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Is Aarogyam 1.5 Health Checkup kit trustworthy?

Could not find anything like 1.5 but found 1.7. Considering u wer asking for a complete preventive health check up, 1.7 is good at the price they are offering. Tests are trustworthy, they are a branded company but see how the lab is at your locality (staff, response, facilities, preferably avoid if you are not convinced they will carry out tests with care, however it is very rare and it can happen where the odd test results might be wrong, so feel sure about the place wer u test.

Here is a complete list of health test I would suggest for someone annually.

However, it is not complete, I would suggest you get the heart test – ECG, ECHO, XRay,(not telling about cardiac risk parameter)lung test and pap smear memmogrphy prostate (male) to find out if you are completely healthy.

You might save upto 1000 rupees if u do it a govt or aided hospital or by doing these tests at a small diagnostic centre or if you have a friend or relative at diagnostics or a doctor if they can refer for lesser price.

But my suggestion all these tests at a single place at this price is ok.

Disclosure – my experience, I m sure u can negotiate. Its a competitive business with lots of players in market today.