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What industry or skill should I learn now that will be more valuable in 10 years than it is today?


The way world is moving at a pace and in a way, that you cannot predict what will be trending in next decade.

What i mean is the pace at which things are moving be it technology, economy, or trends? Earlier if something came it would stay for sometime and fade out slowly but after 10 years it will be erratic.

It might change in a few weeks as well. Then what you will do.

So i suggest, you be in such a zone that no matter what happens, whatever comes you are in a position to work with it.

Lift youself so much, that outside things do not matter.

For eg: Tell me is there anything more sophisticated than your body, mind.

So ensure your mind and body is at peak even for next 10 years.

Peak meaning not full of muscles & knowledge.

I mean a lively physical body and a happy mind.

Keep it simple coz the more things you get into things, its a trap you can’t come out if it.

I mean okay lets say future trends are Nanotechnology, Blockchain, Open Source, Cloud, AI, Robotics, Virtual Reality etc.

Say you prepared from today and after 10 years became expert at something futuristic. But if you are physically ill or not happy at mind. Yes, what then? Yes, imagine suddenly something unexpected happened and just before you start to reap rewards of your effort. You die then what?

Have ambitions but do not forget to be healthy and happy daily.

This means even if life doesn’t go as planned you must be healthy and happy.

Is this what we want when we achieve success as well right.

I say be it failure also no problems. Yes, its a fact not everyone can become successful right.

So what if you are one of the failures.

Get the point. One could die, life can trurn against you.

But nothing can take away your reaction to life. So be happy and healthy.

As i said there will never be anything more Sophisticated and Latest than your body and mind. Keep them in top form. No comprises.

And anyway what is the point if you already know what you will be doing in 10 years.

I mean tell me which is a better way. I say plan, but something that you will make you free from shackles of success.

Yes, what is point if your rich, success but can’t drop anything and have to run from pillar to post.

I know some people say i like it.

I do it for my life, country, people, my satisfaction.

See everything you say can be taken from you.

Your life – you gota accident, fell terminally ill, gone. Yes, some people will stil fight odds but most are gone.

Country, Parents, Family – no guarantee. Can we always be 24/7 behind them. Right now you are here, but entire something happens to the outside.

So you aim should simple be your aim & not entangle you.

Yes, even your aim/reputation should not become a baggage for you that when you want move again it doesn’t

bestashok Answers Right Career spirituality

How can I get a good job, good income, and good career at age 23? What should my goals be? What do I need to hit the upmost top end of the success stratosphere?

See first thing is success is a mindset.

It is not a goal we reach and we become happy.

Till date we have had so many successful people on this earth since time immemorial but then most of human species are still struggling to be happy. Right.

I mean imagine you become successful but you don’t have one single person standing with you.

Imagine you are successful but the entire surrounding you stay are full of people who are just rag pickers.

You get the picture what i am trying to say. Don’t get carried by the word success.

It’s like this. Say you achieved everything after years of hardwork.

But just when you start enjoying the fruits of your achievements, the very next day, we die. So you see success is not the ALL.

Yes, the point you are asking is not wrong, it is in fact in every human to be happy and it is this seeking that we are trying to quench.

Some call it success, some get it in addictions, some get it in money, some get in doing everything for their loved ones, some get it in just being themselves.

So your intentions are perfect for a young person. You are not interested in just being, born, earn and dying.

But all i am saying is success is not the way to go.
In the process if you get successful well and good, but remember being successful has its limitations as well.

Start seeking a mindset/path/whatever method where you feel successful irrespective of what the circumstances are.

See it’s like this. Even if humans don’t do anything, there is everything in nature available for us. Right. Then what is the point of being successful, the success what we want to do is useless.

Yes, everything is there is nature. Just think about it. Not a single thing is required. Not even internet or telephone. Human mind is not even being used at 7 percent and hope you know about telepathy, you don’t need a phone to speak to someone.
Isn’t it strange, not a single creature on this earth requires anything which is not available in nature. They will do just fine and they are doing fine. Right.

I mean did you know that if honeybees pollinate over 90 percent of the plant species on the earth. So if all the honey bees got extinct we will have nothing to eat in next 3 years. Yes, not a single plant will grow.

No birds, butterflies or other creatures can do this.

So you see, i am not saying don’t achieve or go behind things. But know the reality and limitations of what you are doing.

If there is a situation where you have to overcome the odds, defeat someone bad, please go ahead but don’t lose your peace of mind over it. Don’t think you failed, as i said there is not single use of humans on this earth.

Even if we go extinct right now, nothing changes on the earth. Think about it.

Success is a mindset. Be successful irrespective of what the circumstances are. If there are some benefits take it in your stride and share some if possible.

An ant is successful in its own way. Yes, if all the ants were even the size of cockroaches, they would ruling this planet right now.

Cockroaches were there with the dinosaurs, they will be here even after all humans have died and ozone layer has been punctured.

So now tell me who is successful.

Lion is the king of jungle but Elephants can anyday become king of jungle right. Think about it.

So, don’t think successful is only about being king of jungle.

bestashok Answers Right Career spirituality

How is the career as an insurance agent in India?

I see why you are asking this question. There is a career for everything, we just need to choose the right career. Anways, coming to your question of scope as insurance agent, yes times are good and bad as well.


  1. Indians are increasingly becoming financially sound and realize the importance of insurance. Google for insurance coverage of Indians and you will find that not even 30 percent of Indians are having insurance.
  2. The current Indian population has an average age of 25 which means most of them need to secure their future post marriage, aging parents, future commitments, kids education etc. So there is huge scope.


  1. Lot of policies to choose from.
  2. Agents are irritating, nothing against them but this is the general perception right.
  3. No money right now to buy policy. Indians still most of us don’t plan financially, like how we plan for a trip. Got the big picture. One unexpected untoward event and entire life is upside is down. I am not saying financially planned people are safe but they are better prepared. See its like most of us have vehicle insurance but life insurance, trust me…Majority of the people who own vehicle in India will have motor insurance but ask them about life insurance..etc…you will know..what i mean. And insurance is just one part of financial planning what about savings, retirement, medical insurance, emergency funds and finally investments to realize our financial goals..etc..forgot kids education. and list just goes on….but at least some of the basics we have to cover it…
  4. Renewal problem, customers ignore to renew the policy next year.
  5. Tough to get a customer India, it is built in most of us. Atleast that is what i noticed. In our country, we have this insecure feeling why should i buy from this agent, i will buy later or elsewhere. The biggest problem is selling the policy.I know this is not the answer you were expecting and the answer looks very generic. With all respect to your question, as i said it is not about insurance agent career is good or bad. I am saying there is scope for insurance in the first point itself. Matter close. So now you see what you can do. I just put some negatives as well, which most of us are aware for a balance.


    For this you have to find a solution…So you see, there is demand for insurance right, but then what is the problem in selling. Now its up to you whether you can find a solution to sell the policies as agent. Because even if say the solution, like say you joined a insurance company they will say sell, train you but end of the day you are the one who has to go on the field and sell..So now that you know what to is upto you to HOW YOU DO…IT

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Can I do journalism after HSEE?

Yes, you can.

You can do journalism degree. This degree will be in addition your qualification post HSEE.

You can do post graduation.

You can do a PG diploma full time or partime.

Or join a evening college.

Or join a media house and enrol for their certification or course. This is easiest, fastest, safest way. Plus you get paid as you do the course. Eg: Times of India has their own media course. Academically it mite not be equal to a degree. See both pros n cons n then choose.

Or directly start free lance, if media likes your stuff, your on. Nothing else required. Later a degree for name sake will do.

Or u can enrol any online journalism course as well.Or try a foreign university. Explore…

Or look for correspondence courses etc.

Options are plenty.

Heres a small suggestion – Gaining knowledge is important and do you really want to be journalist is more important.

Degree you can get somehow, dont worry. But decide what you want learn. Today you have option to be a journalist or even join a creative ad agency, join films, radio, website.

So think on this, what qualification you want, you will be more expert than me in finding on Google.

Most journalists or media people, actors, RJ, technicians, cameraman, editors, ..most people are not qualified media people. They are from other fields. You got what i am saying…degree u can get…dnt worry…if ur learning a lot with degree..nothing lyk it..but main aim are you learning…at least getting to know about the field you are going to spend the rest of ur life

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I feel sleepy all the time, I don’t feel the enthusiasm to do anything, I feel like I have given up on life, am I depressed?

First thing is take a aptitude and personality test online.
There are lot of free websites.

There is no right and wrong answer in the aptitude (skill test) and personality test.

It is just to find about your self. What comes naturally easy to you.
Some people get maths easily, some get language easily.
So don’t worry about giving right answer, just be like you are talking to your buddy.

Without any pressure to give right answer, just enjoy the test.
If in doubt take these tests few times.

You will find a pattern and you will know what you enjoy.
Some people will be good at everything.
Don’t worry.

That’s where the personality tests come.
Take the personality tests. This test will tell what kind of person you are.
What kind of environment you enjoy and what kind of people you like to hang out with.

Over a period of time your personality and skills might change but these tests help to start with clarity.
They give a clear idea in case your confused.
Now you will make proper choices about your studies and career and everything your life.

Atleast you will know how to approach going forward.
With time, sooner or later you will see that you will get to know what you are good at..
Very soon you will immerse your life in that.
Hardly takes 20 mins. Have Fun. Have a Good lyf.

With this kind of thoughts and actions, you will beyond happiness and sorrow in life.
In fact nothing will bother you. Neither Happiness or Tragedy, you will automatically what needs to be done.
Think about it.

I mean now you might a solve a problem, what about tomorrow.
There are things always waiting to happen in life.
It is part and parcel of life.

So be beyond problems and solutions.
See, it’s like, let it be however a big problem, if you know that if you press this button, it will solve the problem, what will you do?
In some cases you don’t which button to press.

So you press the buttons, what you can?
Don’t bother about the others. Sooner or later you will get better.
It’s like say I am addicted to drugs. Ask any drug addict, if i give a pill that will make him forget the addiction going forward, will he take it or NO.

TRUST ME, invariably sooner or later every drug addict will want that pill.
So, this is life, it is will be harsh and get worse as well, but you can be beyond all of them.

Consult a counselor near your place. Then take a call on what needs to be done- best.

Or consult someone whom you trust with your life, a well wisher, Grandpa, Elders etc. who is good at advice and will stand by you with their life you ask for help.

Remember both are important, the person whom you trust should be ready to stand by with life for you.

And you too should trust that person so much that you are willing to place a bet on your life trusting that person.

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Emotional Intelligence and Your Career

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I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

Ever wondered why you were not considered for the interview you went, for that foreign trip from your office, or for that all important promotion? You did all the work on time, you were punctual and you hardly took a leave. You even wished your superiors every time you crossed. What more, you even had the right qualification. And being a sensible person you probably gave yourself a huge dose of reconciliation ranging from it was not my day to a better destiny. What if these misfortunes happen on a regular basis? You have the talent, yet you are not considered.


All of us like smart people, but do we like smart, intelligent plus arrogant people? This where the smart quotient or the IQ takes a back seat and gives way for the EQ – Emotional Quotient. So being smart is not the only factor. To be successful in a society, especially in a corporate society, you have to be emotionally smart and learn how to deal with the society – that is the clients, colleagues, superiors, competitors etc.


The good thing about EQ is you do not have to go through books, write exams or score marks. It is already inbuilt in all of us. As humans one must understand that all of us are unique in our nature and there is none like us on this planet. In simple terms, Bill Gates (no offences) might be the richest in the world but even if he tries out of his skin he just cannot be like you in behaviour, attitude and persona. He might be slightly better or below par. So you already have the talent. The only thing is recognizing the talent and using it your way. So stop following the herd or the worrying about the end result.


Then, you have to realize what your qualities are like – your behaviour, attitude, and personality. Whether, you are a shy introvert or the extravagant extrovert or the normal ambivert. Are you the eternal happy go type or the critic who takes everything with a pinch of salt in life? What is it that motivates you? What upsets you? Basically do a soul searching about inner you.


So once you realize the “True You”, you will know what to do the next time you go for an interview, apart from carrying your credentials. You will know if you are really enjoying the job or just doing it.


End of the day you might be an expert in your domain. But if you end up having emotional attyachar, then it is time to check your EQ.

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Not giving up!

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All of us want to taste success, yet only a few of us become successful. Off course if you are born with a certain talent or a Godfather, then being successful is an exception. But how many of us are gifted with such fortune? The question is then what do you do?


Well, then there are three magical words for you – “Not Giving Up”. Though these words clearly specify what they mean, they rarely get the required action from us. Just a few months back life seemed to go pretty well for most of the MNC staff. They had good jobs, fat pay and a great career ahead, until the R-day happened, the Recession had arrived.

Suddenly there were pink slips flying in the air, depleting bank balances and long queues in front of the most hated buildings– the Government and PSU offices. The Youngistan which dreamed of conquering the globe were now at the fringe of becoming desi babus.


Meanwhile there was a spirited bunch of yuva who were almost waiting for this disaster to happen. And boy did they come out with flying colors? The recession saw a huge spurt in the enterprenual talent, self employment opportunities and these youths were now even working from the comfort of their homes during recession. What made this people stand up when the rest fell like a pack of cards? Did they all have the raw talent? Or Godfathers to back them?


One thing that made all the difference was their mantra of “Not Giving Up”. Firstly the best thing about ‘Not giving up’ is you do not need any special talent or a Godfather to put it into action. You have to identify the problems or the obstacles that are in your way of getting up. Ask yourself, “Why do you feel down and depressed towards a certain situations”? Worry is a good thing. Worry shows that there is something which is not right. So do not give up, just go ahead and find the reason why you are worried? Worry becomes a problem if you just worry and do nothing about it.


Now that you know why you are down, make an action plan. Once you have made a mental plan, put it into action.


On the other hand some of us set goals, may be you even started doing great but then the usual trouble of keeping up the momentum crept in. In this case identify what your major goals are; do you really want that goal? Never set goals for the sake of rewards. The outcome is not in your hands. Instead, you must be passionate about your goal and must be willing to go to any lengths. As they say, “If you do not know what you are living for? Find something to die for.”


Lastly, it is good to be mad about something in life but you must realize that life always comes out with unexpected twists and turns. So to be on the safer side, have a ‘realistic’ mindset on what is really possible under the present circumstances. We often give up on our goals because they are beyond our capabilities. It is best to have a goal that fully utilizes our capabilities then going for a goal that is unrealistic and extravagant. Part of ‘Not Giving Up’ lies in having reasonable goals and the possibility of achieving it.


Finally all said and done, you must always be ready to expect the unexpected. You must constantly review your goals, plans and see where you are heading and then make changes accordingly. Not giving up is not all about getting up after every fall. It is about thinking why you fall and how to prevent the next fall…

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Be Obsessed About Your Career

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Everything in life has an obsession tag to it. Take for example: a simple food chain. The sunlight helps the grass to grow, the grass feeds the deer, and the carnivores eat the deer. At the end of the day the lion hunts at any cost and the deer knowing its life is in danger, it still goes out to graze every time it feels hungry, such is their obsession for survival. If mere animals can show such high obsession for a basic instinct such as survival, what about our careers that determine the course of our lives?


Similarly have an obsession why you are doing a job? It could be for fame, money or your inner satisfaction. Ask yourself are you committed to do anything to achieve that goal. Never join a job because it is a good company, it is a good source of income or your dad said so. Yes they might advice for your good, but what if the organization shuts down, or the job loses its sheen.


Your choice of career must be a necessity to you. You must be obsessed about it as you go about your daily chores and yet feel no remorse.


The word ‘work’ itself is some what heavy. We sometimes get bored to do work but never get bored to eat and sleep. We never feel them as burden. So never consider work as an additional part of your life because it is anyway inevitable. You might as well binge on the work you do. At least it is not going to cause you any indigestion.


The good thing about obsession is that you are totally fixated on something to the exclusion of everything else. So the best part about being obsessed about your career is a guarantee that you will never feel the burn out or the burden about your career. So be obsessed about your career, you will do anything for it. But there is a flip side to obsession. Obsession is good only if it is in moderation. In fact as the old saying goes “Too much of anything is a bad thing”.


As human beings it is quiet possible for all of us to have some kind of obsession and so what if you could not to be a cricket player because of the corrupt system or the risks involved? But who ever stopped you from being a cricket commentator on TV, radio or the web. You could even be a referee, fitness trainer or a coach. Obsession must not lead to desperation at any cost.

Remember: The lion never hunts unnecessarily or the deer never binges on the grass.

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Does Training help?

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Some things are easy to us; we could almost do it with closed eyes. While there are things that are far out of our reach and we hardly manage to pull it off even with our full concentration. Why does this happen? There can only be two reasons – one your own attitude towards the task ahead of you or either you have not figured how to do it?

The former is not a problem, you can build your attitude in no time at all, but sometimes a ‘Never say die spirit’ is not enough to make a dead man come alive. Instead if you were really possessed to get a dead man alive, you would have ‘trained’ to become a doctor and then once you know the tricks of the trade, you never know you could have made a dead man alive.

Similarly there are instances in our careers that require us to have some assistance that is training. One might attend all the flying classes and learn all the theory of becoming a pilot and score high grades but there is a world of difference in actually training to fly and learning the theory of flying. Learning does not make one perfect, only practice makes a man perfect.

So if your natural talents and qualifications are not getting you in the right places then training is the way to go. Based on the nature of your job, training can be classified into two types.

  • Off the job training
  • On the job training

For example to be a journalist you compulsorily do not need a formal education, that is not say that education or theory does not help. The theory will only give you an extra edge but to be a successful journalist you need to have the hands on experience of all the situations a journalist goes through in his career. So if you want be a media person, make sure you get an internship opportunity or some sort of prior experience before your actual job. Also media organizations can afford to give all their newbies a ‘on the job training’ as it does not incur too much cost.

While in some cases you yourself have to find a suitable training opportunity, like in the case of a new trend or technology in your job domain which is entirely different from what you did all these years. Also some jobs cannot risk ‘on the job training’ due to various constraints like the risks involved or the cost factors. You do not want to just study jewellery designing and then apply for a job without any prior trial and error experience.

Also the confidence of having experienced similar situation during your training goes a long way in your actual job performance and significantly reduces the chances of mistakes. In today’s fast paced world where novelity is the name of the game, where things change drastically, where today’s technology is tomorrow’s archive – Training does help.

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Disastrous Career Mistakes

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Everything seemed to go well for the corporate citizens, until the recession happened. One can always blame the recession but the fact that the corporate world still goes on; people are still getting their money’s worth shows that circumstances alone cannot be blamed for their downfall. So what is it that made these people swim over the tide?  Why didn’t the rest of them make the cut though they did their jobs well?

Just going through your job and doing the job well is not enough. Anybody with a decent qualification and training can do the job well enough. The major mistake everybody makes is the lack of planning. How could one be so thoughtless about one’s career when we put lots of thought just to buy pair of clothes or how we dress up every day?

Meanwhile some are always in the limelight and are preferred over the others irrespective of the same competencies and the same level of job performance. This clearly shows the lack of networking and that only work does not put you on the path to career growth. One must have a good social relationship with their colleagues.

Today’s job market demands constant renovation in all spheres of one’s career including their qualification, skills, persona etc. One must never be complacent even if things are going smooth in one’s job domain. A time could come where one fine day your services could no longer be required not because of your capabilities, but the organization has new technology or system in place to do your job, or they sold out the process. The list is endless. So always be on the lookout for other options. It is possible for a person to have multiple interests. So if you are a corporate trainer, you could also do a part time or guest lectures at educational institutions, have personal web/blog giving online career coaching. You could even double up as a personal career counselor and give career guidance or career counseling services to clients. This always gives you plenty of options to choose from during the times of crisis and therefore you always have an extra job option to rely upon in case if one of your job posting does not go as planned.

Any organization expects a certain level of job performance from its employees, which is the very reason one is hired. Similarly if you have an issue with your job like the team coordination, regarding the pay scale, the all important promotion or any other concerns, make sure you sort it out. There is no point in keeping quiet. Your organization has far important things to worry about than your salary hikes and promotions.

And just when you feel you got everything under control, don’t be. Never rest on your past laurels, always have a plan B and even have a plan C if possible.

Finally Change is the only constant thing in the job market so always review your career plans periodically because life always finds a way.