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I could have ritten a book starting with foreword to bibliography.

But end of day why do you read a book to improve. It can be vocabulary, grammar, knowledge, skill or even anything.

So from my point i respect all of them; so at same time you see from my perspective the attempt i am making in this book.

In fact myself dont know how this book will turn out. But get the essence.

Book title: Yet to be decided.


Figment of imagination.


No Title






So for today who am i? #shitguru.

Yea, i mean look at it. I grew up in a village during my early days. They had no bathroom.

But folks used to shit in open, next few seconds pigs used to wipe the place clean. Ate it. Vow now flush, no water, no plumbing, no tissue, no bathroom, no tiles, no walls if you are fine shitting in woods. You could have four walls if you wanted but no drainage or sewage required.

Here now you can say pigs, attack, hygiene, safety, women. Trust me look deep, do search, this is how it was in the villages. I never heard of swine flu 33 years back.

At least never saw a endemic 33 years back due to pigs.

Am not encouraging open defecation. Just saying we don’t need complex drainage, flush heavy water, sophisticated commodes etc if every human shit is fed to a pig.

Anyway shit is waste.

Again i m not saying its best option.

Just saying one possibility. All human shit goes to pigs. Atleast majority or sizeable human population shit is fed to pigs.

But yes keep pig population under control. Maintain a ratio of pigs and human population. Keep it as natural and minimal possible. We humans unfortunate have complicated a simple process of shit.



Hope now i need not say how i could have proof read, re edited few things, improved and sold to publishers or made a ebook.

Hope you got the essence.

If you dint get also good. That means i missed something while you expected something better or it dint suit your taste.

Point is okay i am waste, let it be. But can you feel hmmm, okay instead of thinking here goes one more…wisenut in the name of spirituality.

Offcourse in the name of spirituality you cant blabber anything but at same time all i am saying you are walking down the road, shitting in the bathroom or just going about your work and you could become spiritual right.

Not necessary you have to be with sadhguru, me or anyone else. Infact you could be spiritual but you need not realise it also.

For eg here i am writing about spirituality, sadhguru and many others are speaking about spirituality becoz some soldier is standing at the border and putting his life, his wife’s love, his kids happiness, his parents support on line for us.

So follow anyone or anything or not follow. Point is can you see that its like i walk on the road, inhale air, i kill so many insects and inhale germs and kill them.

Get it. Even i am a sinner, atleast acknowledge this. Also now dont keepthis as a excuse that you are sinner and keep on doing shit things and ask forgiveness.

Law of nature,someone somewhere makes money it only means someone else who had money lost it. Offcourse you can say it was his poor acumen, destiny, wrong deeds but get the larger picture.

Say you became rich and achieved all without hurting a single soul. Lossible, yes. Yes its possible.

Now what if you die the just the next day. Just when you are about to enjoy your riches or even help people.

So get it. Being rich is good or bad is not question.

I am not saying runaway become ascetic.
I am not sating donate all.
I am not saying be rich, do pooja and be spiritual. This is the best.
I am not saying somehow you be rich or dont be rich or take life as it comes.

I am saying all the possibilities and list just goes on as well.

Infact a lot of unexpected things can happen.
You could be cheated.
Whole country went into war or loss.
Or simple whole population just got infected with a deadly virus.

So you are rich, poor, average or even spiritual doesnt matter to a virus. Get it.

Just a deadly disease is enough to bring even most spiritual, eichest, talented, good human being.

So be rich, successful, ambitious at same time just keep in mind that plug could be pulled of anytime. Or think you are just 99.99% rich, spiritual, good or successful.

I know know about astrology. Yes. It happens 100% but that is in a different context.

For eg: trust me you put a person with poor or average horoscope in a surrounding with only rich people.

Trust me out of 100 average or poor horoscopes surely many will become richer than those rich people.

Am i saying astrology is wrong. I am saying see the context.

Eg: i saw a person kill someone.
But someone saw that he took revenge.
Someone else saw that he killed in defence.
Someone else saw it was accidental.
Someone else saw it was fit of rage.
Someone else saw it was destiny. He did same in previous birth, like that.
Someone else saw the person was mentally insane who killed. He dint know.

Am i justfying rape. No.
All i am saying is 100% rape should not happen.
I want a 100% solution, remedy, punishment, law or anything etc to see that rape never happens in this world ever again. This is context i am saying.

Again, i am clear, i dont anyone to agree with me.
If you find a better solurion. Go ahead.

Infact, i would be happy if someone found a room, cabin or injecrion or pill that made people spiritual.

Becoz many have come, infact God, Jesus, Shiva, Krishna, Many sages, gurus have told everything and far intelligent than me.

But we are arguing jesus vs allah vs hindu deities. Yes there is no God word in any hindu books.

Lord, Deity, Paramatma is not God. But yes you can just say its also God. So Shiva, Krishna, Venkateswara is God but in a context only.

We are arguing yoga vs others.

As i said is there any rule that someone stealung, killing or watching a movie cannot become enligtened or spiritual.

Theoritically its possible. This is one context. Chances are less considering current times, situation, etc.

But chances are more if you get into yoga, jesus, allah, hinduism, meditation, worship or even lead a life of consciousness.

Now again experience will be different.

I ride cycle, trust me my balance, way of holding peddling atleast way its fed in my mind by myself will be different.

Yours can be same or different. So why argue?

Infact someone says bloody hell with cycle spirituality.

And what about one who has no limbs.

So no surprises tomorrow if some guru finds a new God, spirituality etc.

Point is are you able to connect.
If not connect also are you okay.

Just a small blood clot or someone hits you at your heel, achilles heel, remember you could die.

Still dint get it.
Say mukesh ambani richest indian. Nothing against him. Just eg.
I say lethim have all his riches.
Yes but let all his employees go work to soneone same as rich as him and for same salary. Just a eg.

Mukesh Ambani has everything but just if his maids to employees just join another mukesh ambani next building, is he still rich.

Be rich, be happy, be spiritual, dont be rich, dont do good, steal, beg, borrow, whatever but dont carried away. Just think hmm…okay…just hold that thought…you will know what i mean.

Still simple as you read this, everyone you know in family, friends, atleast all the people who are part of your job, life, enemies, even people who you dont talk but fought, spiritual path etc die.

Now tell me about your love, kids, money, emi, insurance, home, pet, wallet, talent, ideas etc…

Infact nobody cares about your spirituality as well. Not even your own brain, body or your spiritual energies after you die.


bestashok Answers spirituality

Sadhguru – What Should Be The Front End Of Our Life? Reply to Comments

Video is about: Sadhguru – What Should Be The Front End Of Our Life?

CommentAgain the topic diverted.


Good, you put it across, that you din’t understand.

Question is = Girl is asking should she listen to her INNER VOICE or EXTERNAL situations.

INNER VOICE here means her Thoughts.

Now he’s telling that NO matter how much knowledge one person has it is just a speck in the Universe. Agreed Right.

Can any person say he’s fully knowledgeable.

No human has even 0.1 percent knowledge of the entire Universe, cosmos. Got it right.

Now this itself proves Knowledge, thoughts are not the BEST way to go forward.
So your inner voice is limited. So the thoughts from your inner voice is also limited.

He’s not against thoughts, he’s telling brains are good but he’s telling mind is limited.

In short he’s telling Humans are beyond Mind, Body, Emotions, Consciousness (Life).

He’s telling entire cosmos and everything in universe is one big energy. Remember E=MC2.

Theoretically human can be converted to earth, fire, wind, water, matter etc. Right. Think.
Matter, a human can create one more human life, which is matter right. Get it.

Bury body in earth becomes mud.
Burn it, it fuels the fire, becomes flames in fire right. Body becomes fire.

Water, yes put body in water. What happens, after few months it will disintegrate, become rotten and slowly dissolve in water. Try putting in a big glass pool without fish, and see what. Trust me in a few months body becomes water.

Just hang body in air for few years, see what it becomes. It will slowly decompose and become mummy and again after some years it will vanish in thin air.

Yes its all because of germs, microbes. But point even germs die, where do they go??? E=MC2 Got it. Remember Atoms. Getting relation between humans, atoms, cosmos and germs etc. We are all one in different forms, levels, capabilities.

I am saying E=Mc2.
Sadhguru is saying entire cosmos is one big living thing.
You are saying humans, earth, atoms, mind, planets, thoughts.

In short i am saying water.
Sadhguru is saying H2O.
Ask a fish what is water. It will say air. Think, for a fish water is air.
For a Bird Land is Air.

It’s all about which side of E=Mc2 are you understanding.

That’s it.
Get it.

In short right from the first atom created in the universe to the last particle in the cosmos is connected. Everything, Everyone is connected is cosmos.

It is just that we are all different forms. Aren’t we all atoms, humans, stones, blackholes, sky, sun, stars.

Get it. Just that we are the most sophisticated creatures. I won’t say best creatures cause in a desert, in a ocean, in space without food and water there are many many creatures which will easily live. Yes see Tardigrade, it can live in space.

All i am saying is even if humans become Extinct Tardigrade, Deep Sea creatures, Germs, Microbes, Amoeba Cockroach etc. will still live on earth.
So now tell me are humans most smart, strong, best species. Not at all.

So now tell what is best to become one with the entire cosmos or use your inner voice.

He’s telling realise that humans are beyond the limited.


Bro, its not diverted.
Question is can we trust our consciousness to lead life.

He says yes but its limited.
He’s telling humans are not just emotions, thoughts, consciousness or mind.

We are all beyond what we think of. For eg: everything in universe is made of atoms.
Yes sun, moon, planets, blackholes, worms, virus, water, phones, plants etc.

Now this is a experience. It varies from person to person but feel is the same.

For eg: i believe no God.
You say allah is God.
Agreed you are right but what is the feel i get when i say there is no God. It is the same feel when you say Allah is God.

The problem is when i say you are false.
When someone else says Jesus is only God. Yes, person who says no God or Jesus is God also has the same feel right.

Eg: Every parent (unless exceptions, some dont love) loves their kid.
But some love more, some less right.
Now can i say this is how ideal parent-kid love is.
What about animals, have you seen how animals take care of their kids. Just see penguins, impossible for humans.

So its not about who is correct, its can we see each other views, if not atleast can we co- exist.

This is what Sadhguru is saying.
See E=Mc2.
In short anything in Universe can be converted to anything.
Even nothing has energy. Think, only if potential energy is there, it can become kinetic energy. So emptiness or nothing has zero energy.
Zero number also has a value right, got it. So zero energy is also having some (dormant) energy.

It is just that we are all in different forms, different levels of evolution. Be it living or non-living.

For eg: imagine if there is just you, Allah and Quran on this entire Universe. Just 3.

Now see the whole concept of Hell, Morality, Namaz, Fasting, Heaven changes. In fact lot of Sins can’t even exist if there are no people, society in the world.

I am not saying Allah is wrong. If i follow him, the entire universe makes sense, yea.

I am saying yes i can see Allah is God.

But you are not getting the person who says there is no God. I can see the universe from his perspective as well.

Now problem is when one of them says is better. But all this is so useless if whole planet can be just wiped out in a few seconds and look at us talking.

Not a single headlines will come anywhere in entire cosmos if whole planet is gone today.

Get it. Creator is not even 0.1% of what is known about him till date from all sources, including word of God because its only what is needed for us or how much God thought our brains can take.

Problem is we are all understanding different parts of God and fightng i am right. And then say He will goto hell, someone sees logic, science in creation and say there is no God. All are one & the same if you know the feel with what each one is standing by.


Comment:  I would like to know you.


Just a normal human being still wondering about things.

One thing is i am a bit curious and like every human even i am searching for that elusive thing in life, which i feel is ultimate.

But i realise that the ultimate and its experience can be different from each person to person.

Its like you can be happy just with your current life.
There are folks who are happy even on the streets.
Then you know folks trying to be happy with success, love, being good, while some derive some sort of pleasure in pain, hurting others anger.

But point is we are all seeking something. Those who are saying Nothing, they are seeking nothing right. Essentially they WANT to seek NOTHING. This is also seeking right.

Its like Zero also value.
Like that.

So that’s about me, as of now nothing special about me. Just a normal human who is seeking.
But i make it a point to believe everything with a pinch of salt coz as i said what i see is water, you may see H2O. Someone else calls it Liquid.

So i am curious, seek answers but never hellbent that yes Sadhguru is right, or what i say is right or what you say is wrong.

Everything in Universe is Relative. I mean imagine if we all are Atoms or think from level of Atoms. Yes, technically we are all Atoms right.

Then all this thing what i said is nonsense.

So i am you, you are me. We are all atoms.

I never say only i am right and other are wrong. In a context for a question yes, in a debate yes, i have to put my views. Personally deep down, PERMANENTLY THERE IS NOTHING RIGHT OR WRONG.

Comment: what process do you use to seek the ultimate truth? Is it kriya yoga. Because I’m a curious seeker too


Great, than that should be enough.
To be honest i still don’t know what is kriya yoga.

But coincidentally i just started kriya yoga from last 120 hours or 5 days.

So from the day i got curious (i don’t exactly when i started being curious as well, but ya you can say atleast since i was few years old), Until the last 5 days i just kept on searching left, right and centre for the truth.

So don’t worry about methods.
There are people in fact like Sadhguru got spiritual by fluke. He just went one day to the hill, it happened.
Methods help but seeking is the key.

In short i am not the right person to guide and myself dont have a guide or guru.

Keep searching, seeking…i will be happy if it happens for you.

Aghoris eat faeces, human flesh, do tantra to be spiritual.

Sadhus just meditate, live ascetic life to be spiritual.

Most Gurus follow texts and preach spirituality.

Athiest doesn’t believe in any of these. They see logic in universe, while we or spiritual folk see the profoundness. Same thing, different views. No one is right or wrong, superior or inferior. You can go on seeing logic in all universe or spirituaity. Point is both don’t have end, if keep on going.

In fact i wonder what my pet dog is thinking about all this nonsense. I mean he is just happy like that. No kriya yoga, no guru, no God…get it…

But if there is one suggestion, i can give you how i became like this then, I will be happy if you find a new method altogether…. Keep Seeking..if not this life, next life, no matter how many lives, how many forms you take, keep seeking…see one thing is for sure we all are seeking something PERMANENT or ETERNAL.
So don’t worry about Time, Space and Results. Just keep seeking. If you don’t belive in rebirth keep seeking but don’t worry about results, missing enlightenment or accumulating sins or just dying like many who hardly know all these. Get the big picture.

Comment: So what should be the front end of life? I think it should be consciousness. What do you think?



Hmm, but What about a person in Coma? Just a thought, not a wise crack. All i am saying what he says Doesn’t apply to a person in coma or even for mental asylums.

And even your consciousness being front end also doesn’t work. But both of you are not wrong.

I can see you are right in your context, he is also right, if you understand what he’s telling.

i am able to understand the other side of the answer as well.

Basically you are asking if conscious is good choice, he’s telling go beyond everything your human nature.

It’s like this Feel is the same if you win, got a job, or in love,
Right. But isn’t the pleasant experience same. Yes intensity varies but isn’t the feel of pleasantness same when you got success and when you did charity or in love.

So be conscious and pleasant or go beyond human nature and be pleasant. Choice is yours. But again for a person in coma, so no one is wrong or right. It is just your choice.

Think. Pause. Got it.

Now all he’s telling is there is an Unlimited Pleasant Experience. That’s All.

But no way he’s telling don’t use your mind or stop being materialistic or dont fight in life, or dont go for aims.

He was asked question, he answered it. It made sense to me. Good.

But again if you ask me is it nonsense, yes as i said doesn’t apply to people in coma, people in utter poverty, people under torcher, pyschos etc.

So, get the big picture. Are you able to see his perspective?

It’s like i can go on pointing mistakes in Sadhguru.

But at same time i can go on saying he’s telling truth.

It’s like this, imagine we achieved everything in life, made whole planet perfect. All is fine. You are saying its Good.

But what if next day after your achievement whole planet gets wiped out or you just die.

Offcourse you did a great, great job but just when you are about to enjoy the best thing any human did to planet you die. Got it. So now is your achievement big.

Nothing, No One, Anything in entire Cosmos is the PERMANENT ETERNAL ULTIMATE truth.
Today Sadhguru can be right but imagine if all humans can take their conscious and load in a chip and become robots.
Now i need not eat, go to anywhere in universe, i can’t die of old age.
I need to worry about health, environment, etc.
He’s telling a different possibility that’s all.

Just a matter of time, there will be a day where atleast all the data, emotions, thoughts a human has can be fed into robot. Vow, now you are robo. Getting it. So that means what i said also will look like crap.

Even Sun, planets, entire galaxy will vanish one day. Isn’t it.

That is what he’s trying to say. There is something beyond all our senses.

Comment: Jaggi is blabbering nonsense and pseudo-intellectual ishafied idiots will justify by saying that ‘we have to understand the context


Hmm, exactly if i see from your side, What about a person in Coma? Just a thought, not a wise crack. All i am saying what he says Doesn’t apply to a person in coma or even for mental asylums.

But i am able to understand the other side of his answer.

Basically you are saying he’s mindwashing, he’s telling go beyond everything your human nature.

It’s like this Feel is the same if you win, got a job, or in love,
Right. But isn’t the pleasant experience same. Yes intensity varies but isn’t the feel of pleasantness same when you got success and when you did charity or in love.

Think. Pause. Got it.

Now all he’s telling is there is an Unlimited Pleasant Experience. That’s All.

But no way he’s telling don’t use your mind or stop being materialistic or dont fight in life, or dont go for aims.

He was asked question, he answered it. It made sense to me. Good.

But again if you ask me is it nonsense, yes as i said doesn’t apply to people in coma, people in utter poverty, people under torcher, pyschos etc.

So, get the big picture. If you are not able to see his perspective, good.

But does anywhere, anytime Sadhguru LITERALLY says everything he says is ULTIMATE TRUTH?

Does he say everyone should follow him?

It’s like i can go on pointing mistakes in Sadhguru.

But at same time i can go on saying he’s telling truth.

This is exactly what he’s telling. Take everything with a grain of salt.

So if you feel Sadhguru is not making sense. Good but take it with a pinch of salt.

It’s like this, imagine we achieved everything in life, made whole planet perfect. All is fine. You are saying its Good.

But what if next day after your achievement whole planet gets wiped out or you just die.

Offcourse you did a great, great job but just when you are about to enjoy the best thing any human did to planet you die. Got it. So now is your achievement big.

Nothing, No One, Anything in entire Cosmos is the PERMANENT ETERNAL ULTIMATE truth.
Today Sadhguru can be right but imagine if all humans can take their conscious and load in a chip and become robots.
Now i need not eat, go to anywhere in universe, i can’t die of old age.
I need to worry about health, environment, etc.
He’s telling a different possibility that’s all.

Just a matter of time, there will be a day where atleast all the data, emotions, thoughts a human has can be fed into robot. Vow, now you are robo. Getting it. So that means what i said also will look like crap.

Even Sun, planets, entire galaxy will vanish one day. Isn’t it. So my thoughts, your opinions or even Sadhguru’s words will just vanish. This is what he’s saying.

That is what he’s trying to say. There is something beyond all our senses.


bestashok Answers spirituality

Did you know you can leave your human body

In fact, who knows what you were in previous birth.

If you don’t believe in rebirth, Google it. Think, its fake. Dig deep, find truth. Challenge, see if someone can do it.

Small girls in jains do it.

Not a big deal.

Point is not oh yes if you fast you can die, anyone can die.

Now point is E=MC2.

So its all energy.

In fact your life, soul, spirit is also energy.

Can you see energy. Do you know its shape, size, smell, color, age, sex, religion, status, character, cost, start or end?

This is all we are.


Human body=Energy.

Yes, can i create humans with human, a new human life. Again energy.

Can i create human body with human, yes babies. Again another Energy.

You didn’t create energy.

Your sexual energy transformed to a human body and human life.

So don’t believe human rebirth.

Say energy transformmed.

You are just thinking how can same person be born again.

I am saying why same person.

He got converted to Ash.

Became soil.

But only his physical body energy.

His life energy, soul energy, spirit energy. Don’t know.

Took a different form.

May be went to heaven.

Got dissolved into Universe.

Became one with God.

Even if vanished into thin air. It became NOTHING.



Only if your room has NOTHING, Can you put inside things, go inside. If room is already a big concrete block you can’t put anything in it. Got it.

So after leaving body, even if you become NOTHING, you know what it is.

I mean say you became Atoms. I am sure anywhere in universe you will find atoms, that’s it.

So if few billions of atoms come together, we become humans, animals, stone, water, or Nothing. So until science or God or a guru proves let us say even nothing has atoms.

E=MC2. Surely, it didn’t end.

Now that you know you yourself are a character in a video game, choose what you want.

But avoid a unfortunate ending. On the other hand, Its ok if you are ready for end anytime.

But point is it doesn’t matter how many points, coins, superpowers etc you had when game ends. That is what i am saying.

I mean which is better knowing the game (life) or going on playing.

Its not wrong, chances are you will play a lot more, again your choice.

I am not saying its wrong.

I am saying some of the possiblities.

Infact, would you be reading this if you were on roads looking for food or would i be writing this if was struggling for my daily bread.

So point is atleast now that you have known the game, play wisely.

So imagine if you know you can choose to live your body anytime you want. Its a fact. Most humans Atleast few out of 100 humans can surely be taught to exit the body anytime.

Not out of fear, failure or dejection. Just pure freedom.

So don’t compare to suicide, sacrifice, health issue or mental illness, mumbo-jumbo, mindwash,  spirituality or other hidden motives.

In fact even spirituality is waste once you achieve to exit your body at will.

Now apply same to anything in cosmos which includes your life, wife, kid, job, riches, status or even spiritual gyaan.

You just exit the game, and even heaven, moksha or spirituality doesn’t matter.

I am not saying live lesser life, but will most of us cry if tomorrow Jupiter was nuked, if moon was gone. As i said body is energy.

Your soul, spirit, life is energy. No end, no start.

Then same can be applied to our lives. Atleast start trying.

Be in a posistion to know to play at will and, exit the game at will.

Ya, forgot to mention, only thing is here, it gets a little bit real. Atleast makes you feel so. But its not like you can’t come out of it or not be affected by it. Yes whatever happens even if crucified or your hand is chopped off, you can still live happily.

Yes Google “Nirguna Kaya” or find what state of human life it is.

Read about Nerur Brahmendra swamy. It just happened in 18th century.

Places, proofs, lot of records exist.

In fact Jesus was 2000 years old. So comparing it, if it happened then, then dig deep. See if what i am saying is fake. That’s all. It’s upto you. But don’t predecide and search. See if its truth and search.

Many people went beyond their phyical human body.

He reached peaks in human energy that he forgot his human body. Walked naked.

Someone cut his hand. He kept walking. Joint it again as if nothing happened. Floods washed him, was later found in dump.

So its possible but varies from person to person.

Now tell me, offcourse Life on physical, emotional even spiritual level hurts a lot but if moon gets nuked, Jupiter’s gone, rich people go broke as well, does it matter. Yes, but ….you know what i mean.

Btw you better cry if moon goes coz no life can be born naturally in womb on earth if moon is removed from space. Dig deep, find relation between moon cycle and menstruation and women conceiving.



bestashok Answers spirituality

What if each Universe is one Human Being

“I agree to your point coz i am able to see from your point of view”

Are you???

You say God, They say No God, some say Nature, like this everyone has their meanings.

This is exactly what i am saying. Let everyone have their versions but please let us not fight who is right.

Yes debates are always welcome.

Like i said if someone doesnt believe in God as well, i am fine with it.

Its like Infinity.
None of us can exactly say this is Infinity.
But its absolute truth, God=Infinity.
I am saying certain portion of Infinity as Absolute truth.

You are saying another portion of infinity=No absolute truth.

Atheist says there is Nothing called as Infinity, Absolute truth.
For eg: For me Air is oxygen.
For fish Water is oxygen.

So shall we argue now mine is only right.

Becoz there are creatures that don’t breathe as well.
Jellyfish, flatworms, and roundworms that can diffuse oxygen through their very thin membranes instead of actively breathing.
So all possibilities exist.
No God.
One God.
Something else.
Absolute Truth exists
Absolute Truth doesnt exist, or nothing exists Etc.

Let us call, define, debate, ideate what we want it as but not take it to a point of right or wrong, inferior or superior, logically correct or not correct. All are right.

I mean if something is wrong, isn’t it conforming to whatever is wrong. If it was not conforming to being wrong it would also be called as right.

If there is no wrong what will we call right.

If there is only right then i will call it as wrong. Just a word right. Why worry about the spelling or feel about the word W R O N G.

Its like if 0,1,2,3 are numbers then minus 1, -2, -3 are also NO numbers.

Then We can have minus infinity as well. Right. So technically i can start a new subject NOmathematics.

I say Maths does not exist. Yes, for me numbers start from minus 0, -1, -2, -3 etc.

Its logically wrong but its my logic. I will make minus Formulas, -multiplication, -addition, minus subtraction etc according to NOmathetics.

Its like are you sure we need to See, need eyes to survive.

Many creatures dont have eyes like virus, bacteria etc.

Similarly are you sure we need to live in physical body only.

I say, in fact there are proofs. Dig deep. Find truth. You can exist beyond physical body as well. This is possible.

Then what happens to spirituality, morality, riches, environment, achievements, goverments, husband, wife, kids, research, scientists, ethics, planets, sun, universe values, its a waste right.
Yes, after moksha, heaven etc. Even spirituality becomes waste coz now you transcend Sin and Good.
So What i said is also waste, what you said also becomes waste.

I just have to realize that no matter what it is, its just a part i am seeing through my limited mind. Plus i need to be aware that i can be wrong.

For eg: Dogs don’t see colour.
Insects see actual colours.
We see colour when light is reflected from what we see.

Sorry i am not saying i am right.
I am saying if i cant see your truth, i wont call it wrong, imperfect or less superior.

So i am just saying lets discuss, debate but Live and let live. Lets Agree to Disagree in the end.

Be it Atheist or Believe in God or something else as well. Let’s debate but co-exist.

Infact i say humans only don’t exist right now. What if every human is a cell, every planet is nerves, galaxy is a  organ, this Universe is one human.

And what if there are infinite universe. Its like 6.5 billion people on earth right. So like a human is born every moment what if every second a new universe is born with all planets, life, galaxy etc.

Ya, so what if each Universe is one human being. As i said what if each human is a cell in this universe.

Yup, as per human definition, research cell is mitochondria, plasma, nucleus etc.

No cell listens to humans.

So your cell you think is working because of your life force, soul, spirit or something else.

Similarly what if you are run by????

Yes cells listen to you. For eg: people recover from cancer, terminal illness.

Yes you do your own thing but …know the context.

So if imagine every Universe=Human, so as per (Human)Universe every human is a Cell. Every human organ is a Atom as per size of Universe.

And what if these Universe has a superior Universe. And what if these superior universe has a superior universe.

And what if it goes on…Universe is ever expanding right. No end.

I am no Buddha.
I am not against any scientist or disrespectful to anything that so far all great humans know of so far about cosmos.

All i am saying what if i am only a single cell, atom for a larger body what is Universe, God, Allah, Jesus, Shiva.

Yes, you are practical. You say i am crap, one more among them. Fine. Be free to disagree, debate but as nature of universe is infinity why are you fixating me as wrong.

Is it written anywhere that infinite things should be exactly like this. It should have not defects, be free of moral defects, ethics.

Yes personally i am a human who wants to be as moral, as ethical without any blackmark.

If i do make any wrong as per law punish me. But if you start looking for loopholes yes you will find it.

Its like is water harmful, yes its for creatures in desert. Like that. Know the context. For them water is not so important, in fact even normal environment with rain, sun, trees, soil they will not survive.

Btw i still don’t endorse Lucifer by any stretch of human spirit. Devil, evil is evil. Dot. But in this context.

This is like tomorrow if you find i did this, did that or accuse me. Yes, you want to say i am fraud. But do it with due diligence and not your intellect alone. See full context, situation etc.

But what i am saying is say what if there is only one doctor in the jail. And there is a medical emergency for a lady. But no doctor at that time and He’s a prisoner for serial rape.

Btw, So does that mean he will go to heaven since the lady in prison who he saved was a true Jesus Believer prisoned falsely.

Or will Jesus put the rapist doctor in hell as he was hardcore Islamic or Idol worship Hindu or Atheist.
So coming back to the point,
Yes chances are prisoner will still resort to his evil ways again so rather let the patient die. Say its okay let the lady die peacefully. But this is one possibility.

What if serial rapist prisoner doctor saves the lady. This is one possibility.

What if under surveillance rapist prisoner doctor saves the lady. This is another possibility.

What if still rapist prisoner doctor resorts to evil ways inspite of everyone present with full surveillance and security. This is one possibility.

Now what if each of this one possibility is a religion you know.

And What if all religion (or as they say christianity, Islam, Hinduism claim they are not a religion) Are wrong?

What if all are right?

It doesn’t matter coz Universe is Infinity.

But it has a certain way to it. Try to be tune with that way.

Personally this does not mean i am trying to escape my sins, moral obligations. I am saying make judgements about everything in life, everyone in life but with a pinch of salt. Don’t be 100% done, dusted, and deal.

Still dint get it, give a tablet or harmless vaccine or one of the most costliest tastiest processed junk food to a Sentinelese.

Trust me out of 10 best junk foods from Walmart to a Sentinelse tribe or any tribe, one food will kill atleast one tribal.

Now give same food to any slum dweller, urban or rural person.

So out of 1000 best junk food given to 1000 tribes surely atleast worst case one will die.

Now get the big picture ideally even one normal Human should not die after eating a normal food off the shelf.

So that sums up Heaven i hope.

Coming back, so many will surely fall sick for life.

But i will challenge not a single person will die if the potato chips is given to entire people in US or India. Offcourse person has to be in decent health and chips pack has to be free of anamoly like expiry, defects, food poisoning.

So this is what hell, heaven or God is. Our download from the infinity. Its not wrong in that context but see how wrong its when compared to other sects.

Yes, if situation is such that you have to oppose, supress, reprise, runaway, hide, conceal, fiddle do it.


Its easy to do but tough to clean the stains for the other side.

Sometimes the other person too resorts to same MUDSLINGING going nowhere.

But still No excuses if its beyond a certain Level, whoever it is. Even if its God.

Yes like a single cell what if each human is a cancer cell, WBC, RBC, etc.

I know Krishna said.

I know what Word Of God says.

I know God is infinity, formless like Allah.

I know only humans can think of these things so i could be blabbering.

I know Satya yuga, tretha yuga, exists etc. This is kaala chakra.

But Remember Universe is always expanding.

Nobody can know or knows full picture of Universe. Yes to an extent some say its elliptical.

But i say what if this is also just a small cog of a bigger Universe.

OK in short, why you want say Universe is Infinity.

I will say there 2 Infinitys. Infinity+Infinity.

Now what if there there Infinite Universes itself in which each Universe has planets, sun, earth, humans, God, Sadhguru, Jesus, Hitler, Greed, Stock markets, Goverment, Environment, everything etc.

What if each Universe HAS the same things what everyone in this Universe knows. Why one Hell, Why one Heaven.

Every Universe let it have one hell, heaven, moksha. Remember Universe is Infinity.

So if you take something, make something, understand, interpret something from infinity, it still remains Infinity.

Hope what i have told is also wrong after few years.

Know the current cosmos and context making that judgement. Coz tomorrow only imagine we find 6.5 billion planet earths and invent spaceships to travel. Think, what i mean. Elon musk are you listening, hurry up.

It wont matter who had affair with whom.
Who murdered whom.
Who saved whom.
Who is doing great social service.
Who is making sucess
Who is honest.
Who society adores.
Who God is.
Where heaven is.

I am not trying to collapse anything just saying the possibilities. Feel free to disagee not concerned to disagree or convince i am wrong or sympathy or angry.

Sadhguru will be first to take spaceship to land on earth in the new universe. No offence, just saying. Pranam Sadhguru

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Mahabharat FULL EPISODE Series Episode 1 By Sadhguru HD. Reply to Comments


Isnt one rotation of earth a day and one revolution a year. So how does these concepts of yugas work.


We can write a paragraph about how long days last on other planets. On Mercury a day lasts 1,408 hours, and on Venus it lasts 5,832 hours. On Earth and Mars it’s very similar. Earth takes 24 hours to complete one spin, and Mars takes 25 hours.

So Yes, from a time perspective of earth timings or 24 hours and human life span one yuga sounds big.

But from perspective of Sun, and as i said in Mercury one day is 1408 hours or 58d 15h 30m as per earth.

So imagine on a average man lives of 60 years on earth. Imagine on mercury you will live for 1408×60=84480 years. A 60 year man on earth will live for 84480 years on mercury.

So Yuga is nothing compared to age of universe or entire cosmos. Infact Kaliyuga is just 432000 years as per earth time zone. On mercury its just 5 human generation of 60 years age. They will see one Yuga.


Still dint get it.


While for most people, it takes decades to really start to feel the effects of the aging process, humans stationed in space experience some of them in fast-forward. They’re often reversible once an astronaut returns home, although sometimes a few of the changes can be permanent.

A lack of gravity is the main cause for these intense alterations. Gravity is one of the most important forces at work on Earth, and it plays an immense role in the majority of our bodily systems. Take the muscles, for example. Older peoples’ muscles tend to shrink and atrophy as they age and become less mobile. Astronauts’ muscles react in a similar way because they are barely used. That’s why astronauts in space for extended periods of time use special exercise machines to help mitigate this effect.

A similar process takes place in the bones. After a certain age, people on Earth start to lose mass in their bones, typically at a rate of about 1-to-2 percent a year. But in space, those people lose bone mass at a greatly accelerated rate: as much as 1-to-2 percent a month. Because the astronauts’ skeletal systems don’t need to support their weight, the bones begin to decrease production of new bone material and increase the amount of old bone absorption. Luckily, their skeletal systems usually return to normal once they’ve spent some time back on terra firma [source: NASA].

So depending on our position and speed, time can appear to move faster or slower to us relative to others in a different part of space-time. And for astronauts on the International Space Station, that means they get to age just a tiny bit slower than people on Earth. That’s because of time-dilation effects.

Yuga is basically time zone of entire universe. Not just earth, other planets. Now you see, get it.

In fact time is nothing but Kepler’s third law, Period²=Distance³. So we are telling time from perspective of earth around the sun.  It states precisely that the period of time a planet takes to go around the sun squared is proportional to the average distance from the sun cubed.

Like different time zones on different continents, there are different times around the entire Universe. So on earth one yuga is huge. Time is relative. Dot.

One of the time travel hypothesis tells you that if you could somehow travel around a black hole for some time, (say 2 hours), then something like 50 years would have passed on Earth. You would have aged only by 2 hours while the people your age on Earth would be 50 years older than you.

This is because a HUGE gravity field like a black hole slows down time but for the folks on Earth, time would have passed very quickly compared to the time that has passed around a black hole.

I know a black hole isn’t a planet but since you wanted to know how to age slower, I wrote this! Hope this helped!

But again biologically this question can be answered differently.

This question may be interpreted by saying that aging always has brought living things closer to the time when their bodily functions don’t work so well until one day their bodily functions don’t work at all even with the help of the most modern medical science. Since on all the other planets of the solar system this non working will happen almost instantly The Earth is the planet on which living beings age the slowest. The answer then lies in the ability to change into those living things on the Earth which age the slowest. If some day science allows one species to change into another then certain pine trees live 10,000 or more years, certain sharks live 1,000 or more years, certain turtles live 200 or more years. So one day maybe a human can be changed into a slow aging pine tree, a slow aging shark, or a slow aging turtle. Long before this happens humans will learn how to slow down their aging process some scientists state sometime during the 21st century so that life spans of 500 or more years will be common although the procedures will be very expensive. One of the best plans to be able to afford it is to slowly buy 1,000 acres of land at $1,000 an acre for a total investment of $100,000 and sell the acres eventually for $70,000 an acre for a total return of $7,000,000.

But truth is No. Yo will age faster.

I see many wrong answers here. The short and correct answer is:
No, actually you will age FASTER! But only compared to your family and friends and clocks left on Earth.
Explanation: I presume the planet is like Earth (mass) but just move slower.
Because off the time dilatation, the faster you move, the slower time travel.
So, because your planet move slowly than Earth, you and your time will pass faster than Earth time.
If you really want to age slower, compared to your Earth friends, you should go on a planet moving faster and with a higher mass, because also gravity slows time.
Later edit to be clear: normally the differences will be in microseconds. The planet will have to move very fast (close to the light speed) to really see a difference in hours or years.

Now point which dimmension of time do you want to live.


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Comment: whatever,…I just do understand this eccentric man’s logic of Raising the game,..but…oneday one may become a bill gates, that time, don’t go trumpeting around saying to the entire world that my father forced me to do this, mom was not kind, wife was itchy,..etc etc. Say some kind and good words about your family,..because if you bad mouth your family,..people will come to know who you are and were you ought to belong no matter even if you have the yogic jokic skill to show the people the way to Heaven 🙂

Hey i never said your path is wrong.
Please i never said you are wrong.

I appreciate your practical ways of the world.

All i am saying is there are many paths to life.

Sadhguru maybe, looks eccentric, rich, cocky, fake to you. I don’t want to change your opinions.

All i am saying nowhere its written i have to be poor and spiritual.

Its like why do actors earn so much of crores.

Trust me most actresses say Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Lady Gaga etc make more money than all the geeks, technologist, expert CEOs of the world.

I mean common just by acting, being on stage you can become rich. Now can i say acting is superior path to be rich or its useless.

While technically speaking every farmer is the one who runs the world. If all stop farming what will we all eat.

What if all farmers say they should get crores?

But without soldiers guarding at border what will we all do. I wont become Bill gates, if there is no one guarding my country.

Like that Sadhguru is telling human life is beyond just acheiving things, be it good or bad.

Now just because he is rich, famous why do you expect him to donate every penny of what he earns.

Should Sachin, Amitabh donate ever penny they earn.

Then why you expect spiritual people to be simpletons.

Again its our assumption that Sadhguru is pocketing crores and even if he is what is wrong. He is earning like Katrina Kaif. Can i say Katrina is useless.

He his doing is job as a successful spiritual guru.

A successful doctor makes money. AR Rahman i am sure charges crores. But Rahman is good, Sadhguru should not make money, why?

Nobody is forcing anyone to donate money. Yes if you are afraid people are mind washed, trust me if not Sadhguru there will be someone else who will mindwash people. Lets not bother about people being mindwashed.

Say if Bill Gates tomorrow becomes like Sadhguru there is nothing wrong coz he was , he is rich.

Btw Sadhguru too was quite well to do before he jumped to spirituality. He made money 60-70k at age if 17.

For Isha foundation land he paid four times the price and brought the land in 1990s.

Its his business money. He put, not a single penny he took donation when he started.

Later he stopped working.

He could have become a rich successful CEO.

Considering his acumen, communication alone for his age he connects well even with today’s young. Which means in 1990s if he had entered or continued his business he would have surely become bigger than Azim Premji, Narayan Murthy etc. just for his magnetism and high interactive nature.

I mean at his age i dont see too many indians who can relate to all age groups today.

Eg: Let he be fake, but put Rahul Gandhi, Sadhguru, Azim Premji, Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, or even Bill Gates are starting a company. I won’t say whose company people will go to. But Sadhguru wont be in last place.

So he could have been more rich, more famous as well.

He dint want that’s all.

May be his approach is premium, urban because if i start selling something from village or grass root things, it might not catch up fast in the world.

But if urban working class, global audience catch up and if they are exposed, he feels he can make a better world. Now you say its mind wash. I say its a better way to change the world.

Now will you accept me or even notice me if i sit under a tree. I might take more time. But is it rule i should not do spirituality in a modern way.

So he wants to be, dress, talk, behave and even potray himself in a certain way.

Yes, i still give you benefit of doubt may be comparing to vivekanada, Ramakrishna etc he is not doing spirituality like them.

But his approach i said you.

And nowhere Sadhguru says his way is the only way.

For you he is wrong, ignore.

Its like this, even if every human stopped do everything what they did. Earth, universe, will not collapse.

Yes no need farming. Nature produces enough things to eat. We don’t have to cook food. Get it. So farmers are actually not required but situation today is different. Cant tell everyone to stop cooking suddenly.

Same way why expect Sadhguru to teach to only poor people or for free.

Same with Soldiers. If all humans are left to themselves, and dont form groups, nations, gangs. Yes, one or two humans will fight but no need for armies as well. But situation?

Eg: Its like sports stadium, people from different background sit but they don’t fight. So same if we are in society like no need armies.

Yes, there will be problems, lot of things will go bad but point is if it was not Bill Gates someone else would have been rich.

If it was not Sachin someonelse.

I follow them, they are my idols, i too earn, make my living, and familiar with ways of the world. But life is beyond all this.

Even after being Bill Gates, i will not be satisfied. As of May 16, 2013,Bill Gates had donated US$28 billion to the foundation.
My God 28 Billion US Dollars.
That too US Dollars.
Life is beyond what we see.

Just saying there is something BEYOND all this.

There is one more dimmension. Not necessary i have to be rich or successful to experience it.

Not neccessary you have to quit everything or donate everything to touch that dimmension.

And only a human can touch this dimmension.

All what you are saying is will not even be a factor if there are only 100 people living in the world.

It wont matter even i become Bill Gates if there only 100 people in this world.

Remaining 99 people can just easily survive even without penny from me. Nature already has everything.

But if there are just 100 or even 7.5 billion people there is a dimension that every human can touch, where time, space, do not matter. It won’t matter whether you become Bill Gates or Not .

If not you some one else will become Bill Gates. But only you can choose to be happy no matter whatever happens around you. This nobody can STOP.

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as long as one is in this lovely society which we live, at the appropriate age, one needs to attend school, college and do all possible things to get somewhere in life to have a better career, look after ones life and parents,elders..etc.His dad studied and became a doctor and served people in an era when physician were rare,.. his dad brought up not one but four children, does that mean his father was just doing survival and trying to survive like somebody ? atleast he must of said thanks to his dad in the speech, for what this man has come so far. Already some of the youth of this era are going haywire getting into all sorts of nonsense , added to this ,this man is brain washing youth telling all kinds of hopeless illogical and eccentric stories.


Sir you are right.
That is what he’s telling.
He used to make money remember, 60-70k at age of 17. He had.
He did goto college.
He is not against any system.

He’s telling raise the GAME.

He’s telling we should be in such a situation or position in life where survival – food, water, shelter is not a issue.

This should not be a big deal for a human because even animals also do same thing.

Point is we do it with EMIs, loans, cars, marriage, kids, job, friends, sometimes even our ambitions, bikes list goes on.
All are just indirectly linked to our survival.

He’s telling raise the Game.
Even if all these things are taken away can you live life.

Be like that. Yes, not much success you achieve or fear of society.

Anything can happen but are you in a zone to still live life without feeling insecure.

He’s telling first make sure you are well settled in the sense you know how to survive.

Not gather things for survival.

Well settled meaning make sure you survive. Life is running.

But point is we get stuck, one after another thing. Goes on.

Point is if a street dog or any creature for that matter, atleast everyday most animals can find food, water, shelter, should it be a life long activity for a human.

I mean if we really are so smart as humans, i should be able to survive with ease.


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Why Sadhguru don’t did studies? Reply to Comments by

Question – If I want to buy real estate will not buy a house site but an entire town !!! nice contradiction sir,..When you don’t want own a house why are you asking for a town ?? ok, even if you buy a town, not necessarily that it must be on an elephant corridor right ?


Raise the game. That is what he’s telling. Life life king size. If you want to survive, why just a house. Buy a entire city.

As for elephant corridor – Entire disctrict is NO ELEPHANT CORRIDOR ZONE.
This is a fact. You can see the government orders.

Now dont say Isha influenced government to notify entire district for their one single foundation.

BTW Karunya University is there in same district. So no way Isha can get away with this. Hope you get what i am saying. Isha cant lie, they will be caught.

As for boulders, its like i am a PM of country giving speech but you are seeing the ink spilled on my shirt and saying how can a PM dress like this.

If PM dresses well, again so much money he’s wasting.

Point is you missed my speech. So go deep, don’t look at things with an already decided mind.

Truth will come out. You don’t look for truth coz then you will see what you already decided in your mind.

Should i explain now why i planted rose plants instead of trees in my house. So Y boulders???

As for Isha being money minded, exactly he’s doing spirituality King Size.

Now you say he is also behind money. He is just faking.

You are almost there but he is beyond money, rich, fame.

He is telling us the same thing. Reach a posistion in life where nothing matters.

Isn’t that what we all want, a posistion where nothing in my life goes wrong.

He’s telling be in a position to live even if everything goes freakish TRAGIC in your life.


Its possible because only you can be happy. No one can make you sad. You think this bull.

But you feel you can earn, marry, have kids, have a house etc. Come on wife, kids, house all external factors. Is it all in your hands…its a joke

Right now as we read this comments anything can happen to wife, kids, house.

But can i keep my thoughts under my control.

I am not saying you should not feel sad or not get angry if something bad happens.

But most of times we are dependant on something. Even aim, emotions, love. Which is again external.
As i said what if we goto coma suddenly. Or as i said entire earth nuked. Now.

You, me all gone. Even Sadhguru. Understand reality of life.

He’s telling raise the game, even if your aim is just survival but don’t get entrapped by your goals, even if you achieve it or fail in it.

Bit complicated, difficult to agree, i will sound like a blind follower but tell me which is more tough.

To be happy irrespective of situation or be happy on my aim, success, family, love etc…

Earth is just size of speck in entire universe.

In this speck, what is my ambition, what am I? How big i mean?

With this reality, live life, not survive.

Just four stupid people can Nuke the entire planet right away.

So what happens to all humanity, their plans, ambitions etc.

Life is something beyond what we all see, think, hear, read, felt. You can only experience so much life.

So why not have MORE, MAXMUM EXPERIENCE OF LIFE while you can.
Experience it. That is what he’s telling.

Be Beyond everything, even your thoughts. What if they don’t come true.

If they come true that’s it. Full stop. You are happy with what you have.

I am saying no full stop, infinite happiness.

Tell me you want so much only. Okay but which is superior logic.

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If Jesus Died Today Then All Goto Heaven Right

Bro, What about all people who died the day before Jesus got crucified.

I know Since Jesus died for all Sinners they went to heaven. Vow so souls who never knew about Jesus or dint have chance to accept Jesus but did all Sins went to heaven because Jesus died for their Sins, back then.

Surely there were people who didn’t know Jesus when he was alive and crucified. Like say India, Australia etc. whole world people dint know Jesus when he was alive and got crucified right.

This is a fact.

That is why Jesus himself said go and spread the word to whole world.

I will come back.

So till the day Jesus died all people went to heaven right. No matter what sins they did.

Yes some sinners went to hell.

And whoever believes in Jesus now will goto heaven. Those who don’t believe will goto hell.

Yes, i know God will judge, so all believers will also not goto heaven.

Only righteous and believers will go, right.

So what i am saying, i want to send atleast one Sinner to heaven who will not believe in Jesus.

Because imagine if today in 2018, if Jesus died, all humans goto heaven.

Get the essence of what Jesus said. Don’t get lost in words.

Word of God is perfect.

But our interpretation is wrong.

Plus God is not only what is given in Word of God. He is beyond that as well. It is just for our human brains limited understanding that he has given some description about him.

Tell me is word of God everything. No.

It has only what is required for our limited brains. God is beyond things told in Bible, Quran or other scriptures.

As i said i am okay to goto hell for atleast ONE sinner.

Because if Jesus died as of today, all will goto heaven for he died for all Sinners.

As i said lets keep it simple.
Jesus was never known to whole world when he was born, when he lived, and when he was crucified and resurrected.

This means there were people, even new born babies born on the day Jesus was crucified who all would go to heaven because jesus died for all their Sins.

Yes, people who never accepted christ went to heaven once he was crucified.

This is a fact.

This is a fact, whole world never knew Jesus when he was born and was alive and crucified.

And my point is it is not my mission. I am fine.

But my freewill what God has given, i will atleast tell God to send one sinner to heaven instead of me.

This is what i learnt from Jesus, the saviour. This is God – FOOLPROOF & PERFECT.

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Suppose there is Just You God and the Devil

Yup, let us not beat around the bush.

Keep aside heaven or hell for a moment.

Imagine there is just you, God and the Devil.

Okay Devil made you Sin, next what?

You are now Sinned, you went to Hell.

Bottomline is Devil- 1. God- Zero.


Is that all?

Now just come to current numbers.

So devil has so many numbers in hell.

God will have some numbers.

Humans are jokers.

Remember God is perfect. He surely has a foolproof plan.

And what about other creatures.

Agreed God created everything for man and I know God says use, consume everything in limit in the word of God or Scriptures.

But did you know if there is just one plant, one human, one God, One Devil. Just imagine.

Plants will win hands down.

Plants need not require a human.

But a human needs atleast few grass to survive because we need oxygen to breathe.

But again for grass to grow, soil has to have microbes in them. Just water and soil cannot grow plants, grass, trees. For example: Clay, or Desert Sand, not much grows in them.

So do you see the connection- germs in soil feeds soil, roots in plant feed on those nutrients in soil. We humans eat these plants to survive. So get the point, creation or God is inclusive. God is everywhere in everything in every form. Not just heaven or hell.

The plan is already foolproof.

Trees, plants, grass can survive even with just earthworms because even they give carbon di oxide.

Still not convinced?

So who is superior? Earthworms, Grass are way superior to humans because they dont need us. Get it.

Humans cant survive without flora on the earth. All air, oxygen is given by only plants/flora. Few creatures, organisms, do give oxygen but it is not sufficient for all life on earth.

Still not convinces, imagine we can survive without plants.Okay humans might start growing creatures like algae or spirulina to give oxygen, but what will we eat, if we there are no vegetables, flora, fruits on earth. Only non-veg, how long we will eat or eat only Algae etc. Get it.

God is in every creature. It is not about getting born, use all things in creation, live life, or even conserve nature and goto heaven by following word of God. In fact you dont have to conserve nature. If we control our needs, nature will grow itself.

So point is Flora or plants can survive even with a frog, earthworm, ant or just a useless pig which is there to give carbon di oxide. They don’t need humans on earth.

Get the point.

Each creature, non living creature like mud, water, clouds all are equal. This is the point.

Did you know if moon is blasted, humans will die. Yes, no women will conceive if moon is removed from cosmos. Dig deep, find the truth. You will know even moon is connected to human life.

So like this our concept of God, Word of God is not wrong but limited to humans. We are not the only the superior in God’s eye. You saw right, even useless moon is required for humans to have their next generation of species. Just Google it. See what happens if moon is wiped out from universe. Human women wont be able to concieve. Tough, but find the truth. As i said God has already made foolproof plan.


So if you feel humans deserve heaven, then as i said earthorms, deserve heaven, plants deserve heaven, moon deserves heaven.

I know they dont have spirit, they dont committ sin.

I am just saying, just look at who is superior. It is not right to look at this way but if going to heaven is the ultimate, then surely it doesn’t make sense for inferior beings like humans to do all sin, then reform and seek forgiveness in word of God and goto heaven.  Simply because, all creatures in soil if they die, humans are gone. If moon is gone we are gone.

But look at what we have done in the name of heaven.

The point is crystal clear even if all the hospitals, great scientific experiments, nuclear facilities, share market, Government meetings, conferences, even all words of Gods,  are stopped right now. World will still run.

But if all Honey bees, all organisms in the soil, all trees are wiped. Entire Life on earth will collapse.

Point is bees, soil organisms, flora have more impact on ENTIRE LIFE on Earth than humans.

So who deserves heaven.

I am not saying, dont believe God, or Heaven. I am not saying environment is superior. Moon is superior.

I am saying cant you see God in everything. Did you know mountains also have a purpose on earth. Yes, ask US, why they get tornadoes and why India doesn’t go so many. Ask if they had mountains like Himalayas would it be a better place.

Yes i know God created man immortal. But if you see creation everything else was already in sync. Rain, clouds, water, trees, animals. They were all perfect.

I am saying, live and let live.

Still if you want to go to heaven please go but dont feel the rest are all sinners.

Don’t feel sad or force or even preach that the other person (in the wrong fear) that we will goto hell because he doesnt believe the Scripture or Word of God.

To be following word of God, be Good and reach heaven for sure is so escapism like.

Instead admit be fully responsible for all things you do. Its okay to go hell if you feel you deserve it.

Which is true freedom?

True freedom is not about heaven or hell or saving environment as well.

All i am saying is dont be so desperate about salvation or heaven. Just be free to face life.

Still not convinced…

Okay what if man drops his flesh and blood. Yes what if human found a way to live in robots. For example, what if man creates humanoids.

If life can be in person with coma, or a person on artificial life support then yes, today we can keep person alive with life support system but he wont move.

Yes, what if man finds a way to remove the mind, conscious, life,spirit, soul and put in machines. Say we become machines where man creates a technology to feed the mind or conscious or spirit or soul and feed into a machine.

Some what like say humans become like the robots in transformers.

Say i am now a machine but fed with human conscious.

Hope you know about Professor Stephen Hawking  who lost his ability to speak in 1985. He was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a rare form of motor neurone disease, aged 22, and has relied on a computerised voice system to communicate and speak since the ’80s.

So its just one step away. If my thoughts can be spoken by a machine, how long before my spirit, life form, fed to a machine.

Then how does it matter if i sin. No pain. A new baby is born, i take the intelligence, consciousness or spirit in it and feed into machine.

Now i am a machine but with consciousness of man. I dont have to eat, worry about health, age, blood, sin.

No death, you can change into any machine you want. Whenever my machine gets old, i just change.

Offcourse, my spirit, soul, life or conscious is now in a machine in a chip. So if entire robot is crushed or zapped into ashes, i am gone forever.

But look at the situation. I have no pain, no morals etc.

So point is God, hell, heaven matters for a human spirit in a flesh and blood.

Imagine my conscious is now in a robot or machine. I will be worried about my existence but i have no pain, no blood, and no need to worry about food, water or worry about word of God etc. Infact i can have backups and almost be immortal.

I mean possibility is just limitless. Now you can survive in space, other planets. No food, oxygen or water.

Now the point is i am not saying Science is superior.

The human conscious, soul, spirit has no death or birth. This is the same force residing in every inch of the cosmos.

Say everything in cosmos has atoms right. Like that. Atoms dont die.

I am saying live and let live.

Dont you get it. Everything in creation is made of the same atoms. Including robots, germs, cosmos, humans. So where did this heaven come from.

Problem is because someone statrts Word of God is ultimate truth.

Scientists say there is a way things work but its not God.

Point is we all are same. Remember Atoms. Yes your phone, the ant, the bird, sky, planets, microbes, soil, rock, everything has atoms.

All of us are seeing different forms and giving different meanings.

I am saying all are same and God exists in entire cosmos.

Some are saying word of God and Scriptures give full picture.

Problem arises when i say i am right or other person says scripture or word of God is ultimate.

As i said word of God is true but that is not complete picture about God. Can anyone know God fully. Never. Even word of God says only what is required for humans. It is not wrong but it is for humans limited understanding.

In fact if word of God is ultimate truth, We all can checkmate God now only. Say entire world people can just accept the Saviour or Scripture and die at once now. Anyway world is getting to brink of collapse. Hope you see currently earth is no flourishing. Lot of good things are happening but is it enough.

Next few years you see people will no water to drink. Atleast lot of lives will be lost due to lack of water, like these problems.

Why we have to fight in end days when survival will become hell.

For example imagine I believe in God, i will tell God, God there is no water, no food, ozone layer gone, anyway earth will be unliveable in few years. So we put ourselves to rest.

God will take care of everyone in heaven even if i sinned by putting everyone to rest.

Let God send me to hell. Atleast i will go with fact knowing because of me all humanity went to heaven.

Remember i am sinned because of Adam so i demand i goto hell and i dont believe word of God or Saviour. But others cant to hell because i nuked the earth.

But that wont be fair. Some are still unaware of word of God, Allah or Scriptures. Oh okay, they will goto heaven because i nuked earth but i goto hell. Vow, i send whole population to heaven but i goto hell. God checkmated is it.

Infact, i insist i goto hell. Again i am not giving God the creator option. I am choosing hell. Again God checkmated is it.

But there are sinners till date, who know the truth but still committ sin. Okay, they will goto heaven because humans are sinned coz of Adam and their good luck earth got nuked.

So point is by accident there will always some people who goto heaven is it. What rubbish? God is foolproof.

Still dint get it. Imagine Armageddon. All babies born during just before collapse of earth will goto heaven.

What rubbish. Just because i was born 30 years before Armageddon i was stupid not to believe God and suddenly Judgement day happened. I goto hell for my sins as i was born 30 years earlier. Or i was shrewd and believed God and did some sins but i went to heaven.

Common I can’t fool God by doing few mundane sins like not studying, not being fully occupied in life, say i goto just a average job, have a few drinks every week and die.  God is not average or neither is God a ticket to heaven.

Also the baby by fluke born just few seconds or hours or days or say 3 months during Armageddon goes to heaven as earth was destroyed on Judgement Day.

This is not free will. This is blackmail.

In fact why wait, because if you push humans to brink, there will be people who will be desperate to survive and choose to kill or do more bad things at Armageddon.

Atleast i did it peacefully. I take the blame because i want every human to go to heaven. I dont want them to Sin anymore.

So get it heaven or hell is not the point.


On their day any creature, force in nature can beat anyone.

Humans can also beat everything on our day. As i said Humanoids, remember.

But remember, everything is one and same. Problem arises when we start thinking we can sort it out or go to heaven and that’s it.


We are missing point, that right here, right now everything in cosmos is connected.

And ya forgot to mention, cockroaches have been there before humans, they were there with the dinosaurs, they will be there even after ozone is punctured and after all life on earth is gone.

And here’s one more:

World’s most indestructible creature – the Tardigrade.

The tardigrade can survive 30 years without food - half its lifetime 
The tardigrade can survive 30 years without food – half its lifetime 

The tiny tardigrade has been named the world’s most indestructible species after scientists discovered it is the only creature that will survive until the Sun dies.

Although cockroaches are traditionally seen as Earth’s most resilient species, the eight-legged microbeasts are actually far hardier and will continue to thrive for around 10 billion years, come hell or high water, Oxford University has found.

Tardigrades, which are also known as space bears or moss piglets, are able to survive for up to 30 years without food or water and endure temperature extremes of up to 150 degrees celsius, the deep sea and the frozen vacuum of space.

Tardigrades would survive most asteroid strikes unless it was so big that it caused the seas to boil
Tardigrades would survive most asteroid strikes unless it was so big that it caused the seas to boil CREDIT: MARK GARLICK

Researchers from Oxford and Harvard University, found that their astonishing abilities would protect them from calamities which would wipe out all life on Earth. In fact the only forces capable of harming tardigrades, such as a gigantic asteroid, an exploding star or a deadly gammar ray burst will not happen before our own Sun dies.

Not only does it suggest that tardigrades will survive long after humans have died out, but it gives hope that life could exist on even the most barren and hostile planets.

“Life on this planet can continue long after humans are gone,” said Dr Rafael Alves Batista,  of the Department of Physics at Oxford University.

“Tardigrades are as close to indestructible as it gets on Earth, but it is possible that there are other resilient species examples elsewhere in the universe.

“In this context there is a real case for looking for life on Mars and in other areas of the solar system in general. If Tardigrades are earth’s most resilient species, who knows what else is out there.”

A tardigrade seen under an electron microscope 
A tardigrade seen under an electron microscope  CREDIT: BOB GOLDSTEIN & VICKI MADDEN 

The water-dwelling micro animals can live for up to 60 years, and grow to a maximum size of 0.5mm. The only real threat to their existence would be from an apocalyptic event which would cause Earth’s oceans to boil away.  But the scientists discovered that there are only a dozen known asteroids and dwarf planets with enough mass to cause the oceans to boil if they struck the Earth and none are on a collision course with our planet, Smaller space rocks would not harm tardigrades.

Likewise in order of an exploding star to boil away the oceans it would been to be 0.14 light-years away but the nearest star to the Sun is four light years away, so even if it exploded in a supernova it would not harm tardigrades.

Tardigrades are also known as moss piglets 
Tardigrades are also known as moss piglets CREDIT: SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY/TOM JACKSON

Destructive explosions of electromagnetic energy known as gamma-ray bursts which are thought to be caused by neutron stars colliding or the formation of black holes could also be a threat to the little creatures, but again non could occur close enough to wipe out the species.

Dr David Sloan, Co-author and Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the Department of Physics at Oxford University, said: “To our surprise we found that although nearby supernovae or large asteroid impacts would be catastrophic for people, tardigrades could be unaffected. Therefore it seems that life, once it gets going, is hard to wipe out entirely.

“Huge numbers of species, or even entire genera may become extinct, but life as a whole will go on.”

No exploding stars or gammar ray bursts could happen near enough to Earth to threaten tardigrades 
No exploding stars or gammar ray bursts could happen near enough to Earth to threaten tardigrades  CREDIT: MCT

In highlighting the resilience of life in general, the research broadens the scope of life beyond Earth, within and outside of this solar system.

Professor Abraham Loeb, co-author and chair of the Astronomy department at Harvard University, said it proved that life could survive in even the harshest environments, such as beneath the surface of Mars, or on the moons of Europa and Enceladus.

“Organisms with similar tolerances to radiation and temperature as tardigrades could survive long-term below the surface in these conditions,” said Prof Loeb.

“The subsurface oceans that are believed to exist on Europa and Enceladus, would have conditions similar to the deep oceans of Earth where tardigrades are found, volcanic vents providing heat in an environment devoid of light.”

Now also i am not telling dont miss heaven. I am saying dont feel insecure, threatened or even privileged that yes, you will goto heaven.

Atleast dont say whatever word of God known is the only truth.

I am saying there are things beyond that as well. You are just stuck with a fraction of God’s word. No human, even me can say even description about God. Not even word of God, Ancient Scriptures or Holy book.

So point is all are right. Problem arises when i say only i am right