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How SEO Can Benefit Your Online Business – to the point

When was the last time you visited a web page by typing its URL in the address bar? In most cases even if we are aware of the URL we simply go to our friendly neighborhood search engine and enter the website’s name.

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However, once the initial e-mail checking, facebook chatting and twitter tweeting is done, what do you do? We look out for a website of our favourite movie review, or catch up on the latest news and so on.

How do we do this? Do we remember the URL of the websites we browse? No, in such cases we just type the content what we are looking for in the name of say – latest news, movie reviews etc.

Just when you thought you got your mouse on the website you were looking for – guess what? You are wrong? The search results would give you a range of websites from movie reviews, movie downloads, movie database etc.

So, how do you ensure that your website on movie reviews invariably comes up in the search engine results? Simple, it’s called SEO. In short what the SEO does to your website is to ensure that when a user types in a query ‘movie reviews’, ‘film review’ or ‘latest movie reviews’ etc your website should show up in the search results page.

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With more visibility your website gets more clicks, more clicks mean you can now hope some advertisers (say movie tickets website, movie theatres, Malls etc) to PAY for showing up their ads on your webpage.

End of the day with zillions of websites being created year on year and billions of websites being created for every topic known to mankind, it only makes sense to have a good SEO strategy in place to ensure your website gets the clicks.