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Is Aarogyam 1.5 Health Checkup kit trustworthy?

Could not find anything like 1.5 but found 1.7. Considering u wer asking for a complete preventive health check up, 1.7 is good at the price they are offering. Tests are trustworthy, they are a branded company but see how the lab is at your locality (staff, response, facilities, preferably avoid if you are not convinced they will carry out tests with care, however it is very rare and it can happen where the odd test results might be wrong, so feel sure about the place wer u test.

Here is a complete list of health test I would suggest for someone annually.

However, it is not complete, I would suggest you get the heart test – ECG, ECHO, XRay,(not telling about cardiac risk parameter)lung test and pap smear memmogrphy prostate (male) to find out if you are completely healthy.

You might save upto 1000 rupees if u do it a govt or aided hospital or by doing these tests at a small diagnostic centre or if you have a friend or relative at diagnostics or a doctor if they can refer for lesser price.

But my suggestion all these tests at a single place at this price is ok.

Disclosure – my experience, I m sure u can negotiate. Its a competitive business with lots of players in market today.

bestashok Answers Health spirituality

What are the several myths about cardiac ailments?

First, thing most of us do when someone suffers from a cardiac arrest or heart attack is PANIC. It is good but what is more important to ensure the next step we take does not put the patient in further stress.

I mean what do you want the patient to go through – Painful slow torture or a peaceful few days of living.

Here i Share excerpt from the Hindu Newspaper, in a candid chat, renowned cardiologist Dr. B.M. Hegde busts several myths about cardiac ailments and what defines good health.

Matters of the heartA. Shrikumar

Squeezing a wedge of lemon into a glass of warm water, Dr. B.M. Hegde says, “It’s the best medicine for an acidic stomach. You don’t have to run to the hospital for every ailment.” “Not even for blocks in your heart,” he asserts. “Blocks in arteries are common,” he points out.

The leading cardiologist also notes that in reality there has not been even one per cent absolute increase in the rate of heart attacks. It is a plain hype, he says and calls it a labelling error.

Unfortunately, every chest pain is dubbed as angina and every block is labelled coronary disease,” declares Dr.Hegde.

“Anybody who walks into a hospital with complaints of chest pain is made to undergo angiogram whereas there is a need to understand heart blocks,” he says. “Blocks happen when you are young and as they grow, nature provides bypasses through collateral vessels. This is called pre-conditioning the heart.”

Dr. Hegde believes that any individual who sees a doctor for medical help becomes a patient. “Once you get caught in the whirlwind, you continue to remain a patient.” The veteran cardiologist has been known for making bold statements on the dark side of medical industry. “When I was a student, I questioned how can cholesterol be bad if it’s made by our body. Forty years ago, I wrote that cholesterol is a counter by the body to increasing stress levels. I said coconut oil is the best oil for the heart at the American College of Cardiology Meet long ago.”

“The flaw of today’s approach to treatment is that the human body is seen as a car machine which can be repaired part by part. Whereas, the human body is a whole entity and should be treated in entirety. How else can one explain the side-effect of drugs used to treat one organ, affecting the other organs?” he asks. Author of over 40 books, Dr.Hegde also supports alternative forms of medicine like Ayurveda. Quoting Sanskrit texts from Ayurveda, he explains how any treatment ought to be holistic. “Ayurveda has unfortunately been relegated to back seat, in spite of being traditional and rich form of medical treatment,” he says.

“Health is about the environment you live in and the mind is the environment of the body. It’s not what you eat but what eats you (the thoughts) kills you,” he says. “The key is to cultivate positive thoughts and surround yourself with positive emotions. Quantam healing is the new method of healing. Your mind can heal you.” He suggests the book Quantam doctor by Amit Goswami.

Dr.Hegde opposes the burgeoning fitness craze among the young urbane crowd driven by the belief that fitness leads to good health. “Health is in the mind and fitness is in the muscle. These are two different things but often confused as one. If someone is fit to run a marathon doesn’t mean he/she is fit to live a healthy life.” “Health is not even absence of disease, as all of us have diseases. We all will have over 100 cancer cells at any given time, but they don’t become clinical cancer as they die on their own.” Quoting a sloka from Ayurveda, Dr.Hegde defines health as the enthusiasm to work and love. “Keep the enthusiasm in you alive, nurture positivity and cull negativity and you are healthy”, is his simple mantra.

Dr.Hegde practises what he calls ‘Coordinated medicine’, that’s futuristic and meta treatment. “I take elements from various genres of medicine. For instance, I take emergency care and corrective surgery from modern medicine. I don’t prescribe too many drugs and treat patients unnecessarily.” Calling modern medical treatment as ‘exclusive’ and ‘reductionist’, Hegde comes down heavily on the trial-and-error method of slapping scans, drugs and tests on patients. “I have come up with suggestions of a new definition of health and the concept of whole person healing instead of organ healing, both of which have been accepted by the Institute of Medicine.”

As a vegetarian, Dr.Hegde suggests following traditionally made and locally grown food. “One should eat what their ancestors ate. To eat Mediterranean food in Madurai will not suit your body. Eat the locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables and follow recipes that have been there for generations.” A veteran doctor that he is, Hegde says every doctor should unfailingly follow ethics since they deal with human lives.”

Dr.Hegde was in the city to deliver a guest lecture on ‘Spirituality and Health’ at the Madurai Readers’ Club.

bestashok Answers Health spirituality

What are the tests that should be in a complete health check up?

Main thing is have a regular health check up every year.
This will help you keep track of your health from the start.

This list covers your entire all the usual tests done in a master health checkup which covers most blood and urine test. Plus below are the extra tests I have compiled based on my experience:

This is like you have covered almost every disease.


UPPER BODY SCAN – HEART, LUNGS, RIB AREA – see if any problems are there.

ABDOMEN SCAN – See if all organs are in good condition & no abnormalities.
As I said your blood, urine reports will be normal but tumuors, cancer will grow invisibly and not detected unless pain or symptoms start.

No tumuour or cancer happens suddenly. In most cases it takes some time to develop in a health person. So I am including tests to check for any kind of TUMOURS OR CANCER at the start itself. Please include this as a part of your health check up.

So I have also listed body organs scan – to check if they are fine, any tumours, abnormalities etc. In health check we see our blood reports, scan reports and in some cases heart and other vital organs. However, most of us are healthy and suddenly they are diagnosed with tumours or cancers.

Then Bones, some of them include but most of us miss the bone test.

Check for harmful chemicals on body like mercury, cobalt, lead due to pollution or accidental exposure etc.

EYE CHECK UP  Need not say much, just check up from the start itself. Don’t wait for power to increase or symptoms to start.
So the tests are:

• Complete Blood Picture with Platelet Count
• Fasting Plasma Glucose – Sugar Test for Diabetes. Do this once in 6 months.
• Serum Bilirubin (Direct & Indirect)
• HbA1c
• Alkaline Phosphate
• Total Protein
• Blood Urea
• Albumin & Globulin Ratio
• Serum Creatinine
• Serum Uric Acid
• Hbs Ag
• Lipid Profile
• Blood Grouping with Rh Typing
• Complete Urine Examination
• Pap Smear (For women) – Vaginal/Cervical Cancer test.
• Mammography (For women) – breast cancer test.
• Prostratic Specific Antigen (For men) – Prostrate/Testicle Cancer
• 2D Echo – Checks for blockage, cheaper and non invasive compared to Angiograph.
You can also go for CT Scan for Heart to test blockages.
I suggest also test for Heart Rate Variability, this is enough.
Blockages don’t always cause heart attack. It is heart rate variability.
But ECG and 2D Echo or CT Scan Heart or Heart Rate Variability is Mandatory.
Along with ECG another test is compulsory to know about heart condition.
I would recommend ECG, 2D Echo & Heart Rate Variability to check heart condition.

Tread Mill Test (TMT)
• T3,T4 & TSH – Thyroid
• Phadia Top Adult(Allergen mix)
• X-Ray of Chest – Upper Body scan to check how your lungs are, heart. Any holes in them etc.
• CT Brain – Check if any cancer or tumours starting. See it’s so simple. Check at the start itself.
• Ultrasound of Whole Abdomen – Scan your intestines, stomach, liver,kidney,pancreas. Check for any tumours, abnormalities etc.
• Blood Elements Profile – Check if there is any chemicals due to the food, pollution exposure.
These days you could take good care but what about pesticides, working in hazardous environment, frozen foods etc we have. .

• Routine Eye Check up – Need not say much, just check up from the start itself.
Don’t wait for power to increase or symptoms to start.

• Physician Consultation – Testing is only half the job done. Consult a doctor with these tests. Keep a track of your health. In two or three years, you will know the health of you and your dear ones like the back of your hand.

Keep the health test like a family vacation, once a year. Least we can do today, and why not use the technology you have.

Roughly you should not spend more 17k per person. You can customize the test but don’t miss out any parameters. It’s like if your Tread mill you can miss if your ECG and 2D Echo is fine.

But don’t miss on any of the tests. Try to negotiate the rates but yes, maximum it should not cross you 9,000 to 17,000 per Indian rupees year.

Try Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Vijaya Whole Body Checkup. This is the only centre where I got all the tests, except the Blood Elements profile. Roughly it came to 7200 rupees for Men and for Women 10,000 with Mammography for breast cancer as 2018 January. It should not cross 10,000 rupees per person Men or Women if you get everything at any diagnostic centre.

Including Blood Elements Profile test – I got it done outside from (Arogyam Diagnostic Centre) 1000 rupees extra. It is not available at Vijaya diagnostic Centre. You can tell the Centre to come and collect at home as well for this one test.

Like you can try at government aided hospitals or big government hospitals. Rates will be even lesser.

I don’t know if they will allow for outpatients. If Lab allows for outpatient tests, pay money for the tests.

They will give a surprise look and in some cases they won’t allow but you just have to say, anyway we pay, do the test. If any problem comes up in results we will see doctor.

But these diagnostic centre rates vary. So it’s upto but whatever, the end result is you save a lot of tension with regard to the health of your near and dear ones and there is no sudden surprises involved. Just takes two years of routine, later this task is nothing for you. Better than running to hospitals and doctors in end moment.

IN FACT EVERY COMPANY, GOVT, PRIVATE, SCHOOLS, COLLEGE, should have a health check up like this.

A Healthy Nation is a Wealthy Nation.

Imagine everyone in the country gets their health check up done like pulse polio campaign.

Only people who have done the test should be marked on their fingers like they do for elections.

And only people who have undergone tests should be allowed to come to school, college, work etc. This should be verified with the reports they bring.
Reports should be generated with a unique bar code and given to person only who has undergone the tests. It’s like the bar code will only be generated for person who has undergone all the tests. Each test, a bar code should be given.

Only if person gives it, the next round of test will happen and only then they will get final bar code.

Again biometric check must be there for tests are every stage or round. Biometric because, urine, blood samples should not be manipulated by local centres.

Finally, the barcode report should come out as acknowledgement for patient. The testing and reports should be done by a Central testing agency.

Only collection should happen in every place. Like SBI or Railways Exam. We go and write exam. No scope for malpractice. Result comes from another authority like TCS. The result can be published online as well. Like how Indian Railways exam is conducted by TCS. A system like this should be in place, so no centres at local level indulge in malpractice.

Onus must be on every school, college, university and respective government organizations.

In fact like credit score, aadhaar card, everyone should be issued a health score. This can be used by government, companies for further rewards, setting fitness benchmarks for jobs etc.
Some nominal amount can be charged and cost can be brought down as it’s done on a large scale.