you are asking this. I will tell you a secret, ask a few dermatologist. They will all tell use any shampoo, but do not apply directly on scalp. Yes, on deeper inspection, you will be told mix equal amount of water and use the shampoo diluted. There you go, made it mild.

Good thing is now you have more foam, still don’t believe. Okay try applying shampoo and rinse on your car or bike. Now mix water with shampoo and apply and rinse. See which one gives you more foam. The shampoo mixed with water and applied on car will give more foam. Especially considering that we only have hard water in most parts, and finally your hair will be soft and slightly oily, which is actually natural texture of hair. Yes, hair should have some oil left in it to prevent breakages, dry, dandruff etc.

So make it mild yourself and share this with your friends.

Although i completely recommend not to use Shampoo.
use only natural ingredients, i mean what were our ancestors using 100 years back in India. Shampoos…ha….Google it, ask your Granny or someone. Not only will you less pollute water but all your problems will be solved. Yes, be a little patient and use them for a few months but trust me your hair will be back the way your ancestors had it or atleast it will not get any worse. Atleast, you will give it the best chance to make a comeback in some cases.

The rest of things like hormones, DHT, over testosterone is all crap. If that is case, you should lose your facial hair, and body hair as well right…Think..Trust me go back the good old way.

Why dont we get it. Are humans borne out of chemicals, plastic. Then how do expect chemicals – synthetics will suit us. You might know the results now, but surely if not now, the future generations will get to know the effects of chemicals on human body. I know, i have been using and scientifically lit bit of chemicals are no harm to us. Okay, but as i said humans are not made of chemicals.

I mean no animals have hair problems (offcourse sick animals etc have hair fall but overall are animals bald?). Just look around most males today and even girls just at the age of 25 itself find receding hairline. Think..

Do not blame AC, stress, dust, pollution,etc. they are all just minor or pushing causes. Not major.

I mean when was the last time you saw a bald beggar…did you get it..dust, diet, pollution…crap right.. Beggar can’t afford a shampoo…got chemicals…No gels, no hair spray, no styling, no poking unecesarrily, except regular scratching hmm..which again stimulates blood flow..although i suggest you try this at home..what to do..public..public…office…decency..okay..moving on..

offcourse, doesn’t mean chemicals have to affect everybody, it will vary person to person, it can even work wonders for some person. But finally are humans chemicals or natural….Hmm…

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Which organic coconut oil brand is best for baby skin?

Mostly nothing is pure in the market and even if you want its not easy to get it. First understand how pure organic is extracted. Most companies will not follow such elaborate steps, i mean if they did, why dont they show it in their ads.

According to Internet source, Big Oil refinery Companies use “heat pressed” method (heat at 230 degree) for maximum oil production from seeds and nuts.

Some companies use “solvent method” extraction using chemical “hexane” for 100% extraction oil.

Before these oil reach our home, these refined oils are adulterated (mixed with palm oil), neutralized (acidity balanced), bleached (stripped of color) and deodorized (faking natural aroma).

These method of extraction is proven to be toxic and carcinogenic to human society by global scientists.

Which is good for our health?

Traditional method (what our ancestors did ) of oil extraction – Wooden Cold pressed method.

Mostly your friendly neighborhood oil mills follow traditional method of oil extraction – “cold pressed wooden extraction”.

In order to extract oil at low temperature, they use traditional heavy wooden handle called “ghani”.

This method retains anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, good cholesterol which are otherwise degraded by heat-press method.

So easy, cheap and purest way is buy some copras. Give it to the oil mill guy and they will squeeze and extract oil. You will get instant purest organic coconut oil. Try visiting your market, find a oil mill. You will surely get it. Still desperate, set up your own oil mill. It takes less than 30–60k to buy the machinery to extract oil. You can extract any oil (Sesame, groundnut etc) from the same machine.

Most of the Indian brand coconut oil are not pure , If you need Pure cocunut oil you need to buy oils from local vendors who sells their product for living and no for profit. If you take a close look at all the key ingredients in branded coconut oils available in India You will find either PARAFFIN, MINERAL OIL, or related ingredients which are nothing but US KEROZENE, and nowadays we have essence nay esters available for all products in markets( that is chemicals which give you smell and taste of a fruit or vegetable or anything else), and over the years there is an increase in population and decrease in coconut production over the years coconut oil prices has not increased significantly because basically what we gets in market stating coconut oil is nothing but Mineral oil, or crude oil or US Kerozene, essenced with Vitamin E or other chemical flavours.

I strongly suggest you do your own research. If you insist on buying brands.

Still if you dont get anything, buy cooking coconut oil. If you can use and consume them for your tummy, then you can apply for your baby as well. Just buy good brand.

Some brands i found are:

Coconess india


Phalada Pure and Sure

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Khadi coconut oil (lot of similar names like are there with same package, but make sure its the same brand). I just found this information about them. Its upto you, to buy from whom you want. But suggest to read a bit about them. The brand Khadi took form as a part of the freedom struggle to revive village industries, under the leadership and encouragement of Mahatma Gandhi, to provide them with the wherewithal to make their own basic needs for a comfortable life.Today, Khadi conjures a vision of villages that stand independent all over India, as a sincere effort to make villagers wholly self-sufficient.

But again cant guarantee their quality in future. Always read about the company and monitor them. If you find quality is doubtful just stop buying.

You can also get them at home, then here you go…

How to Make Pure Coconut Oil at Home Free of Preservatives and Chemicals

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What should I do? I have a very less density of hair on my scalp, although I do not have a hair fall problem.

Less density if fine. From birth if your hair is not thick, looks thin, straight and hair is having less volume. It’s fine.

Usually curly hair people always look they have more hair.
People with straight hair, even slight hair fall we feel they have so much hairfall.

So if possible see how much hairfall you are getting every day.
Do some gentle combing, never be harsh with hair. Remove all the frizzles in hair and count how much hairfall you have.

If it’s 100–150. It’s fine. It’s just that you are having less hair. Don’t worry. Not everyone has hairline till their temples.

If it’s 150–200 hair fall once in a while it’s fine.

Anything above 200 regularly, say one week, you are slowing starting to lose hair. In fact, in some cases it might have already started.

So you might now have less hair and you think you are having less hair fall.

Don’t worry Confirm yourself, just roughly count fast, how much hairfall you are having for next 7 days or 15 days to be exact.

You will know the truth.

To increase volume of hair, can’t do much. It’s like some people have thick beard and moustache. Some always look young. So as long its not hairfall don’t worry that you have hair that looks less on your head.

Focus on the problem which is hairfall or not, there is only so much we can do to improve appearance.

Even, if i suggest to increase the density of hair, it is not a guarantee it will work.

Plus the time, effort, money is not worth it. Finally, even if you did achieve good hair density it will be tough to maintain over a long period of time.

As i said, my answers to not give miracle cure. It is just to tell you the truth.
I don’t want people wasting their time worrying about hair too much.

You are hungry, what will you do? Do the needful.
Yes, looks are important. So do what you can do with clarity of where this will end. Don’t bother too much is all i can say.

bestashok Answers Hair Loss Natural Treatment Health spirituality

Can you refer any medicine for hair regrowth?

Hair is nothing but dead cells.

In the sense if your sick, first will you think about getting well or getting a bath.

Same your body first uses the food you eat for blood, muscles, bones and other vital organs.

Then to your skin and hair the remaining nutrients. So first you have to good nutritious food to supply nourishment to all parts of body.

So firstly you have to have to eat food on time. Fruits and vegetables should be there in your food. Minimum 40 percent vegetables.

You might say your healthy but hairfall can be a indication of some other problem.

So see what is causing hairfall.

Is it stress, food, or products you are using.

Usually it is one major factory with a combination of factors.

Find the major factor.

If its lifestyle, diet, it will take time. But control is with you.

Remember hairfall dint start suddenly, you dint notice from the start, that’s it. So suddenly even if you use products, no guarantee it will work.

Find cause. If its just food, stress, products hope you read the other answer.

Hair Fall Natural Treatment. No conditions apply

There is no single reason for hairfall and no single product that works. It depends on cause.

Remember hair grows out of your body.

Hairfall is always because lot of factors. Tell me anyone who got temporary hairfall like fever or cold. They took medicine it went off. Then by now we will have hairfall tablets.

At this rate soon that also will come in market like cold, fever tablets.

In any case temporary hairfall will go away like fever and cold, even without medicine. Think. Just take care of your health. Human body is not so fragile.

Animals like bear, other furry animals like dogs unless they are sick or infected you dont see hairfall right. Same, with humans, we are also animals in this environment, remember.

We associate hairfall as a external factor which is wrong. If its external factor, avoid it, hairfall stopped. Then taking care of your hair, anyway most of us know.

Humans have hair since their existence. But hairfall problem started only 15 years back. Before that i hardly heard. 50 years almost never heard of thing.

So we should change us and not trust products or something else.

Either cause is lifestyle, disease or external factor. Find the cause.

bestashok Answers Hair Loss Natural Treatment spirituality

What are the most effective ways to stop hairfall at a young age

First, you have to find out if its chronic or is there a direct cause for your hairfall. Like underlying disease or illness.

Do a health checkup.

If your reports are normal, this will take a bit of time but for your age bit of discipline.

bestashok Answers Hair Loss Natural Treatment Health spirituality

Now that I am 22, my hair starts falling. It might lead to baldness, but I want to stop it until my wedding. How can I do that?

First, you have to find out if its chronic or is there a direct cause for your hairfall. Like underlying disease or illness.

Do a health checkup.

If your reports are normal, then surely it’s a lot of factors like weather, shampoo, chemicals, improper diet, poor lifestyle like late sleep, etc.

This will take a bit of time but for your age bit of discipline and avoiding further damage will show results in 90 days.

First you need to stop immediate damage and nourish your body. Hair is just a part of body. Your beard, moustache and body hair are absolutely fine, right.

So hair on your head will also grow, just give your body the nourishment, rest and stop further damage.

Stop further damage – Yes, right now stop all chemicals, shampoo, conditioner, gel, cigaratte, soft drinks, or even alcohol drinks, even beer or wine, junk food, No hair gel.

Atleast to an extent stop all the things you can stop. PLEASE otherwise no use reading further.

Don’t expose to hot weather/water, try avoiding whenever possible, till your hair gets back to normal. Use only cold water. Not even lukewarm water. Bath in cold water for your head atleast, hair will not get damaged any further.


Use shikakai or reetha, or besan. Make a paste, apply on and scrub, wash. Don’t worry with practice you will know how to clean your hair with these powders.

Even if they get stuck in hair, don’t worry, they are natural products. They will not harm your scalp or hair. It will be nourishing, nothing will happen if left in hair. Might look a bit odd but otherwise fine.

These take care of dandruff, psoriasis, almost all hair diseases. Shikakai is enough.

Better than dandruff hair and going bald. Right.

You can take shower bath, so that all the powder comes off easily from your scalp and hair.

But as i said don’t worry if its stuck in your head.

DON’T PUT PRESSURE at all. It should be like your bathing a new borne baby’s hair. Yes, that’s all.

If possible buy can water, or take filter water from kitchen and bath.

My Mom is still looking for the cat that steals the filter water from kitchen but she doesn’t know that the cat is her own kitten. At least only for head use this water.

Don’t worry that dirt is stuck. Nothing will happen. These ingredients are actually very good germ killers, even if dirt is there in your head, shikakai will kill all the germs.

Still don’t believe, even if one pinch of shikaki goes in your eyes, your eye will be RED and be like that for whole day. It’s so powerful yet so natural and mild on hair. This is nature, you might not realize it.

BUY ONLY NATURAL SHIKAKI POWDER, not M****A SHIKAKAI or any other scented shikaki powders. It must be just shikaki powder, that’s all and smell should be strong. There are adulterated powders.

I suggest you buy the seeds of shikakai and take it your nearest mill.
can do this thrice or half or once a year. Prepare and keep the quantity.

Only thing is it’s so nourishing that say after 6 months, some times worms grow in shikakai powder, besan or reetha powder.

You can make powder of anything sandal, multani etc. But buy pure one’s only.

This is only proof that hair will grow.

The worm knows better.
Shame on us.
The product you buy should allow a life to grow in it, got it.
Think like that.

Put a worm in the world’s best shampoo what will happen. Got the point.
Once in a while shampoo is good, like twice 50 days. That’s it.


Eat fruits, vegetables, pulses. I don’t know what but at least every meal have fruits or vegetables and pulses.

These are what grow your body, rice is carbohydrates.

Only Life will only grow life. Have fruits, vegetables, pulses and dal. At least going forward have 3 fruits a day.

200 gm of any dal.

200 gm of any pulse.

200 gms of any fruit.

Gradually increase quantity, its always better more fruits and vegetables. Just eat raw fruits and vegetables at least. Keep in your bag and keep having.

That’s it. Don’t make it like tough regime to follow. Make it like a routine thing, like having bath, brushing teeth, eating veggies and fruits. Keep it simple.

Otherwise you will not follow for a long period of time.

Remember this is 90 percent of your hair fall routine.

Below is just 10 percent.


I apply oil everyday or whenever i get a chance.
Yes, like how you wear clothes, your hair should always have some cover and nourishment to save from dust, weather, air, pollution heat, cold etc.

Once in a while it’s okay or for someone who has not yet experienced hair fall.

It’s just some people don’t get hairfall, but don’t bother about them. For them shampoo, chemicals nothing will affect. So don’t listen when they or some reports say oil doesn’t have scientific proof for hair growth.

Yes, oil doesn’t improve hair growth but with diet and other things it does impact.

It’s like only going to gym will not help, you have to eat good food and take good rest and care.

Buy only cooking grade oil and apply them.

Don’t buy any hair oil brands.

If oil is edible then it is good for your hair as well. Your hair should get nourishment from the ingredients in the oil. So if your oil is good for stomach then it is good for your hair.

How many hair oil brands are worth drinking? Think?? How do you expect them to grow your hair.

In short run yes, but in long run, most them of will give bad effects. Exceptions are there, not all will affected. So get the picture. I am not against branded hair oils. Just telling the concept.

You can mix these oils or apply and rotate on a daily basis.
trust me, oil your hair everyday.

Why because, oil covers your hair from dust, retains moisture, dust sticks to oil. Plus nourishes and most importantly keeps the head cool.

Then these oil also goes inside your scalp and keeps all the pores open. Which means your follicles are always open and hair will keep growing.

Where does all the oil go in your scalp. Got it.

These oils go inside your scalp, then absorbed by body, into blood, and comes out through faeces or urine.

So any toxins in your body are also removed by these oils.


I KNOW THEY SMELL, BUT it’s all how you manage. I put a few drops of jasmine, sandal etc essence oils to cover the smell.

Vow, NOW They look far better than gel. Only thing is they look a bit sticky, but its okay.
Atleast I have jet black high volume free flowing hair on my head.

I WON’T SUGGEST ANY BRANDS but still if you want, you can buy Kottakkal Nilibhringadi Keratailam (COCONUT OIL) OR the sesame oil version.

Coconut oil version is very cold for the body.

So i suggest go for sesame oil.

Both oil will cause head ache or cold. So start slowly, but in a few days gradually increase quantity.

Don’t bother about smell, as i said put essence oil in them.

Think your applying gel to your hair.

I think this hair oil is enough if you can’t get the oils i said. You can order from Amazon.

You can buy similar oil from other brands but just ensure they are absolutely pure. Because the oil does not have any mineral oil.

I will research and put up some brands in a few days.

But in the long run i don’t want to encourage these things, because sooner or later i know where this ends up.

Always go the nature way, avoid products to maximum extent possible.

I know ayurvedic companies who started good but now they are worse than chemical companies. So avoid dependancy on companies or be sure to look for products, but it is tough to find.

Because if good product comes in market, then no one will have hairfall.

Then sooner or later everyone will stop using all products.

Don’t you get it.

It’s demand and supply.

Why is hairfall company in the world, to do charity or grow your hair. NO.

TO MAKE BUSINESS – their CEO, their brand ambassador, their employees, their sales team etc needs money to make a living. Don’t you get it.

So even if a company is honest, the competition will not allow these things to happen in long run.

There might hardly be just a handful of brands without any chemicals.

Out of 7 days a week, atleast 5 days i put oil. Before headbath, previous night i put plenty of oil and head cap and sleep.

Morning also i put oil before headbath, oil should be dripping, and i bath.

What this does, the water, shikakai removes the dirt but the oil protects the hair.

Initially hair will look bit oily but don’t worry sooner or later you will know how to manage.

It’s just a matter of time. Looking clean is your second target, first target get back your hair, remember.

All this takes hardly 3 minutes a day. Hardly spend less than 300 rupees a month.

Plus life long hair.

Just read again, practice sooner or later you will know what to do. Be patient.

Take a breath, gather what you read, don’t feel negative or impossible. I stay in a city and i am a modern, hip hop rocking youth but proud of my heritage. I just did 2 months of searching. Now i know where i get the products. Start searching. This is the truth and truth has set you free.

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What is this constant chirping sound inside my ear?

It’s called Vata Dosha or defect of Vaayu or air in body.

Yes, little strange to understand but its like some people get gas easily, even if they miss one meal. While Some people they don’t regularly still they have no gas issues.

So this is gastric, it is one form of Vata Dosha. Similary ringing or chirping, or tick-tick sound (don’t laugh) in ears are all Vata Dosha.

I think you will be able to relate better, if i say the symptoms causing the chirping sound is because of these reasons. I am sure you will be exposed to one of these factors. Read below.

I think you should be sleeping late or no fixed sleeping time.

Exposed to cold weather more like AC.

You might not feel cold but always sleeping under fan.

If you are exposed too much wind.

See if temperature is hot body will sweat, why are we averse towards sweat. Cold and Sweat are both body’s of adjusting itself. We should be just a little tolerant.

Unless cold is unbearable or sweat is drenching, we should adjust with environment. Otherwise these things will happen.

Or psychologically if you are person who worries a lot, hyperactive or anxious then Vata Dosha is common. It’s not a big deal.

All you need is to calm a bit. In your case, it should be fine with time.


Just put 2–3 drops of pure good quality edible cooking quality sesame oil, (preferably warm, don’t put too hot or cold) in your ears. Lie down on side for 2 min and then put in other ear as well.

Also you can put in your nose and eyes as well. Just do this for a few days.

Other thing is whenever you put the oil don’t put in cold weather. The sun should be out and you should be in a warm environment.

So like in Summer, i would put the oil in morning itself, because anyway sun will come out and it will be hot by 9 am.

In winter, i will wait till the weather gets warm and then put the oil.

Always put the oil before one hour food or after food.
Don’t drink cold water after putting oil.

Wait till you become normal.

You can keep tissue paper or cotton in ears for 1 hour and the oil would have got sucked by them. I usually keep it for 3 hours, and tear tissue paper, roll it and put them in ears. Excess oil is easily absorbed by tissue. And then i am fine. No cleaning mess as well.

Vata dosha is not a major problem in the starting stage but over period of time it develops into lot of complications like sinus, joint pains, gastric, laziness

So if you follow this remedy you will never get cold, sinus, hair fall, gastric problem etc. These are just some of the benefits of putting oil in ears, nose and eyes.

Yes, hair fall as well because when you put oil in nostrils, you clean your sinus passage and airways. There is increase in oxygen intake by brain.

In a matter of days, you will feel lighter, brighter, sharper. Memory will increase. These are just minor benefits. Your eye sight will be sharp, you will not get dry eyes. Hairfall will NOT be a word in your dictionary.

Once you are fine, you can just put oil twice a week in your ears, nose and eyes.

Ayurveda doesn’t mean always taking remedies as well. Your body should become strong to sustain itself. So reduce the frequency of oil drops gradually.

Winter season always reduce it, only if your nose if blocked or symptoms get aggravated put oil in ears, nose and eyes. But as i said only if the weather is warm.

Today, due to sedantory lifestyle, there is not much blood circulation to the head and so the hairfall. I mean if it was because of water, shampoo, (offcourse gels, chemicals have a impact but if you bath twice or thrice a week, you can apply shampoo, nothing will happen, even if its hard water)

If water, shampoo is the problem, then we should get hairfall on body, beard as well. Get it. Main problem is we are weak. So yes, increasing blood flow to head is enough actually for most hair fall problems.

Offcourse, its better to avoid chemicals, hard water, shampoo or just use them twice a week. Gel an all just use on very very important days. Like 10 times a year, that’s it.

This is enough, no one will get ear pain, sinus, cold, eye problem and hair fall.

This is what our ancestors used to follow.

Yes, this is not magic, this is what our ancestors used to practice and lead their life without hair fall, sinusitis, eye problems.

Just two drops of warm sesame oil in ears, eyes and nose. At least thrice or twice a week. Either one hour before food or after food. And don’t get to exposed to cold for next few minutes.

Never get exposed to cold wind or weather immediately after you put the oil. Your symptoms will get worse.

Don’t worry if your symptoms increase. It is only for a short time.
You should be fine within 10 days. Just stop it for one week, start again. Sooner or later you will be fine.

See the eyes, ears, nose are the most important sense organs.

It’s like your keeping wires(nerves) are being cleaned which leads to your eyes, ears and nose. If the nerves are clean then none of the diseases related to cold, sinusitis, tinnitus, hairfall or eyes will come. Got the logic.

Same concept with oil bath for full body. Got it.