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Why Sabarimala restricts entry of all women who could menstruate?

The way its imposed without EXPLANATION, without CLARITY is wrong, but reason is right.

Both sides should keep their emotions aside. Then only this debate will end.

If a Dummy #Ayyappa Idol & Sanctum like #Sabarimala is created, BAN reason can be PROVEN.

Now know the Science beyond Idol or Diety worship.

Not necessarily everybody needs a idol or temple.

You can do it through self motivation.

You can do it through self help books.

You can do i through your own way.

You can goto Church.

You can do i through Jesus.

You can do it through Allah.

Or you can just be educated.

But that doesn’t mean an uneducated person won’t know God or be successful or practical or knowledgeable in life.

In short i don’t have to know any idol, diety, Jesus, or Allah. Nothing wrong.

At same time i could be Athiest also. Nothing wrong.

But there are drawbacks believing and not believing. So no side is foolproof.

Stop linking it to religion. At least for sake of curiosity if nothing else,dig deeper to see truth.

Try to prove if thing like diety, energies, mantras, rituals are fake.

Yes, go deep in them, find if there is truth in them.

Then you will know.

Don’t decide or assume that temples, deity, idols, rituals are superstitious.

Yes, mostly today that is the case but if you are really hell bent to prove it fake then can’t help.

I said look if there is truth in it. That’s all.

You will find. These things are experiential.

Not everything can be explained.

If you don’t experience doesn’t mean mantras, rituals are fake. Yes, superstitious practices should go, gender bias should go.

But true traditions should be respected.

Let’s not reduce feminism to fighting for things we have NO knowledge & actually cause us harm.

Hold Emotions Both Sides. THINK. DEBATE. Hope you Watched the video why #Sabarimala or as a matter of fact why temples restricts entry of all Women who could menstruate.

Temples are spiritual places.

They are energized places to help you see a dimension beyond your physical nature and LOGICAL mind as well.

Yes, i agree today unfortunately its become business, religion.

Remember Temple is not place of worship.

There is no God in Hinduism.

Only deities.

Deities are just personification of God.

I see God in Shiva, Krishna, Trees, and Idols.

So when i say Shiva is God i actually mean he was God like.

Yes you are free to curse, not follow Shiva, Krishna.

Now you question they existed, did they have super powers, where are they now, that is another story. Will write soon about it.

But get the essence.

Hinduism means not a religion.

Anyone can follow any type of God.

You need not follow God.

So Hindu is a person who follows what he wants (can be athiest also) but does not say Christian, Muslim others are wrong.

That is all. There is no word religion in any Hindu text. It says Dharma, which i need not say. See true meaning of dharma.

Now yes lot of questions in your mind. Please post comments.

So now coming to the point about idols.

Yes, God created stones right.

So where did Idols come from? Stones.

So i see God in the stone and worship through mantras, because they work for me. Yes, not everyone going to mantra, temple gets what he wants.

But that is applicable to anything in life. Even logic fails. Just that in logic i can point out reasons.

In these matters sometimes reasons are unknown like why God allows evil in world etc.

But again can anyone say fully about God.

Even word of God, Quran says only what is required for humans to goto heaven.

There will be reason but we should know that in this big universe we can never know more than 0.1 percent.

But you can experience more of the Universe.

Experience is beyond knowledge. Now you tell me which is superior being a knowledgeable person.

So there are mantras, procedures to make a stone into a energy storehouse.

Unfortunately over period of centuries people got engrossed in Idol, worship, rituals and forgot essence why idol was created.

Point is if i worship idols or call deity as God. Dont worry, ignore. Point is am i as a human being spiritual, good, at peace, happy etc.

Is this what God is, Yes.

Some see it in social service. They say humanity. Point is both strive for same feel right, ways are different.

Now logical, scientific, hip hop generation due to today’s modern education, access to technology say its not required, good, i appreciate that. They are also right.

But dont get into arguement that your way is the only way. Point out mistakes if they dont listen, live and let live.

But yes if they force God, spirituality on you, do the needful but ensure both sides know your boundaries and decorum.

Remember no human is ever fully satisfied.

Why because we are beyond emotions, governments, rules, money, family, job, religion, rituals, success etc.

There is a dimmension in a human which will never be satisfied.

That is our nature.

Find what is this nature.

Yes, there are ways to achieve this. Some seek it in success, some in love, some in fame, some in God, some in logic.

But what is the feel we all get when we get there. Be it money, love or success or fame.

The feel is same, names are different like happy, peace, spiritual, achievement etc.

Get the essence. Plus understand human body & mind always has a certain limit to which it can grasp things right.

Still Not Convinced.

Live & Let Live.

Agree to Disagree.


Nothing in UNIVERSE is created or destroyed.

Form changes. You believe, you don’t believe it doesn’t matter. Point is have you experienced.

Good, but dont say other person has to experience the same way. That’s all.

He might, he might not all, or he might have experienced which you dont agree. That’s all.

Remember Atoms. Everything in world has atoms. Even God because God created universe right.

So where did he get atoms from?

Get the essence, now don’t argue that God and atoms are different.

You are saying God is superior to atoms. He can create, destroy atoms.

I am saying i see God in Atoms. Will God say that atoms are not mine. Creation is not mine.

Logical people say, there will be a day science will go beyond Atoms. They will find what it is.

They want to know things through understanding. That’s all.

Some people might deny everything. Call all this bull.

Why you want to argue that your way of looking is superior?

Point is you still think nothing in universe is connected.

I am saying everything in universe is connected. Some are dominant, some are understood, that’s all.

See in short, a human is just a form of life.

But problem is it is only life which knows that it exists CONCIOUSLY. Animals, trees also know they exist.

Animals have feelings, love, relationships. Like that.

But only humans can think what he is thinking.

A human can evaluate himself. Who he is? What he is thinking?

In short a human can 24/7 surveillance himself in mind, body, thoughts, action.

That means there is something beyond what we think humans are.

Find out.

But just remember your finding can be different from mine simply because no two humans are same on earth.

So why you want my logic to be wrong.

Why you want to prove God is wrong.

Why you want to say that there is no God.

Actually all three are right. Get the essence.

Interpretations are different.

We are all seeing different sides of the same Universe. Nothing else.

If a Dummy #Ayyappa Idol & Sanctum like #Sabarimala is created, BAN reason can be PROVEN. Atleast 10 out of 100 women of menstruating age will be affected.