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Is there any company in India which provides term insurance for heart patients and diabetic patients who are with in 40 yrs of age?

Insurance through Home Loan

Hope you have a home loan, try applying for a home loan and you should get life insurance or at least till your loan is not closed.

Add yourself as co-pay, if your father, mother or wife or son or daughter is working. At least add yourself as co-pay and later try getting a insurance.

Health insurance

Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy, this is a health insurance, atleast your health expenses are not affected.

Search for other heart and diabetes related health insurance and apply for them. so atleast you are not burdened with health expenses.

Open a Jan Dhan savings account, govt offers free insurance.

1 lakh Amount is less but something better than nothing.

Bank account life insurance

Try opening bank accounts, and get life insurance from few bank accounts. You should get these without any problems.

Get a job, get a life insurance.

Hope you are employed, pay extra premium and go for higher cover. However, you might have to undergo medical test as well through the employer.

Try for term insurance plans.

If nothing works, speak to the insurance company, tell the insurance company about your life expectancy with proper medical proofs and negotiate for a lower cover.

Like apply for insurance cover from 3-4 companies for smaller amounts.

If your condition is not severe, and you have all the possibilities of a normal life span you should get a life insurance.

Apply for a credit card. Get a life insurance.

Some credit cards also offer insurance for their customers along with the credit card by charging premium.

Critical Illness Cover

Declare pre-existing disease and you will get the policy. You will get a lump sum amount if any complications like death or hospitalization due to some other condition not caused by your heart and diabetes.


And see if you can apply for a non employer-employee homegeneous group, but you will have to include few other people as well.


Groups meaning– for this purpose – can be employer-employee groups or non employer-employee groups as defined by IRDA’s group insurance guidelines. (Examples are holders of the same credit card, savings bank account holders of a bank or members of the same social or cultural association and so on.)


Again see if you can put yourself in a group. For different type of groups, see the website.

These are just some of the options, think hard you might find a way.
Be honest, don’t lie to insurance companies.

bestashok Answers Health spirituality

Which is the best medical insurance for pre-existing diseases in India?

“Religare care freedom” plan with least waiting for period 2 years for existing diseases. The premiums are almost the same compared to other private insurance players as well.

So for overall health insurance like covering all complications with some consideration on cost, I would recommend Religare. Care freedom does not have any health check up.

But if you feel its risky, go for care freedom, because at this age apart from immunity you have to consider weather, pollution, home atmosphere, mental pressure, etc. and also at this age it is easy to fall sick if there is any outbreak of disease.

My suggestion if 100% you are sure no health complications will arise, go for any other normal health insurance plan. Else don’t risk go for religare care freedom or star red carpet (but high co-pay), Oriental Insurance Senior Citizen HOPE Health Insurance Policy (lowest premium but high co pay and sub-limits are there for various diseases, eg: kidney problems – only 50% they will pay, eye – only 15 percent they will cover).

for overall health insurance for senior citizen i would suggest is star red carpet plan but for whatever treatment you have to pay 50 percent of the amount. Good thing is pre-existing is covered after just 1 year and no medical check up.

I also checked some government insurance players, they are quiet cheap but lots of conditions and the claim process is too slow in some cases. You can check oriental insurance and national health insurance, I found these two okay, but as i said there a lots of conditions.

Star diabetes and star cardiac is also good if the insured person is more likely to get hospitalized because of sugar and cardiac.

Offcourse, i suggest you compare online for now and check again to see if any new insurance with better features have come online.