Prove how just doing Yoga can change the world with scientific proof?

Scientific proof of how just simply doing yoga improves the world as well.

Even patanjali mentions it.

In the vicinity of coherence (coherence – meaning union/yoga in this context) hostile tendencies are eliminated – Yoga Sutra 2.35

This was done by using the most powerful of all yoga, the yogic flying sutra. 

So in 1976, 1977 Maharishi taught the practice of Yogic flying sutra. Maharishi found this as a great shortcut to the creation of peace for the entire human race as well.

He saw that even if 1 percent of square root of people practicing yogic flying technique together in a group at the same time from that vicinity or locality, found that the entire locality witnessed positive progress and reduction in all miseries/evils.
These people did the practice and saw the changes recorded in the world.

Further to test if practicing yoga really improves the society, the group went and practiced in lot of troubled countries and the proofs can be seen.

See the video and the proofs of benefit to the world in the charts shown in the video.

Scientists have publicly shared as well what would happen even if square root of one percent of the human population practiced yoga. From reduction of crime to even gains in stock market is seen.