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Comment: whatever,…I just do understand this eccentric man’s logic of Raising the game,..but…oneday one may become a bill gates, that time, don’t go trumpeting around saying to the entire world that my father forced me to do this, mom was not kind, wife was itchy,..etc etc. Say some kind and good words about your family,..because if you bad mouth your family,..people will come to know who you are and were you ought to belong no matter even if you have the yogic jokic skill to show the people the way to Heaven 🙂

Hey i never said your path is wrong.
Please i never said you are wrong.

I appreciate your practical ways of the world.

All i am saying is there are many paths to life.

Sadhguru maybe, looks eccentric, rich, cocky, fake to you. I don’t want to change your opinions.

All i am saying nowhere its written i have to be poor and spiritual.

Its like why do actors earn so much of crores.

Trust me most actresses say Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Lady Gaga etc make more money than all the geeks, technologist, expert CEOs of the world.

I mean common just by acting, being on stage you can become rich. Now can i say acting is superior path to be rich or its useless.

While technically speaking every farmer is the one who runs the world. If all stop farming what will we all eat.

What if all farmers say they should get crores?

But without soldiers guarding at border what will we all do. I wont become Bill gates, if there is no one guarding my country.

Like that Sadhguru is telling human life is beyond just acheiving things, be it good or bad.

Now just because he is rich, famous why do you expect him to donate every penny of what he earns.

Should Sachin, Amitabh donate ever penny they earn.

Then why you expect spiritual people to be simpletons.

Again its our assumption that Sadhguru is pocketing crores and even if he is what is wrong. He is earning like Katrina Kaif. Can i say Katrina is useless.

He his doing is job as a successful spiritual guru.

A successful doctor makes money. AR Rahman i am sure charges crores. But Rahman is good, Sadhguru should not make money, why?

Nobody is forcing anyone to donate money. Yes if you are afraid people are mind washed, trust me if not Sadhguru there will be someone else who will mindwash people. Lets not bother about people being mindwashed.

Say if Bill Gates tomorrow becomes like Sadhguru there is nothing wrong coz he was , he is rich.

Btw Sadhguru too was quite well to do before he jumped to spirituality. He made money 60-70k at age if 17.

For Isha foundation land he paid four times the price and brought the land in 1990s.

Its his business money. He put, not a single penny he took donation when he started.

Later he stopped working.

He could have become a rich successful CEO.

Considering his acumen, communication alone for his age he connects well even with today’s young. Which means in 1990s if he had entered or continued his business he would have surely become bigger than Azim Premji, Narayan Murthy etc. just for his magnetism and high interactive nature.

I mean at his age i dont see too many indians who can relate to all age groups today.

Eg: Let he be fake, but put Rahul Gandhi, Sadhguru, Azim Premji, Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, or even Bill Gates are starting a company. I won’t say whose company people will go to. But Sadhguru wont be in last place.

So he could have been more rich, more famous as well.

He dint want that’s all.

May be his approach is premium, urban because if i start selling something from village or grass root things, it might not catch up fast in the world.

But if urban working class, global audience catch up and if they are exposed, he feels he can make a better world. Now you say its mind wash. I say its a better way to change the world.

Now will you accept me or even notice me if i sit under a tree. I might take more time. But is it rule i should not do spirituality in a modern way.

So he wants to be, dress, talk, behave and even potray himself in a certain way.

Yes, i still give you benefit of doubt may be comparing to vivekanada, Ramakrishna etc he is not doing spirituality like them.

But his approach i said you.

And nowhere Sadhguru says his way is the only way.

For you he is wrong, ignore.

Its like this, even if every human stopped do everything what they did. Earth, universe, will not collapse.

Yes no need farming. Nature produces enough things to eat. We don’t have to cook food. Get it. So farmers are actually not required but situation today is different. Cant tell everyone to stop cooking suddenly.

Same way why expect Sadhguru to teach to only poor people or for free.

Same with Soldiers. If all humans are left to themselves, and dont form groups, nations, gangs. Yes, one or two humans will fight but no need for armies as well. But situation?

Eg: Its like sports stadium, people from different background sit but they don’t fight. So same if we are in society like no need armies.

Yes, there will be problems, lot of things will go bad but point is if it was not Bill Gates someone else would have been rich.

If it was not Sachin someonelse.

I follow them, they are my idols, i too earn, make my living, and familiar with ways of the world. But life is beyond all this.

Even after being Bill Gates, i will not be satisfied. As of May 16, 2013,Bill Gates had donated US$28 billion to the foundation.
My God 28 Billion US Dollars.
That too US Dollars.
Life is beyond what we see.

Just saying there is something BEYOND all this.

There is one more dimmension. Not necessary i have to be rich or successful to experience it.

Not neccessary you have to quit everything or donate everything to touch that dimmension.

And only a human can touch this dimmension.

All what you are saying is will not even be a factor if there are only 100 people living in the world.

It wont matter even i become Bill Gates if there only 100 people in this world.

Remaining 99 people can just easily survive even without penny from me. Nature already has everything.

But if there are just 100 or even 7.5 billion people there is a dimension that every human can touch, where time, space, do not matter. It won’t matter whether you become Bill Gates or Not .

If not you some one else will become Bill Gates. But only you can choose to be happy no matter whatever happens around you. This nobody can STOP.

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as long as one is in this lovely society which we live, at the appropriate age, one needs to attend school, college and do all possible things to get somewhere in life to have a better career, look after ones life and parents,elders..etc.His dad studied and became a doctor and served people in an era when physician were rare,.. his dad brought up not one but four children, does that mean his father was just doing survival and trying to survive like somebody ? atleast he must of said thanks to his dad in the speech, for what this man has come so far. Already some of the youth of this era are going haywire getting into all sorts of nonsense , added to this ,this man is brain washing youth telling all kinds of hopeless illogical and eccentric stories.


Sir you are right.
That is what he’s telling.
He used to make money remember, 60-70k at age of 17. He had.
He did goto college.
He is not against any system.

He’s telling raise the GAME.

He’s telling we should be in such a situation or position in life where survival – food, water, shelter is not a issue.

This should not be a big deal for a human because even animals also do same thing.

Point is we do it with EMIs, loans, cars, marriage, kids, job, friends, sometimes even our ambitions, bikes list goes on.
All are just indirectly linked to our survival.

He’s telling raise the Game.
Even if all these things are taken away can you live life.

Be like that. Yes, not much success you achieve or fear of society.

Anything can happen but are you in a zone to still live life without feeling insecure.

He’s telling first make sure you are well settled in the sense you know how to survive.

Not gather things for survival.

Well settled meaning make sure you survive. Life is running.

But point is we get stuck, one after another thing. Goes on.

Point is if a street dog or any creature for that matter, atleast everyday most animals can find food, water, shelter, should it be a life long activity for a human.

I mean if we really are so smart as humans, i should be able to survive with ease.


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Why Sadhguru don’t did studies? Reply to Comments by

Question – If I want to buy real estate will not buy a house site but an entire town !!! nice contradiction sir,..When you don’t want own a house why are you asking for a town ?? ok, even if you buy a town, not necessarily that it must be on an elephant corridor right ?


Raise the game. That is what he’s telling. Life life king size. If you want to survive, why just a house. Buy a entire city.

As for elephant corridor – Entire disctrict is NO ELEPHANT CORRIDOR ZONE.
This is a fact. You can see the government orders.

Now dont say Isha influenced government to notify entire district for their one single foundation.

BTW Karunya University is there in same district. So no way Isha can get away with this. Hope you get what i am saying. Isha cant lie, they will be caught.

As for boulders, its like i am a PM of country giving speech but you are seeing the ink spilled on my shirt and saying how can a PM dress like this.

If PM dresses well, again so much money he’s wasting.

Point is you missed my speech. So go deep, don’t look at things with an already decided mind.

Truth will come out. You don’t look for truth coz then you will see what you already decided in your mind.

Should i explain now why i planted rose plants instead of trees in my house. So Y boulders???

As for Isha being money minded, exactly he’s doing spirituality King Size.

Now you say he is also behind money. He is just faking.

You are almost there but he is beyond money, rich, fame.

He is telling us the same thing. Reach a posistion in life where nothing matters.

Isn’t that what we all want, a posistion where nothing in my life goes wrong.

He’s telling be in a position to live even if everything goes freakish TRAGIC in your life.


Its possible because only you can be happy. No one can make you sad. You think this bull.

But you feel you can earn, marry, have kids, have a house etc. Come on wife, kids, house all external factors. Is it all in your hands…its a joke

Right now as we read this comments anything can happen to wife, kids, house.

But can i keep my thoughts under my control.

I am not saying you should not feel sad or not get angry if something bad happens.

But most of times we are dependant on something. Even aim, emotions, love. Which is again external.
As i said what if we goto coma suddenly. Or as i said entire earth nuked. Now.

You, me all gone. Even Sadhguru. Understand reality of life.

He’s telling raise the game, even if your aim is just survival but don’t get entrapped by your goals, even if you achieve it or fail in it.

Bit complicated, difficult to agree, i will sound like a blind follower but tell me which is more tough.

To be happy irrespective of situation or be happy on my aim, success, family, love etc…

Earth is just size of speck in entire universe.

In this speck, what is my ambition, what am I? How big i mean?

With this reality, live life, not survive.

Just four stupid people can Nuke the entire planet right away.

So what happens to all humanity, their plans, ambitions etc.

Life is something beyond what we all see, think, hear, read, felt. You can only experience so much life.

So why not have MORE, MAXMUM EXPERIENCE OF LIFE while you can.
Experience it. That is what he’s telling.

Be Beyond everything, even your thoughts. What if they don’t come true.

If they come true that’s it. Full stop. You are happy with what you have.

I am saying no full stop, infinite happiness.

Tell me you want so much only. Okay but which is superior logic.

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What is the purpose of life? How to get a perfect life?

Let me cut the long story short.
Out of the 100 crop species that provide us with 90% of our food, 70% are pollinated by bees. It’s that simple.
Bees are the primary initiators of reproduction among plants, as they transfer pollen from the male stamens to the female pistils.

While bees are not the only pollinators we have (bats, birds, butterflies, and some flies can do this work, too), they’re by far the best creatures for the job. In part, this is because they need pollen to feed their larvae, so they’re biologically driven to gather the stuff. Other pollinators visit flowers only to suck nectar, and any pollen that sticks to them in the process is a happy accident.

“Additionally, most [bee] species are fuzzy, and those hairs attract pollen grains, making the bees even more likely to pollinate,”

Within just three months of our last bee dying off, producers would be facing record low harvest yields. In cities, grocers would be scrambling to explain to consumers why almond butter costs had tripled. Within six months, many farmers—especially small-scale operations—would likely face tough choices about converting their fields to wheat. By the end of the first year, “we’d have a very bland and boring diet.

Most importantly, a chain of reaction would have been set up which is irreversible. Not to forget we are already living in a world so soiled and toxic that we’d have much bigger problems.

Now coming to your point, even if the entire humans species is extinct right now, the earth will still go on minus all the pollution etc.
In fact the planet will become better right in a larger context.

So hope you got your answer.
The question is not about having purpose.
Why do we humans thing we are above the system, we are also part of a huge system, there is no special purpose.

We can’t run faster than dog, fly like a crow, fight like a lion, strong as an ant.
Yes, we do have some benefits but compared to these creatures there are lot of drawbacks we have right. So why do you want purpose in the first place, when we are not even the best species.

We are just better than some species.

In fact, after the world goes extinct, cockroaches will still roam the earth and they have been here since the dinosaurs.

It’s just that we have complicated, we have to earn money to eat food.
No other creature on the planet does this. Get it.
Yes, civilization has a come far way and things can’t be reversed. You have to go with flow.

But to answer your question, there is no specific purpose for humans.
You are free to do whatever you want.
Thing is whatever we do, we don’t realize that we are part of the system and we need keep this in mind before doing anything.

That’s why there is always seeking in almost every human being. What is my purpose? Because we are doing the wrong things.
We are not realizing that we are a cog in the wheel, we are not the wheel. Yes, to an extent we can understand the big picture but that is just part of the complete picture.

It’s like no matter how much you learn about life, earth, galaxy, spirituality, etc, it will still be drop in the ocean, like that.
As far as perfect life is concerned, again there is no such thing.

Just a example: Imagine you did all the things and became successful but just when you are about to enjoy the rewards of your success, you die. Not being negative.

All i am telling there is no purpose of life. You are free to what you want. But keep in mind the big picture that you are part of a bigger system. So do i need to say what not to do…now..if we use your common sense, we will know what to do?

Now coming to perfect life, as i said you have every right to get a perfect life but there is no guarantee you will enjoy it. So again, perfect life is a mindset.
There are people with all troubles and still happy and there are people who have everything and very miserable. Perfect life is a mindset. Dot.

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What can entrepreneurs learn from professional sports persons?

Take the example of a cricket match or a badminton match or any sports for that matter. I am sure most of us who follow the sport have the ability to predict the game 7 out of 10 times correctly. However, when the same comes to our business or real life, most of the times, we somehow are dumbstruck, think a lot more, not sure etc.

So the next time you are in a business situation or for that matter any situation, see it as a cricket match or a badminton match and think what you would do to win that game. I am sure you would win 7 out of 10 situations. Dont worry about losing that one game a.k.a situation.

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What life form is God?

There’s always an other answer but for some reason with a decent conviction I feel the image of God should reach a decent end with this answer. Not being overconfident but just with strong conviction, here’s my answer.

Firstly, we must understand that as humans we are part of a larger system and in this system God is probably far superior or the ultimatum.

So for eg: Can your mobile phone tell about other mobile phones or tell about other electronic devices. Your mobile phone, yes can your mobile phone no matter however smart and with artificial intelligence in the near future, it will never be able to do more than what it was designed to do by a creator.

Similarly, we as humans, no matter however smart and with abundance of self intelligence and consciousness will never be able to judge something superior to us.

Yet again I reiterate that humans are also part of a system, so for me to tell about the system or God or the entire creation or make sense of the creation I have to be out of the system and not inside it.

Your desktop computer cannot think, help or work beyond a certain capacity. Only if the so called feature is given it will start to do that.

So only if the humans are given the so called features to realize the creator we will be..or from an atheist perspective only if we find the missing feature, we will be able tell about God oops..or the Omnipower, Quasar or nature or whatever name one would like to give.

However yet one must come to the fact that not everything can be comphrended or made meaning of by the human mind. It has its own limits and there will be always things which we cannot explain. This is a fact we have to come to terms with and offcourse a fair bit of personal experience is also required on both to agree on this topic or not to agree as well.

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What is the difference between ordinary work and Karma yoga and what is the test for same?

Difficult times one must say..though you want to do karma, in this kaliyuga or modern age you will not be able to do that as well. For example, you can’t fight against every evil in your society or do always what is right. Thereby you are not doing a karma (in this case not doing anything) for which you will face the consequences (Not trying to scare you, but you chose karma yoga, so you will face its consequences).

In cases, where you have the power to set something right (again what is right varies from person to person) and if you do something with the right intention, that is enough. Offcourse, sometimes inspite of doing something right with the right intention you will have to face the music. Eg: You foiled a murder but then your life might be in danger, you might be threatened or even avenged. So there you have it “karma yoga is doing -(can be not doing also- eg: studies, overdoing -earning money/fame or half heartedly – eg: work at office).

Also karma yoga is not expecting anything in return.

So, atleast do everything with the right intention and sooner or later, if not this birth, the next birth you will surely, eventually we will all reach there. Good will always prevail over bad. This is the only truth.

P.S: Some of you might not agree with this answer and others will have a lot of questions. The answer has to do a lot with realization and the experiences one gets. But end of the day there is nothing right or wrong, we will all eventually reach there. So don’t worry. Only thing is it varies from person to person. But especially for those who are already conscious of karma, spirituality, soul and still stuck in the MAYA, like have anger, greed, procastination, lust (THEY KNOW THE TRUTH BUT STILL COME BACK TO THEIR WORLDLY WAYS) it will be a little tough, coz we know what we are doing is not upto the mark to reach the DESTINY but still in worldly ways.

But, as i said don’t worry, you reached this far, you will cross the hurdle and be there….but ya don’t stop the search and be SINCERE.

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Are there any spiritually enlightened people living today?

hmm..sorry to be blunt but the reason you might be asking this question is either just out of curiosity or you also want to be enlightened. You could have come to the point directly.

Anyway, atleast you have the seeking for the ultimate. Good.

Enlightment as Jayesh Kumar put it is a mindset (again varies from person to person or say soul to soul).

It is not the end. And as Shreyansh Dubey also points out there are many who are and who teach you, guide you through the path to enlightenment, they dont make business out of it, they do it for free.

It does not mean once you are enlightened you will always remain there. You will have to always be conscious and strive to be in that state. For example: Ambani might be the richest man but trust me he has problems of his own. Even he will have sleepless nights atleast once. Similarly, when you reach enlightened stage doesn’t mean you have conquered everything and can never go wrong henceforth.

Eg: Even Buddha was tested for his mental purity. He had to face temptations of every sort. He had to face Mara. It was only then, and not till then, that he had illumination under the Bodhi tree in Gaya.

Even Visvamitra and Parasara who were living on leaves, air and water who were enlightened were victims of lust, what should be the fate of worldly people?

There are many saintly persons indeed, but they are interested only in their own deliverance. Not caring for the big cities and towns, they go to the Himalayas or the forest to meditate with vows of silence [mauna-vrata]. They are not interested in delivering others. These people are also enlightened because based on their previous karma they will not like to give big lectures, start ashrams, satsangs etc. They also know that this is what is wanted of them.

Then there those who do not wish to be liberated alone, leaving aside all the poor fools and rascals. They wish to bring them back to shelter. They have real compassion and social service towards society.They are not selfish in enjoying their spiritual successes, unlike any materialistic person. They cannot tolerate the sufferings of humanity which is due to IGNORANCE of the self. Again this is based on their life experience, previous karmas.

But we must be cautious and ALERT ,should not get carried and cheated away from BOGUS and UNAUTHORISED ” gurus and sadhus”.

So, even if you get a list of the enlightened people now, it will be of not much help.

So, in your case start searching and you will find the enligtened. Because the person enligtened to me might not be enlightened to you.

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Does spirituality have any sense in a country like India?

God has given us a great gift in the form of this human body. The only purpose of this human birth, which is very difficult to get, is to realize God and hence terminate this incessant cycle of birth and death.

So, if you see any activity performed with the only aim of realizing the ultimate will not affect the world. In fact, the problem of the entire human world is because of running behind other things.

For example: Tell me one thing the earth cannot run without – stock markets, nano technology, hospitals, schools, rocket science, mobile phones, governments, you see yes, there is not a single thing created by man is required on this nature. You could very well leave your job, family, business, money and still survive with what nature has provided. In fact, agriculture is also against the nature, your converting forest lands, using natural resources. Why did you have to be greedy, nature provides plenty to eat. we had agriculture to feed more people.

No animal or plants, nothing in the world goes against nature. Lion is still doing what it was doing since existence, ants are doing what they do since existence, it is only humans in the hope of good future have started accumulating everything thereby disturbing nature and then also do forest conversation, fight for animal rights, save environment.

We were never supposed to dominate nature or even manipulate nature, we forget that we are also part of nature. So what if we are humans and are slightly smart then other creatures by thinking.

I mean we thinking creatures, humans from last 5000 years of thinking with some of the best brains, what have we done to this earth, today its a fight out there..what have we brought this earth to.

Realize everything is maya, the humans and for that every creature is beyond just this body, look deep who are you?

Just look up the sky, see the stars, moon, sun, even the small plants that stand in the heat or in the cold, they are stronger than us. Tell me most humans survive standing in ice cold water survive the next day, most fishes will survive. Trees will survive, plants will survive, So what are we humans thinking we are superior of, if we simply can’t stand in rain or sun or ice cold water. Just see the plant in your garden standing in the rain from the time it was sown, most of us will die even if we stand for few hours.

Yes, if there is one thing that is permanent then …it is your spirit, your not just a name, not just a employee or husband or a wife or a brother or a sister..come out of it, the human spirit is beyond this..that is why inspite of everything at their disposal still humans find no satisfaction..because we are all running behind something..the running behind will continue until we find the true self..spirituality is relevant everywhere…keep spirituality as the primary and LIVE your life according to it..i am not telling be will find the difference…once you reach this state, you will know why spirituality is not only relevant but it is the answer to all the problems.

In short, nothing is of use in this world. Not even the greatest of inventions, not even the greatest of theories, we are just complicating. This cycle will continue until we realize the ultimate truth.spirituality…

I saw this pic on quora on some other question..understand this is what a human is …not just a physical body with intelligence and relations and attitude, jobs, salary packages, gizmos, etc…he is beyond that..this is WHO WE ALL ARE?

I mean what is the size of the earth on this universe, who are we in this entire universe, just a speck….the universe is beyond comphrension. so do you think all this just for earning money, name and fame. Not even the moon is bothered about the earth…I mean just think about it..The sun can just annihilate the entire earth in a fraction of a second, and here we fighting for promotions, rights and what not..independence..

So now that you know the entire world including yourself is illusion and the spiritual self is the ultimate truth, you will not create problems in the first place, and even if problems are there, you will not worry in the second place.

Wake up, friends, from this mire of illusory Samsara now. Passion has wrought great havoc in you as you are drowned in Avidya. How many millions of fathers, mothers, wives and sons you have had in previous births! This body is full of impurities. What a shame it is to embrace this filthy body! It is mere foolishness only. Give up Moha for this body.

Remember that you are not this perishable body of flesh and bones. You are the immortal, all pervading,

Keep an eye on yourself, tell yourself all this is just a illusion, its a big dream, you just be a witness to everything around you..very soon, you will realize the truth..and that nothing matters..not poverty..not corruption..not malnutrition.

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Is it possible for a human being to get Lord Rama Darshan as earlier saints had? If so, what should one do?

The very fact that you are asking this question you have realized God a.k.a. Lord Ram.

God is there in everything, so he has already manifested to you in the form of knowledge. Yes, you now have the knowledge that Ram is there, he is God.

There are people who will just mock at this answer, there are people who are just living their lives, making money, parties, inventions, investing in share market, playing, enjoying partying hard, trying hard to get material things.

Worst there are people who know God but still go back to material ways.
So you are lucky he has already shown you the true meaning, who is nothing but God.

Now you are asking can i meet Ram physically in his poorna avatar.
Decided for yourself is it worth it. If it’s worth it knowing God he will not deny you. Think about it.