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What are the best methods of pain relief especially after work out ?

Your intentions are right for a healthy living but the question is wrong. Sorry for being upfront. Human body was never meant to build muscle upon muscles. If we can’t make a Ape like a man then why the hell humans who are considered to be Pinnacle of evolution want to become something else.

The very fact u r getting pain means ur body is telling to stop.Listen to ur body. REMEMBER HUMAN BODY NEVER LIES. Stop IT if ur feeling pain. However u could also have a high lactic acid which only means your level of pain resistance is low. Which is if u feel pain or ur muscles burning while doing a short run, cycling or any physical activity..its fine.

But if ur pain is coming after heavy workout, then it means ur muscles are not repairing or healing. See in short during a work out u r breaking ur muscles and then having a good protein diet so that u get the muscle size n shape u want.

Also apart from the glitz and glory and looks..I don’t see one good damn reason of survival for a human body to build muscles beyond a point. Nothing against body builders..have huge respect for Arnold and the likes.

Just expressed my opinion who believes in simple living high thinking. Try to be as minimal as possible like how a bird, lion or even the great elephants who never eat, desire or try to become something unnecessary. After all we have one Earth, what are we leaving for our future generations.

Theyll be really cursing us. The big picture I m trying to give is if today our concern is about reducing pain after workout clearly says a lot about our other desires, needs as well.

However Considering the question is sincere then, yes there is a way to reduce pain or even remove it completely after workout.

Do yoga (don’t require any equipments, Jst YouTube google, learn basics, preferably under guidance,jst don’t learn anywrong in yoga or assume things in yoga)with stretching poses, after any strenuous physical activity or being idle after a huge time(physical inactivity), try to stretch ur muscles, have u heard of warm up and cool down. These will do the trick. Have u seen at ur pet cat or dog does when they first wake up. Always warm up or cool-down before or after any physical activity. This will relax and giv endurance to ur muscles and keep u pain and injury free.

Make sure u giv enough time and proper natural protein foods and other nutrients and a healthy calm mind as well. Make ur excercise as a part of ur life like how u eat sleep everyday inspite of all the problems in ur life and change it accordingly. This means you will not feel ur doing a favour to ur body as well and eat sleep and excercise with what u have for the rest of ur lyf.