Atleast Die as YOGI Not as rogi

Here’s few who Transcended human Body, Mind, Consciousness, Emotions, Desires, Sins and even worshipping God himself. Trailanga, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharishi. Details may be exaggerated but its not impossible. Dig deep, atleast you will know they left body or died at free will. FACT, they left their body@ will. Even Gandhi– fasted for 21days. So you can call not even as spirituality.

Read their #Mahasamadhi Stories. #Vivekananda’s & especially #RamanaMaharishi leaving human body is well documented. So if you have no death i.e leave your body @ will, Time ceases to exist for you. Hope you got the point.


Why can’t a human quit his body consciously, tell me. Let’s not goto Yoga or Jaggi or which method works. This is not Believing. This is Science.
Prove this wrong??? E=MC2. So anything in universe can be converted to anything right. So humans are also form of Energy in Universe. what i meant by “lets not goto” means first hope you agree E=MC2. Meaning anything in universe can be converted to anything. Ask any scientist. If you agree E=MC2 then we can GOTO to debate can person quit his body, Jesus, God yoga, isha, jaggi etc. Who is fake?

Fact:  Humans are beyond physical world. It doesnt matter if its Hell, Heaven, Meditation, God or something new in future.

Ramana Maharishi death

On April 14, 1950 it was apparent that his physical end was near. In the evening, as the devotees sat on the verandah outside the room which had been specially built for Bhagavan’s convenience during his illness, they spontaneously began singing “Arunachala Siva” (The Marital Garland of Letters). On hearing it Ramana’s eyes opened and shone. He gave a brief smile of indescribable tenderness. From the outer corners of his eyes tears of bliss rolled down. One more deep breath and no more.

At that very moment 8:47 p.m. what appeared to be an enormous star trailed slowly across the sky passing to the north-east towards the peak of Arunachala. Many saw this luminous body in the sky, even as far away as Bombay and struck by its peculiar appearance and behaviour, they ascribed this phenomenon to the passing of their Master.

Vivekananda death

One day when Narendra was on the ground floor, meditating, the Master was lying awake in his bed upstairs. In the depths of his meditation Narendra felt as though a lamp were burning at the back of his head. Suddenly he lost consciousness. It was the yearned-for, all-effacing experience of nirvikalpa samadhi, when the embodied soul realizes its unity with the Absolute. After a very long time he regained partial consciousness but was unable to find his body. He could see only his head. “Where is my body?” he cried. The elder Gopal entered the room and said, “Why, it is here, Naren!” But Narendra could not find it. Gopal, frightened, ran upstairs to the Master. Sri Ramakrishna only said: “Let him stay that way for a time. He has worried me long enough.” So he had already know knew to leave the body.

On 4 July 1902 (the day of his death) Vivekananda awoke early, went to the monastery at Belur Math and meditated for three hours. He taught Shukla-Yajur-Veda, Sanskrit grammar and the philosophy of yoga to pupils,later discussing with colleagues a planned Vedic college in the Ramakrishna Math. At 7:00 p.m. Vivekananda went to his room, asking not to be disturbed; he died at 9:20 p.m. while meditating. According to his disciples, Vivekananda attained mahasamādhi; the rupture of a blood vessel in his brain was reported as a possible cause of death. His disciples believed that the rupture was due to his brahmarandhra (an opening in the crown of his head) being pierced when he attained mahasamādhi. Vivekananda fulfilled his prophecy that he would not live forty years.He was cremated on a sandalwood funeral pyre on the bank of the Ganga in Belur, opposite where Ramakrishna was cremated sixteen years earlier.


He is said to have performed many miracles whilst alive, some of the most prominent are provided below.

1) On the river banks of Cauvery in Mahadhanapuram, he was asked by some children to be taken to Madurai, more than 100 miles away, for an annual festival. The saint asked them to close their eyes, and a few seconds later they reopened their eyes and found they were in Madurai.

2) While relaxing near a heap of grains, he began meditating. The farmer who owned the land mistook Sadasiva for a thief, and confronted him. The farmer raised his stick to hit the saint, but became a statue. He remained in this state until the morning, when Sadasiva finished meditating and smiled at the farmer. The farmer was restored to his normal state, and asked the saint for forgiveness.

3) At another time, while meditating on the banks of the Cauvery river, he was carried away by a sudden flood. Weeks later, when some villagers were digging near a mound of earth, their shovels struck his body. He woke up and walked away.

4)Long after all these happened when almost people had forgotten the memories of his wandering in their lands, once the naked sannyasi was seen walking right through a Muslim harem of a Nawab. As a brahma-jnani who sees nothing but brahman everywhere, he would not distinguish between the different human figures which cross his path nor would he be distracted by the sights or noises that his environment may present to him. It was in this state of trance that he was walking along. He, the naked sannyasi, walked straight into the harem, entering it at one end and walking out at the other all the while walking through a maze of inmates of the Nawab’s harem. The news reached the nawab, he had his men chase him, they cut off both his hands as he was walking along, the hands fell off and still he was walking along silently as if nothing had happened. The Nawab got scared, picked up the hands that had been severed, ran to the Sage and offered them in total remorse. The sage stopped his walking, the severed hands were restored to their place, the hands became normal and the sage walked away! There was no conversation.

5) In 1732, While SadaShiva Brahmendra was roaming near Pudukottai forests some soldiers saw him & mistakenly asked him to carry some sticks on his head. SadaShiva Brahmendra carried happily & when he kept that sticks in kitchen ground, it burnt. Then those soldiers understood that he was an great Saint.

6) There was a uneducated & born dumb man who was a devotee of SadaShiva Brahmendra. He served the Guru immensely. One day, SadaShiva Brahmendra kept their hand on his head & prayed to Lord to give him speech and knowledge. By the grace of SadaShiva Brahmendra that dumb man became educated & he started to talk. He started giving speeches & he was famous as “Akasha Purana Ramalinga Shastry”. Up to this 20th century, Ramalinga Shastry’s relatives were staying in Nerur. This incident is also mentioned in the Sri SadaShivendra Sthava

7) His most recent miracle(2004) is about the temple of Ageeswarar near Tiruvallur. You can read more about it in the below

Shree Agneeswarar Temple at Neyveli (near Thiruvallur)


Later he left Tiruvisanallur and reached Nerur, the surroundings of which were conducive and ideal for stay and penance with the river flowing southwards. A place where river flows southwards, is considered equal to Kashi ( Banaras).

Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra attained Maha Samaadhi on the Vaisakha Sukla Dasami with Makha star in the year 1755 A.D. Before his Samadhi,he mentioned that a Bilva tree would come over his Samadhi. He also mentioned that after 10 days, someone would bring a Shiva Linga and it has to be installed at a particular distance from his samadhi. Needless to say, it happened the same way.

He is said to have attained samadhi at 3 places:

Manamadurai about 60 km from Madurai.
Karachi, now in pakistan.

Paramahansa Yogananda Death

In the days leading up to his death, Yogananda began hinting that it was time for him to leave the world.

On 7 March 1952, he attended a dinner for the visiting Indian Ambassador to the US, Binay Ranjan Sen, and his wife at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. At the conclusion of the banquet, Yogananda spoke of India and America, their contributions to world peace and human progress, and their future cooperation, expressing his hope for a “United World” that would combine the best qualities of “efficient America” and “spiritual India.” According to an eyewitness – Daya Mata, a direct disciple of Yogananda, who was head of the Self-Realization Fellowship from 1955–2010— as Yogananda ended his speech, he read from his poem My India, concluding with the words “Where Ganges, woods, Himalayan caves, and men dream God—I am hallowed; my body touched that sod.” “As he uttered these words, he lifted his eyes to the Kutastha center (the Ajna Chakra), and his body slumped to the floor.” Followers say that he entered mahasamadhi. The official cause of death was heart failure.

His funeral service, with hundreds attending, was held at the SRF headquarters atop Mt. Washington in Los Angeles. Rajarsi Janakananda, the new president of the Self-Realization Fellowship, “performed a sacred ritual releasing the body to God.” Yogananda’s remains are interred at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Great Mausoleum (normally closed off to visitors but Yogananda’s tomb is accessible) in Glendale, California.

Ramakrishna Death

Sri Ramakrishna was sinking day by day. His diet was reduced to a minimum and he found it almost impossible to swallow. He whispered to M.: “I am bearing all this cheerfully, for otherwise you would be weeping. If you all say that it is better that the body should go rather than suffer this torture, I am willing.” The next morning he said to his depressed disciples seated near the bed: “Do you know what I see? I see that God alone has become everything. Men and animals are only frameworks covered with skin, and it is He who is moving through their heads and limbs. I see that it is God Himself who has become the block, the executioner, and the victim for the sacrifice.’ He fainted with emotion. Regaining partial consciousness, he said: “Now I have no pain.
He had cancer but no pain.


Sunday, August 15, 1886. The Master’s pulse became irregular. The devotees stood by the bedside. Toward dusk Sri Ramakrishna had difficulty in breathing. A short time afterwards he complained of hunger. A little liquid food was put into his mouth; some of it he swallowed, and the rest ran over his chin. Two attendants began to fan him. All at once he went into samadhi of a rather unusual type. The body became stiff. Sashi burst into tears. But after midnight the Master revived. He was now very hungry and helped himself to a bowl of porridge. He said he was strong again. He sat up against five or six pillows, which were supported by the body of Sashi, who was fanning him. Narendra took his feet on his lap and began to rub them. Again and again the Master repeated to him, “Take care of these boys.” Then he asked to lie down. Three times in ringing tone’s he cried the name of Kali, his life’s Beloved, and lay back. At two minutes past one there was a low sound in his throat and he fell a little to one side. A thrill passed over his body. His hair stood on end. His eyes became fixed on the tip of his nose. His face was lighted with a smile. The final ecstasy began. It was mahasamadhi, total absorption, from which his mind never returned. Narendra, unable to bear it, ran downstairs.

Nirmalananda death 1996

He decided to shed his body in the month of January in ’96, and announced that he would attain Mahasamadhi. But there was a big ruckus all around. The rationalist society of Karnataka filed a case against him saying that this man is going to commit suicide, so they put two constables in the ashram.

When I (Sadhguru) went there, he hugged me and cried, “I have not even plucked a flower from a tree. Even for my pooja I don’t pluck a flower, and they have put police in my ashram.” Just the insult of that hurt him so much. Not once did he even pluck a fruit. He didn’t want to hurt the trees. Only if they fell down he ate them. Otherwise he wouldn’t touch them. I told him, “Don’t worry. What are the police going to do to you?” When the time to leave came for him, he sat outside on a small deck. About forty people were sitting in his ashram including the two constables. He sat in front of them and just left his body.

Exact Details may be exaggerated but its not impossible. FACT, these people left their body@ will. Get the essence ignore the meaning what you get.

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I am ready to goto Hell For Any Sinner. Is God Ready for the Deal?

Okay are you ready to give your heaven quota for a sinner. Yes, let a sinner go to heaven and you choose hell.

Now tell me is that all. End of the day you want to go to heaven.

I am okay to goto hell for you Bro..

I believe in God but i won’t argue about God.

Jesus, Allah, Shiva all are God. Why should i look at the faults in each of them.

A rose plant has more thorns but we call it rose plant not thorn plants.
Get the essence of what God wants.

I believe in Jesus, but i know God is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

What i dont like is saying there is saying this is the correct God.

There is no wrong God. How can God be wrong.
There is only wrong or incomplete understanding of God.

God is one or many how does it make a difference.

What if i say only God and do all sorts of things.

What if i believe Allah & Shiva but lead a pious life.

As i said, i am okay to die in hell forever for any sinner.

I will pray to God i want to be the last person to enter heaven.

Let every human spirit goto heaven.

Get the big picture.
I am just a human, mere mortal. If i am thinking like this…
The creator is surely FOOLPROOF and magnanimous than me.

God never deals, its his business. Remember its his creation, his profit, his loss, his heaven, his hell.

As i said, i will ask God send me to hell for any sinner.

I will be Happy even if one sinner goes to heaven because of me.

If jesus died for all of our sins, then this is what Jesus taught me.

At least as a human i will save one soul and send it to heaven.

This is God he is FOOLPROOF.

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Purpose of Human Life is NOTHING

I am not saying my answer is perfect and everyone will agree to it.

Everyone is free to disagree.

I just want to say that even if all the humans are just removed from the entire Earth for a moment.

Think. What will happen to the Earth.


Get it.

Try removing all the trees.

NO trees minus earth.

That’s it.

NO Oxygen. Need i say more.

I leave that your imagination.

In fact, just remove all the insects.

See in a few weeks.

Entire Earth will be gone for a toss.

Now you might SAY science is advanced.

We will create something.

It’s not a big deal.

Like we can handle it.

Humans will find a solution.

I am saying first of all should we admit that everything is connected.

Entire creatures on the earth is connected including humans.

Now what is wise, you tell me fixing something or maintaining something.

Why are we always using our intelligence to think we are separate from the situation.

I am not saying all our thinking is wrong, all technology is wrong.

I am just saying even if you remove all the inventions and if today human’s left like they are 1000 years back we will still survive.

Yes, lot of people may die due to lack of modern technology. I am not denying and it is not right.

All i am saying is we should be in position to TRASH any technology, tool or invention to live without it the moment we want it.

It’s like this imagine, all other creatures are being born the same they are till date since their creation. Atleast most of them with hardly any changes.

But look at humans, today hardly any babies will survive without vaccination.

That is what i am saying.

How many will risk not giving polio drops to their babies.

This is what we have done with inventions and technology.

We have become dependant on it.

Once it starts there is no end to it.

Vaccination leads to more vaccinations.

Dependancy on doctors.

Hospitals are must  now.

Medicines are must.

No human on this earth from last 60 years would have been spared from medicines, injection or tablets. Yes, life span has increased but again see the population problem we have created.

Point is we never respected nature.

For our survival we did everything.

We never thought we are encroaching some other creatures soil, water, food, water, air. This is what i am saying.

How will we feel if all the monkeys, lions and all the wild animals start coming to our homes.

If they say, move over, our forest were here first.

You destroyed our forests.

We need water, food. Please get out of your home.

Don’t you get it.

Insects, worms, snakes, butterflies, frogs, lizards, cockroaches, ants, zebras.

Imagine, just because other species don’t have intelligence they are quite.

Or else trust me we don’t deserve to even get hanged.
Even that punishment will not compensate the gross-crass injustice humans have done with the earth and all species.

And here we are thinking of purpose.

I say question is wrong. There is no purpose to human life.

As i said, least we can do is be part of this system with our intelligence.

Still din’t get it.

Our survival depends on all the worms, insects, bees, frogs, trees and all species. They don’t depend on us.

So if they survive, we will survive.

Then you can think about purpose of human life.

First survive.

Still din’t get the seriousness.

Now only water is hardly available.

See what will happen in next 70 years.

Now don’t say sea water, RO will get advanced.

That is the problem.

I am saying  realize we humans=other creatures like trees, worms, etc. NOT SUPERIOR.

Otherwise, again after another 70 years, even sea water humans would have drank off. Maximum how many years. 400 years we might have sea water if we start converting sea water to potable water.

Don’t underestimate stupidity of our human intelligence.

I am saying lets go back to the old ways.

Now you will say what about office, work, technology.

As i started in the beginning, even if all humans are removed from the earth, the earth will survive.
If earth only won’t survive what is the use of your theories, talent, inventions, technology, financial plannings, tweets, medicines.

First come down, have the guts to agree we are actually having nothing special. We just are one among the species and the only useless creatures.

Sorry for the harsh words, but for now it doesn’t matter.
You believe in God.

You are Atheist.

You are the next big thing on Earth.

You have plenty of problems.

You are nothing but just another species on the earth.

Humans=germs,virus,bacteria, amoeba, trees,plants, frogs, monkeys,lions.

For now humans survival depends on the tiny life in the soil.
They are already dying. Best part is they don’t realize.

But every human if we don’t save the earth, trust me our intelligence will ensure that we know the suffer to the very last with all our consciousness.

A tree doesn’t know its a tree.

Animals they don’t know that they are animals and they deserve equal rights like humans, because all of us share the same planet right.

Earth is not humans property right. All creatures have their claim on earth.

What if they put a case?

Please again don’t say aliens, we will go out of space.

You tell me what is a smart/intelligent thing?

I know anything can happen.

Humans can die in natural calamity or through our own disasters.

Intelligent thing is to maintain the only planet on UNIVERSE or be stupid enough to not realize that we are also one of the species and think about aliens, fly away or invent some other technology and we will survive.

This is called using brains.
Okay here it is the entire EARTH is just a speck in the UNIVERSE.

If the earth is dropped in the Sun, in less than 0.1seconds entire Earth is Shish Kebab.
This is how big your company is.

This is how big your ambition is.

This is how big your war against anything is.

Point 1 second, put the earth in Sun. And we are not here..

Now don’t get scared & go on environment crusade. I am saying have CLARITY that in that earth we are just a little big ANT with EMI, Loans, Credit Card, Interest in Movies, Investments, Fights, Quarrels, Love, Emotions, Family, International Borders, Terrorists, Gym, Salary, Hike, Yoga, Internet, Satellites, TV, Celebrities, Prison, Government, Spiritual Gurus, Roads, Money, Share Market, Drugs, fight for justice, kids, Business, Thoughts, Temples, Leaders, Personalities, GOD etc.

Nothing Big deal about it..just a speck, if we are dropped in the Sun. Less than 0.1 second.

so humans HAVE CLARITY AND DO THINGS. See the Big Picture.

Still din’t get it minus the intelligence, what are humans made of some.

We have same things all the animals have skin,flesh,blood,cells,brains,heart, lungs etc.
Only Intelligence is extra.
Now we are ignoring the 99 percent and focussing on intelligence.
But intelligence should keep the 99 percent in mind about entire Earth/Universe/Creatures while thinking.

Problem is still we think with that one percent intelligence we will some how go on sorting out everything. It’s like this. We are Smart because of our technology.

We are thinking from that perspective. We are so dependent on our intelligence. That only is wrong, isn’t it.

It’s like we are afraid to admit we cannot leave without intelligence.

Tell me if you can’t leave without something is that the best thing.

Good thing in life should make you better. Not make dependent on it. NOT EVEN GOD. Otherwise, just like my wife, she loves me, she will do anything for me but she wants me atleast as her husband, if not for anything.

Tell me i made sure you achieved everything in life.

But is it right if i expect even a good relationship with you.

Isn’t that my weakness, God created but he wants you to love you back.

No way, please God will be like question is only wrong. I created you. Dot.

It’s like not the question of since humans (say eg: God/Jesus Christ) are dependent on other species (eg:Hell/Animals/Evil/Humans).

It’s like even if we are not dependent on other species we should Live & Let Live.

Why do i need clause of environmental pollution to trigger me.

Why do i need hell to come back on path of God?

Why do i need motivation of heaven to be Good?


Tell me what is true intelligence to be in fear – not to use intelligence.

To be arrogant – that intelligence enough. Okay, what if every human is only intelligent but physically disabled. How far will your intelligence take you. Intelligence of humans will gradually come down.

To be smart – Understand the limits of intelligence, anything can happen anytime, so use brains but know the limits.

BTW humans use less than 10% of brain. Maximum most of use is only 5 percent. So much for our intelligence. Nature is saying, that is all is required. Get it. You might start using 100% percent. But as i said what if you are born disabled.

See humans are machines or life. Human is also a life with blood, body etc.

Get it.

Choice is Yours. Again i m not saying which is intelligent thing to do.


If you put a person in forest and a frog, who will feel at home, except Bear Grylls.


I am not saying my answer is perfect and everyone will agree to it.

Everyone is free to disagree.

Be Whatever but don’t be motivated.

Don’t be scared.

Don’t be happy.

You should remain same no matter what happens. Let circumstances do whatever. That is God. Be it Hell/Heaven or something else.

It’s not like in next 100 years we took care of Earth and again we start our exploitation. Don’t have fear, have CLARITY. Get the big picture. If you don’t get it. Be calm, Be cool. Okay fine. I don’t agree with this guy.

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Judgement Day Let’s Judge

See its very simple.
I consider that people know when i am speaking about Judgement Day in Bible/Quran/Kalki Avatar. It is not just about judgement but right from let there be light to Adam to Jesus to Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) to the final judgement day.

If not the facts, hope we know the concept.
Great, now that we have basics established let’s go to the Judgement Day.
Usually its not good to take something out of context and judge.

But as i said i consider we all know the context.

So my point is I am not saying Judgement Day is wrong at all. I am not saying it will not happen.

I am just saying can they prepone judgement day -Yes.

Will God send you to hell on Judgement Day those who have not believed – Yes.

Do i need not worry about Judgement Day – Your Choice.

But i don’t care about Judgement Day- Yes, you are also right. How?

Simple, See its plain simple.

I know what happened from Adam to Ibrahim(Abraham) to Noah.
Then Jesus came. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) came and he was the last messenger.

Armageddon will happen.

I know Kalki, Jesus & Allah will come.

See any person can be put in coma today with medical science. So if all the people in the world are put in Coma. What will do now heaven, hell or what will even a Atheist in coma prove. What happens to Bible, Quran, Temples, Idols. Live & Let Live.Get the point. I know We are born in Sin.

All i am saying is I am simply not bothered.
It’s like i said all are in Coma. Then God will put the person in hell who put us in Coma. Rest all like new born, believers, baptized, born again will goto heaven.

Those who din’t bother will goto hell. Okay, they deserved it for not ignoring God.

What about those who were in dilemma to believe Jesus/Allah/Kalki?

God had given free will. Those people neither denied nor accepted.

It’s like i took 3 years to believe in Jesus. Now i still believe in Jesus.
See, Adam committed Sin.
I am sinner.
I had freewill so before I could choose, this is freewill things happened. I want justice
It looks more like freewill *Conditions Apply or *follow conditions like hidden costs.

I was sincere, I just wanted to be damn sure before I believed Jesus. But then same if something happens and Judgement day happens to someone else.
Is there any rule that any person should believe God in so many days?

Or is there any concept of intermediary Hell?

BTW i don’t read the bible.
I don’t share the bible.
But I don’t mind going to church.
Yes, i believe Jesus.

Anyway moving, It’s like we know right, people are mindwashed to become terrorists.

Imagine few people are to create a drug that will put all humans in coma. Not kill them, not affect them. Just coma.

Yes, around 100 people, hire them, train them.
On that based on all the countries in the world  they just need to buy a few charter planes or teach them to learn flying.

On fine day, they can all just plan and through air, the capsules be thrown all over earth or can be leaked or do the silent explosion.

Just need to carry that in a plane.
Can be spread throughout the world through say – spray, cloud burst, capsule/silent bomb etc. No sound, but big gas expansion. Full earth 10 years only cyanide.

Yes not even explosion. The bomb impact will be big.
Like a silent atom bomb. Like stool passed. Chuckles.
Yes few atom bombs but no sound but impact is same.

Each bomb no sound when explode but the drug is in air/atmosphere for 10 years.

Once humans inhale it is inside their system.

And all plants are now giving oxygen that will cause coma.

or wait Resident Evil, non-violence version.  Yes humans T-virus.
But humans are just zombies. No good/bad. Just pure vegetarian zombies.

Anyway here’s another – even plants also have so much control on us.

We think we are humans.
If all plants are killed in this world only we are gone case.

In fact the gas plan can be dropped.

What Judgement Day are we talking.

Need not even create a plan.

Yes, same people who are hired. If they are told don’t become terrorists. Just cut trees, plants anything that gives oxygen.

In few years, the person will achieve Judgement Day. But the cutters will goto hell along with the mastermind and rest will goto heaven. God checkmated is it?

So one psycho can just volunteer to put everyone in coma and choose few more cracks to execute the mission. So sad, those crack people went to hell, here we did all the nonsense and end up in heaven suddenly without even knowing.

No fighting of good and evil also.

No waiting for second coming.
Silently if everyone just decide to cut all the trees, plants anything that gives oxygen. Before we realize its all gone.

What are we talking?

All humans gone.

God bedazzled.

This is because we think only humans and only God.

Wake up, i say there are lot more things.

Get the big picture. God is God for every creature.

I am not saying you are wrong. Eat, do whatever.
I am saying please Live and Let Live.

See what is the worst case scenario.

Judgement Day. Hell/Heaven as per the divine word.

Let me tell you there is something worse and its not even evil. Its ENVIRONMENTAL.

I said okay what if someone pre-pones by just cutting all the flora in the world.

Don’t say its difficult.

It’s not even called Armageddon.

Becoz we think God will punish for our sins, we think these things.

I am saying imagine if God, yes just assume God will not punish for sins.

Then what will do. Anyway no purpose other chatting to God is it.

A tree – becomes manure, gives fruits to animals, gives oxygen to other life, shade, keeps water cycle going, its a medicine, used for huts/shelter, & don’t forget they were our first garments as well.

Going by current word of God, Currently, it looks like we are just delaying whatever will happen. So let us pre-pone it

I am not saying good will happen or bad will happen.

Get the big picture.

Forget Armageddon. Good vs Evil people and God Second Coming.
I am saying don’t get scared. Let Judgement Day happen when it will happen.

I am saying, let’s think about saving all the other creatures. Ignore Judgement Day. Let Lucifer/Satan & God do his job.

A common reaction when people see a bug is, “Eww… gross,” or “Kill it with fire!”  But have you ever thought about how important these little creatures are to the Earth, and the survival of the human race?

As it turns out, humans would be in big trouble if insects disappeared.  Within 50 years, all life on Earth would end.

“If insects were to disappear, the world would fall apart — there’s no two ways about it.
Yes, there would no longer be those pesky mosquito bites, no flies constantly buzzing around your head, no wasp stings, and no more insect-spread diseases such as malaria, west nile, or dengue fever — which kill hundreds of thousands of people every year.  Farmers would no longer need to use harsh pesticides to protect against insects.  According to the United States Department of Agriculture, more than 500 million pounds of chemicals are used annually to fight against bug infestations.

That sounds pretty good right?  Too bad most of us wouldn’t be able to reap the benefits… most of us would starve to death.  Approximately 80 percent of all Earth plants are angiosperms, or flowering plants, that require pollination from either bees, butterflies or other pollinating insects.  Sometimes the wind and animals are able to assist with pollination, but the majority is done by insects.  Without these pollinators, most plant life on Earth would disappear.

What humans will do then, forget Evil, think Green. So Environment is powerful then God is it? Point is Live & Let Live every Human & creature.

Nothing else matters.

Get the big picture.

Between 50 and 90 percent of the human diet comes from flowering plants, since angiosperms include the grains wheat and rice, as well as fruits and vegetables.  These food staples also make up the diets of the animals that people eat, including chickens, cows, pigs and most freshwater fish.  Most of our food is insect-dependent. If insects disappear, a lot of mammals and birds disappear, too, because if you don’t have insects pollinating, even those animals that don’t eat insects won’t have fruit and foliage to eat. It does have a domino effect.

It gets worse.

Have you ever thought it would be a good thing if dead trees, animal carcasses and human bodies did not decay as fast as they do now?  Well that is exactly what would happen.  Although there would still be bacteria and fungi, insects are also a huge part of the decomposing process; therefore, decomposition would take much longer.  Just imagine piles and piles of dead things.

What else could go wrong?

There would no longer be silk or honey.  If you have been following the news, we are seeing a massive decline in honeybees today — mainly because of pesticide exposure, climate change and habitat loss.  It may not be that much of a stretch to imagine a world without these dedicated pollinators.

So the next time you feel the need to kill a bug hiding in one of the corners of your house, maybe do what I do — grab a cup and a piece of paper and take it outside.  Not only are you saving the life of a fellow species we share this planet with, you are doing all of humankind an enormous favor.

This Judgement Day is getting easier. Now no need to even hire people.

Can just start online.
Start a group to kill all the insects in the world.

As it turns out, humans would be in big trouble if insects disappeared.  Within 50 years, all life on Earth would end.

I know science may invent capsules to eat as supplements.
I know may be science will create new insects.

But don’t you get it.
Isn’t your foundations SHAKING. Think.

Wait let me make it more easier. Even Judgement Day will start to get scared.

If all the honey bees in the world are killed. Just honey bees.

They are critical pollinators: they pollinate 70 of the around 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world.Honey bees are responsible for $30 billion a year in crops. That’s only the start. We may lose all the plants that bees pollinate, all of the animals that eat those plants and so on up the food chain.

So now yes, we have handful of few select things to eat. Vow Great this is worse than Judgement Day and i thought Judgement Day was bad. Man i need food not for the adults at least for sick,babies, old.
Let all the other humans starve. Later i will fight for good vs evil battle.

Don’t you get it. Get the big picture.
I am not saying you are wrong.
But nobody is wrong as well.
Do what is best. But Live & Let Live humans & all creatures.
Let any one believe anything or don’t believe anything.

Guys, don’t fight. God is everywhere in all the things he has created.
Need i say more, just becoz you have are not superior.

Don’t blame everything on God. I had rather get punished for killing the environment like insects, ants, honey bees then being a evil person on Judgement Day who only spread evil for humans.

Imagine a person, who made entire world green and gave a good earth.

But he killed all men and he was the antichrist. For all the other creatures Antichrist is the God. Vow..
So its not even Good vs Evil. Its Man vs Wild and lucifer just needs to go good to animals.

He need not even simply waste his time inside our spirits and wasting his time since resurrection.

Now Don’t say Antichrist has to be like this and that only. If he is the devil, the antichrist what you say, then he just needs to be saviour of all humans and kill all other flora & fauna.

Vow, suddenly Lucifer has a easy job to checkmate God.

Even if God wins, man at the cost of what, killing all animals, plants.
Imagine if Lucifer controls all the animals and makes them evil and commit self suicide. He can do that right.

All animals and trees if lucifer commands he can just make them suicide. Now God is in for some serious deadlock.

All the ghosts went into pigs. So don’t say animals don’t receive lucifer.

Lucifer just needs to choose few animal or plant species.  Not even all.

Its become God vs Environment supported by Lucifer. Vow.

Lucifer is not even fighting with God, he just checkmated him.

Jokes apart. First forget God. Be humans, its okay even if you are sinner.
Earth doesn’t need you. So you better keep mother Earth in good books.

Later think about Father God in Heaven.

We need animals, insects and all other creatures. God is everywhere.
It is what you believe which is fine. But don’t argue about that guru or this guru. This God, That God.

Finally understand We humans are not religion. We are not what word says. Ask other the tree, worms, insects, they will tell you, your true place.

First use your brain.

Believe. Let others Believe. Don’t fight. Go on.



Please….i leave the judgement DAY to you…Judge better..Don’t get scared and Judge.

And even if we survive killing all insects, honey bees, or coma gas, then it was Science that saved you. So all the Atheists are you God? But wait, you said no God right..But wait now you guys are God..Wait..What…Hey…

Can i think something else, like there is no Judgement Day – Yes. Even you are right. Point is Live & Let Live Humans and all Creatures.

If none of us worship God also it doesn’t matter. For now we need to save other creatures for us to live. Everything is connected, atleast realize now.
Fight less with other fellow humans atleast not in God’s name.

bestashok Answers spirituality

That God Go This God. This God Go That God. Atheists Says No God. Let’s Explore

Spirituality is not something you need to reach or acquire.
Its not like you need to become a businessman.
You need to be spiritual.
You can be rich and spiritual.
You can be poor and spiritual.
You can be evil and spiritual. It’s like i believe God but i am not able to get rid of my addiction.
Or what if you want to be just Practical.

How for example?

There is a serial rapist. He is in pscyhology ward.
One day in psychiatry hospital, there is a cardiac arrest to the psychiatrist who is a young female.
It’s raining heavily, no one else , no other doctors available.
You know what, they have know option but to call the serial rapist who was also a doctor.

Now which was superior? The logical practical guys who thought lets take a risk and allow the psycho to treat the female doctor.

Or the Spiritual side of the Psycho which finally came out to help the female doctor.

I say both are right and both are wrong.

How? See practically they passed because the psycho treated the female doctor.

But practically they failed because what will a serial psycho rapist do.

Spiritually the pscyho rapist passed because he treated the female doctor.

Spritually the psycho rapist failed because all these days he had raped.

Now don’t tell spirituality and practically varies on situations and person to person. And don’t create SpiritAtheism. As it is there are enough problems in the world.

The thing is get the point. Ignore the characters, stories, situations.
You take what you want.
I take what i want.
This one point.
But the main point is both of us should be ready to see each others view.
If not let us live and let live.

Now if the other person is going to argue with you – argue or ignore. (Believer)

Now if the other person is going to kill you – do what you can to not get killed. (Die hard Believer)

Now if the other person says you are also right – you can again agree or say don’t lie.  (Spiritual Person)

Or you can say i am not happy with the story. Whole thing is mindwash, smartass article. (Atheist, Practical Thinker)

I am saying, let it be. Be confident. Why you are getting insecure?

So if people like Sadhguru- good, you don’t like, put your views.

If someone says you are wrong Sadhguru – you defend or ignore, but do with reasons. If not convinced ignore.

If Zakir Naik says – i will goto hell, i say okay great. Thank you Sir. Atleast i know where i am going. But i request you please not get angry that i am not following what God wants.

BTW my first God was Jesus. No comparison. I just said i know the truth, if Jesus is God. He will know what to do for me to be in Heaven.

My Atheist friend says its okay man. I wish you the best. Pray for me but i will choose something else. What can i Say? He beat us all. Look at his foolishness, yes it is foolishness alright but he is best foolish. He is best.

Like a Ant, Lion think they are best. Yes, try fighting even one to one with a big rat. Trust at least out of 100 man to 100 rat conflict, one human will be gone case.

Yes, story has loopholes, its not possible.
Not many will agree.

Point is not that let the story be full of loop holes.

What is the moral of the story apart from the wisecracks/trolls, critical analysis.
What is one of THE THINGS the story is about.

Very simple, when we are born only everyone has something.
You call it life.
I say spirit.
Some say Morality.
Some say Ethics.
Some are by mistake born as Pscyhos, Mentally insane, can’t do much.
Some are mentally retarded.
Some just go by what they see and need proofs like Atheists/Scientists.

Yes, leave a person alone in jungle and that person might have completely something different, his own thing like say Animality instead of Spirituality, Being Practical or Say Atheist. He will be none of us.

Or imagine there is no one else on this earth right now. Right now.

Just one human. Not Even Eve. Just You & Planet. Get the point.

You don’t know any language. Yes, i know God created Adam,Eve.
And so my logic is wrong. As i said, yes i am wrong.

Please still leave me. I beg of you. I respect you. I will come pray wherever, whenever you want. But let me choose my freewill without conditions apply.

Don’t you get it.
It’s not about God.
Nobody needs to forced/mindwashed/read/follow/practice/worship/think to what needs to be done.
Whom you have to follow.

You can think and do.
You can worship God and do.

You can worship idols and do.

But do something that is like Live & Let Live.

So don’t look at the loopholes/weakness/facts or inaccuracies in the book, person, rituals, God, idols, methods, yoga, temples, church, mosques.

Yes, now you got the concept right. No God. Then Good Atheist Be happy.
I say apple is sweet. Let me Believe in God.
Someone else Believe God is Allah.

Don’t look at who is correct or superior. Atleast Don’t fight unless the person forces his will on you. Yes, then do what you need to defend yourself and save yourself.

So He says apple is juicy.

Someone says apple was tasteless. Gave my dog an apple, he puked disgustingly..

No one of our fingerprints in a human match. Not even Siamese twins.

What does it show, you can follow your own, follow someone else or don’t follow.


So if you feel, some shit guru is shit, Please have the capacity to prove him wrong.

If you hate him, but have the commonsense to be calm and prove someone he is wrong. But also the humility to accept if some wisecrack proves you wrong.

So as i said, remember the apple…all are humans, but apple was different for all. Yes, i know wisecracks, die hard believes and practical holmes are saying  i am &*(^^***. Gone crazy.

Exactly, i respect your views, you guys feel my opinions are wrong.

I am saying. Learn to Co-exist, say thank you or even if i don’t agree with you. This is the point. If i aruge, abuse you, fight with you, then you do what is right. But just coz i have different opinion, belief..Please..

Okay imagine i am the world’s best musician after AR Rahman.

But i am a psycho thief. So yes, punish put me to jail.

But don’t say my music is demonic.

If it is demonic, okay let it be for you, but not everyone and don’t say mindwash.

What about people who like the music, what about the people whom i inspire to become good musicians.


So point is ignore the person, his voice, his tone, his past life, current life, future life. Get to the matter of the story. Is it Good for you. Good Else, be smart Ignore, why argue or hate?

If you are Atheist, so go tell Michael Schumacher see i told you there is No God.(With all due to respect for the Racer).

If you are one of those who are ready for the Judgement Day is coming and booking tickets to heavens, for the near ones, dear ones and mindwashed ones. I say what about someone who is born
deaf,dumb, blind, no hands & legs, So No Calligraphy. We are all born in Sin right, Now What?

Okay, since Jesus already died for sins, the baby that is born like that has not committed any sins, so no hell for that baby. But it has to suffer lifelong. Vow God. Great. A ticket to heaven but
life like hell on earth especially what about the parents, relatives of that kid. Now don’t say God tests on earth and anyway heaven is permanent.
Okay, anyway body is mud, why worry, spirit is permanent right. Ok.

Vow and if fail i will goto hell? just coz he wanted me to write a exam called life, i have to pass and look at the stakes – it is hell for eternity..My God, that’s scary..Yes, i got my chances but i say i don’t want exam..So my spirit also has chances of going to suffer.

My spirit, i choose my subject and God is the best teacher. Debate end.

Trust me Good teacher will always find a way.
If student doesn’t like a subject, he knows how to make the student good at something else.

After all isn’t a true teacher supposed to guide the student.
Being educated, exam I can sit at home and do correspondence also.

It’s like If I read the holybooks Bible/Quran, then will goto heaven just by sitting at home till death.

Imagine, I am tenth standard kid, till date i just did nothing and read the holy words, Vow is that all. In that case i already got my ticket to heaven right.

Yes, i also know that not all believers goto to heaven. So point is you are saying i will goto heaven only if i do something. See again, but that is not what i want to do.

I hate exams, assignments.

Man this is life, why isn’t it a white paper and no results. Just writing.

So what if i fail in life, so what if i later someone mindwashed me to be Atheist but till tenth standard I was a hardcore holy believer. Only one God.

Point is I don’t want to pass or fail. Or once i pass, i don’t want to keep on feeling insecure that i will fail. I pass I am fully responsible. I fail I am fully responsible.

I damn care if i pass or fail also. This is what i want. I don’t want to be worried. It’s so silly.

See its not about ticket to heaven…Yes, your point is right. I agree Jesus, came to the earth, Yes there is no proof denying that.
The Bible is true. I agree, say there is no mistakes also i agree. But all i am telling is let it be.
Anyway no one can be without committing sins on the earth. I see a murder, i am coward. But that’s okay God forgives my sin because Jesus already died for sins.

As i said and I admit Yes, Jesus is God. He is the saviour. All i am saying is can i have the freewill with *No CONDITIONS APPLY.
I have admitted yes, Jesus is God. But do i have the freewill *NO CONDITIONS APPLY.

So Now can i say something. Can you let me live. I will not bother you. I will come if you want me to worship, shout out to the whole world. Yes i know Jesus, I love God.
But all i am asking is Please let me live and don’t say others are wrong.

Thank You.

As for other God/Allah, Almighty or Atheists.
Point is not about God.
I am saying i want to be a writer. You say writers are crap.
You say its science which runs the world.
All i am saying is please if you know the truth, you think you are superior species, have better lifestyle to me, thoughts than me.
I request just one thing.
It’s as i said i am not right, but since you are superior species, have proven scientific thoughts or pragmatic thoughts.
I just request one thing…Please love me for who i am, even if i stab you in the back tomorrow, please since you are superior, instead say hey you needed anything else.

I am not saying show your cheeks. See the situation, person and the point he has.

See if someone is raping someone, if you have no other options, do whatever is required to stop that injustice, if you can.

But let’s not say he shouldn’t have killed(Die hard Believers), he shouldn’t have just watched(Practical thinkers), he should have saved her(Spiritually Enlightened) or say the victim was wearing wrong clothes(God fearing Believers).

See let God do his job. You do your best,talk,share,defend,stand by what you can do. But after a point don’t do anything out of frustration.

Do what is the most right thing if you felt. But don’t say other person deserved it. Let’s stop it at that.. You did, said what is required but don’t feel pity that person is wrong also.

EXPRESS YOUR TRUE OPINIONS, FACTS, TRUTH, BELIEFS, SAY other person is wrong but if he is not agreeing based on the situation either prove him wrong, make him lose, punish him but do what is the best and not what you feel is right.

It’s like this imagine all lions are just the size of a small new born chick. Will we be afraid of the tigers, lions, if they attack us, if they were tiny creatures..yes may be but after of death..

Same thing be afraid of God if you want and follow but don’t become angry, judge others, feel sympathy, or love others for God, leave others for God. Then what is the point. God din’t leave you for all the shit but left them is it.

So we are all looking in different views, there is no right or wrong views.

It’s like this you say rape is wrong.
I say yes, rape is wrong, will i keep watching if someone is raping. No, i will do whatever to stop that, if i can.

But the problem is imagine if every man knows he will get aids if they rape a girl. What if nature had made women in such a way that without a women’s consent if someone raped her, the person would
be infected with HIV/AIDS. Even if they wore condoms, even if they touched a women, if nature had given a women power like that.

Or like snake, any women if she is physically handled without her consent, if nature had created a snake/cyanide like venom which if enters through inhale, touch. Yes, I know humans are pervert, they
would wear suits an all to prevent HIV/AIDS and still risk raping a women. So the imagination.

So i am saying what if cyanide like poison came out from every women who was touched without her consent and they would inhale and die it. Now what if the stupid man found gas masks or vaccination for cyanide.

Or best if any man ejaculated without a women’s consent insider her or outside her would die or anywhere else would die.
But again loophole what about retrograde ejaculation.

So the point is not rules, the point is freedom to follow what they want without disturbing others.

So you see this will go one, nothing is foolproof..

So get the point.
You are saying is rape is bad.
I am saying yes rape is bad but every male has to be taught to respect females from the start at home.
Rapes will still happen but there will be huge change in society.
So yes punish rapes strictly but long terms find solution soon.

Same, its not about God, Spirituality, Being Atheist, High Fi Practical Thinker.  
It is everyone’s choice, give the choice and freedom to the person.
You know you have met the true God. Please share it to the person.
But don’t worry, you have done your bit.
Keep faith in God knowing that you did your best even if the other person is about to hurt you for telling about God.

Trust me God will do the this is my thought ha….chuckles..

I Say Yes, Allah is God.  Prophet Mohammed(PeaceBeUponHim). I know how all the previous messengers were sent, and final is Quran and Prophet Mohammed(PUBH) is final messenger and on the judgement day what will happen. Yes, Allah is my God. You have a problem.

Jesus is the only Way. He is my first God. I only have Bible at my home.

I believe in Shiva, Ganesha and Mariamman but I hate superstitious beliefs.

I also respect who says no God, I love the logic of Thinkers. BTW i was hardcore NO God Guy till i met Jesus.

But i get the point. 2+2+4,




0+4=4 (If that’s what Scientist/Atheist/Humanity Thinks)

All of us right. It is wrong only when we want to Live & Don’t Allow others to Live.

Let us be beyond everything.
Just You & God.
But free to what follow you want and allow others to be free, to follow what they want.

See any person can be put in coma today with medical science.
So if all the people world are put in Coma. What is God, heaven, hell or what will a Atheist in coma do..

Live and Let Live.

I am Hindu but i want to follow God my way and let you follow how you want but not force, feel pity or attack me for following what i want.

Let us be in Coma with God. You be in your coma with God.
Let me be in Coma with God.
If i disturb your coma with God, do what you want but don’t say i am in coma, dilemma, born in sin, following wrong things.

As i said, if you are in coma, you are only gone case…So..Live & Let live. Get the point, let me get my point. And its okay if the others  don’t get the point.