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Atleast Die as YOGI Not as rogi

Here’s few who Transcended human Body, Mind, Consciousness, Emotions, Desires, Sins and even worshipping God himself. Trailanga, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharishi. Details may be exaggerated but its not impossible. Dig deep, atleast you will know they left body or died at free will. FACT, they left their body@ will. Even Gandhi– fasted for 21days. So you can call not even as spirituality.

Read their #Mahasamadhi Stories. #Vivekananda’s & especially #RamanaMaharishi leaving human body is well documented. So if you have no death i.e leave your body @ will, Time ceases to exist for you. Hope you got the point.


Why can’t a human quit his body consciously, tell me. Let’s not goto Yoga or Jaggi or which method works. This is not Believing. This is Science.
Prove this wrong??? E=MC2. So anything in universe can be converted to anything right. So humans are also form of Energy in Universe. what i meant by “lets not goto” means first hope you agree E=MC2. Meaning anything in universe can be converted to anything. Ask any scientist. If you agree E=MC2 then we can GOTO to debate can person quit his body, Jesus, God yoga, isha, jaggi etc. Who is fake?

Fact:  Humans are beyond physical world. It doesnt matter if its Hell, Heaven, Meditation, God or something new in future.

Ramana Maharishi death

On April 14, 1950 it was apparent that his physical end was near. In the evening, as the devotees sat on the verandah outside the room which had been specially built for Bhagavan’s convenience during his illness, they spontaneously began singing “Arunachala Siva” (The Marital Garland of Letters). On hearing it Ramana’s eyes opened and shone. He gave a brief smile of indescribable tenderness. From the outer corners of his eyes tears of bliss rolled down. One more deep breath and no more.

At that very moment 8:47 p.m. what appeared to be an enormous star trailed slowly across the sky passing to the north-east towards the peak of Arunachala. Many saw this luminous body in the sky, even as far away as Bombay and struck by its peculiar appearance and behaviour, they ascribed this phenomenon to the passing of their Master.

Vivekananda death

One day when Narendra was on the ground floor, meditating, the Master was lying awake in his bed upstairs. In the depths of his meditation Narendra felt as though a lamp were burning at the back of his head. Suddenly he lost consciousness. It was the yearned-for, all-effacing experience of nirvikalpa samadhi, when the embodied soul realizes its unity with the Absolute. After a very long time he regained partial consciousness but was unable to find his body. He could see only his head. “Where is my body?” he cried. The elder Gopal entered the room and said, “Why, it is here, Naren!” But Narendra could not find it. Gopal, frightened, ran upstairs to the Master. Sri Ramakrishna only said: “Let him stay that way for a time. He has worried me long enough.” So he had already know knew to leave the body.

On 4 July 1902 (the day of his death) Vivekananda awoke early, went to the monastery at Belur Math and meditated for three hours. He taught Shukla-Yajur-Veda, Sanskrit grammar and the philosophy of yoga to pupils,later discussing with colleagues a planned Vedic college in the Ramakrishna Math. At 7:00 p.m. Vivekananda went to his room, asking not to be disturbed; he died at 9:20 p.m. while meditating. According to his disciples, Vivekananda attained mahasamādhi; the rupture of a blood vessel in his brain was reported as a possible cause of death. His disciples believed that the rupture was due to his brahmarandhra (an opening in the crown of his head) being pierced when he attained mahasamādhi. Vivekananda fulfilled his prophecy that he would not live forty years.He was cremated on a sandalwood funeral pyre on the bank of the Ganga in Belur, opposite where Ramakrishna was cremated sixteen years earlier.


He is said to have performed many miracles whilst alive, some of the most prominent are provided below.

1) On the river banks of Cauvery in Mahadhanapuram, he was asked by some children to be taken to Madurai, more than 100 miles away, for an annual festival. The saint asked them to close their eyes, and a few seconds later they reopened their eyes and found they were in Madurai.

2) While relaxing near a heap of grains, he began meditating. The farmer who owned the land mistook Sadasiva for a thief, and confronted him. The farmer raised his stick to hit the saint, but became a statue. He remained in this state until the morning, when Sadasiva finished meditating and smiled at the farmer. The farmer was restored to his normal state, and asked the saint for forgiveness.

3) At another time, while meditating on the banks of the Cauvery river, he was carried away by a sudden flood. Weeks later, when some villagers were digging near a mound of earth, their shovels struck his body. He woke up and walked away.

4)Long after all these happened when almost people had forgotten the memories of his wandering in their lands, once the naked sannyasi was seen walking right through a Muslim harem of a Nawab. As a brahma-jnani who sees nothing but brahman everywhere, he would not distinguish between the different human figures which cross his path nor would he be distracted by the sights or noises that his environment may present to him. It was in this state of trance that he was walking along. He, the naked sannyasi, walked straight into the harem, entering it at one end and walking out at the other all the while walking through a maze of inmates of the Nawab’s harem. The news reached the nawab, he had his men chase him, they cut off both his hands as he was walking along, the hands fell off and still he was walking along silently as if nothing had happened. The Nawab got scared, picked up the hands that had been severed, ran to the Sage and offered them in total remorse. The sage stopped his walking, the severed hands were restored to their place, the hands became normal and the sage walked away! There was no conversation.

5) In 1732, While SadaShiva Brahmendra was roaming near Pudukottai forests some soldiers saw him & mistakenly asked him to carry some sticks on his head. SadaShiva Brahmendra carried happily & when he kept that sticks in kitchen ground, it burnt. Then those soldiers understood that he was an great Saint.

6) There was a uneducated & born dumb man who was a devotee of SadaShiva Brahmendra. He served the Guru immensely. One day, SadaShiva Brahmendra kept their hand on his head & prayed to Lord to give him speech and knowledge. By the grace of SadaShiva Brahmendra that dumb man became educated & he started to talk. He started giving speeches & he was famous as “Akasha Purana Ramalinga Shastry”. Up to this 20th century, Ramalinga Shastry’s relatives were staying in Nerur. This incident is also mentioned in the Sri SadaShivendra Sthava

7) His most recent miracle(2004) is about the temple of Ageeswarar near Tiruvallur. You can read more about it in the below

Shree Agneeswarar Temple at Neyveli (near Thiruvallur)


Later he left Tiruvisanallur and reached Nerur, the surroundings of which were conducive and ideal for stay and penance with the river flowing southwards. A place where river flows southwards, is considered equal to Kashi ( Banaras).

Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra attained Maha Samaadhi on the Vaisakha Sukla Dasami with Makha star in the year 1755 A.D. Before his Samadhi,he mentioned that a Bilva tree would come over his Samadhi. He also mentioned that after 10 days, someone would bring a Shiva Linga and it has to be installed at a particular distance from his samadhi. Needless to say, it happened the same way.

He is said to have attained samadhi at 3 places:

Manamadurai about 60 km from Madurai.
Karachi, now in pakistan.

Paramahansa Yogananda Death

In the days leading up to his death, Yogananda began hinting that it was time for him to leave the world.

On 7 March 1952, he attended a dinner for the visiting Indian Ambassador to the US, Binay Ranjan Sen, and his wife at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. At the conclusion of the banquet, Yogananda spoke of India and America, their contributions to world peace and human progress, and their future cooperation, expressing his hope for a “United World” that would combine the best qualities of “efficient America” and “spiritual India.” According to an eyewitness – Daya Mata, a direct disciple of Yogananda, who was head of the Self-Realization Fellowship from 1955–2010— as Yogananda ended his speech, he read from his poem My India, concluding with the words “Where Ganges, woods, Himalayan caves, and men dream God—I am hallowed; my body touched that sod.” “As he uttered these words, he lifted his eyes to the Kutastha center (the Ajna Chakra), and his body slumped to the floor.” Followers say that he entered mahasamadhi. The official cause of death was heart failure.

His funeral service, with hundreds attending, was held at the SRF headquarters atop Mt. Washington in Los Angeles. Rajarsi Janakananda, the new president of the Self-Realization Fellowship, “performed a sacred ritual releasing the body to God.” Yogananda’s remains are interred at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Great Mausoleum (normally closed off to visitors but Yogananda’s tomb is accessible) in Glendale, California.

Ramakrishna Death

Sri Ramakrishna was sinking day by day. His diet was reduced to a minimum and he found it almost impossible to swallow. He whispered to M.: “I am bearing all this cheerfully, for otherwise you would be weeping. If you all say that it is better that the body should go rather than suffer this torture, I am willing.” The next morning he said to his depressed disciples seated near the bed: “Do you know what I see? I see that God alone has become everything. Men and animals are only frameworks covered with skin, and it is He who is moving through their heads and limbs. I see that it is God Himself who has become the block, the executioner, and the victim for the sacrifice.’ He fainted with emotion. Regaining partial consciousness, he said: “Now I have no pain.
He had cancer but no pain.


Sunday, August 15, 1886. The Master’s pulse became irregular. The devotees stood by the bedside. Toward dusk Sri Ramakrishna had difficulty in breathing. A short time afterwards he complained of hunger. A little liquid food was put into his mouth; some of it he swallowed, and the rest ran over his chin. Two attendants began to fan him. All at once he went into samadhi of a rather unusual type. The body became stiff. Sashi burst into tears. But after midnight the Master revived. He was now very hungry and helped himself to a bowl of porridge. He said he was strong again. He sat up against five or six pillows, which were supported by the body of Sashi, who was fanning him. Narendra took his feet on his lap and began to rub them. Again and again the Master repeated to him, “Take care of these boys.” Then he asked to lie down. Three times in ringing tone’s he cried the name of Kali, his life’s Beloved, and lay back. At two minutes past one there was a low sound in his throat and he fell a little to one side. A thrill passed over his body. His hair stood on end. His eyes became fixed on the tip of his nose. His face was lighted with a smile. The final ecstasy began. It was mahasamadhi, total absorption, from which his mind never returned. Narendra, unable to bear it, ran downstairs.

Nirmalananda death 1996

He decided to shed his body in the month of January in ’96, and announced that he would attain Mahasamadhi. But there was a big ruckus all around. The rationalist society of Karnataka filed a case against him saying that this man is going to commit suicide, so they put two constables in the ashram.

When I (Sadhguru) went there, he hugged me and cried, “I have not even plucked a flower from a tree. Even for my pooja I don’t pluck a flower, and they have put police in my ashram.” Just the insult of that hurt him so much. Not once did he even pluck a fruit. He didn’t want to hurt the trees. Only if they fell down he ate them. Otherwise he wouldn’t touch them. I told him, “Don’t worry. What are the police going to do to you?” When the time to leave came for him, he sat outside on a small deck. About forty people were sitting in his ashram including the two constables. He sat in front of them and just left his body.

Exact Details may be exaggerated but its not impossible. FACT, these people left their body@ will. Get the essence ignore the meaning what you get.

bestashok Answers spirituality


Comment: whatever,…I just do understand this eccentric man’s logic of Raising the game,..but…oneday one may become a bill gates, that time, don’t go trumpeting around saying to the entire world that my father forced me to do this, mom was not kind, wife was itchy,..etc etc. Say some kind and good words about your family,..because if you bad mouth your family,..people will come to know who you are and were you ought to belong no matter even if you have the yogic jokic skill to show the people the way to Heaven 🙂

Hey i never said your path is wrong.
Please i never said you are wrong.

I appreciate your practical ways of the world.

All i am saying is there are many paths to life.

Sadhguru maybe, looks eccentric, rich, cocky, fake to you. I don’t want to change your opinions.

All i am saying nowhere its written i have to be poor and spiritual.

Its like why do actors earn so much of crores.

Trust me most actresses say Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Lady Gaga etc make more money than all the geeks, technologist, expert CEOs of the world.

I mean common just by acting, being on stage you can become rich. Now can i say acting is superior path to be rich or its useless.

While technically speaking every farmer is the one who runs the world. If all stop farming what will we all eat.

What if all farmers say they should get crores?

But without soldiers guarding at border what will we all do. I wont become Bill gates, if there is no one guarding my country.

Like that Sadhguru is telling human life is beyond just acheiving things, be it good or bad.

Now just because he is rich, famous why do you expect him to donate every penny of what he earns.

Should Sachin, Amitabh donate ever penny they earn.

Then why you expect spiritual people to be simpletons.

Again its our assumption that Sadhguru is pocketing crores and even if he is what is wrong. He is earning like Katrina Kaif. Can i say Katrina is useless.

He his doing is job as a successful spiritual guru.

A successful doctor makes money. AR Rahman i am sure charges crores. But Rahman is good, Sadhguru should not make money, why?

Nobody is forcing anyone to donate money. Yes if you are afraid people are mind washed, trust me if not Sadhguru there will be someone else who will mindwash people. Lets not bother about people being mindwashed.

Say if Bill Gates tomorrow becomes like Sadhguru there is nothing wrong coz he was , he is rich.

Btw Sadhguru too was quite well to do before he jumped to spirituality. He made money 60-70k at age if 17.

For Isha foundation land he paid four times the price and brought the land in 1990s.

Its his business money. He put, not a single penny he took donation when he started.

Later he stopped working.

He could have become a rich successful CEO.

Considering his acumen, communication alone for his age he connects well even with today’s young. Which means in 1990s if he had entered or continued his business he would have surely become bigger than Azim Premji, Narayan Murthy etc. just for his magnetism and high interactive nature.

I mean at his age i dont see too many indians who can relate to all age groups today.

Eg: Let he be fake, but put Rahul Gandhi, Sadhguru, Azim Premji, Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, or even Bill Gates are starting a company. I won’t say whose company people will go to. But Sadhguru wont be in last place.

So he could have been more rich, more famous as well.

He dint want that’s all.

May be his approach is premium, urban because if i start selling something from village or grass root things, it might not catch up fast in the world.

But if urban working class, global audience catch up and if they are exposed, he feels he can make a better world. Now you say its mind wash. I say its a better way to change the world.

Now will you accept me or even notice me if i sit under a tree. I might take more time. But is it rule i should not do spirituality in a modern way.

So he wants to be, dress, talk, behave and even potray himself in a certain way.

Yes, i still give you benefit of doubt may be comparing to vivekanada, Ramakrishna etc he is not doing spirituality like them.

But his approach i said you.

And nowhere Sadhguru says his way is the only way.

For you he is wrong, ignore.

Its like this, even if every human stopped do everything what they did. Earth, universe, will not collapse.

Yes no need farming. Nature produces enough things to eat. We don’t have to cook food. Get it. So farmers are actually not required but situation today is different. Cant tell everyone to stop cooking suddenly.

Same way why expect Sadhguru to teach to only poor people or for free.

Same with Soldiers. If all humans are left to themselves, and dont form groups, nations, gangs. Yes, one or two humans will fight but no need for armies as well. But situation?

Eg: Its like sports stadium, people from different background sit but they don’t fight. So same if we are in society like no need armies.

Yes, there will be problems, lot of things will go bad but point is if it was not Bill Gates someone else would have been rich.

If it was not Sachin someonelse.

I follow them, they are my idols, i too earn, make my living, and familiar with ways of the world. But life is beyond all this.

Even after being Bill Gates, i will not be satisfied. As of May 16, 2013,Bill Gates had donated US$28 billion to the foundation.
My God 28 Billion US Dollars.
That too US Dollars.
Life is beyond what we see.

Just saying there is something BEYOND all this.

There is one more dimmension. Not necessary i have to be rich or successful to experience it.

Not neccessary you have to quit everything or donate everything to touch that dimmension.

And only a human can touch this dimmension.

All what you are saying is will not even be a factor if there are only 100 people living in the world.

It wont matter even i become Bill Gates if there only 100 people in this world.

Remaining 99 people can just easily survive even without penny from me. Nature already has everything.

But if there are just 100 or even 7.5 billion people there is a dimension that every human can touch, where time, space, do not matter. It won’t matter whether you become Bill Gates or Not .

If not you some one else will become Bill Gates. But only you can choose to be happy no matter whatever happens around you. This nobody can STOP.

bestashok Answers spirituality



as long as one is in this lovely society which we live, at the appropriate age, one needs to attend school, college and do all possible things to get somewhere in life to have a better career, look after ones life and parents,elders..etc.His dad studied and became a doctor and served people in an era when physician were rare,.. his dad brought up not one but four children, does that mean his father was just doing survival and trying to survive like somebody ? atleast he must of said thanks to his dad in the speech, for what this man has come so far. Already some of the youth of this era are going haywire getting into all sorts of nonsense , added to this ,this man is brain washing youth telling all kinds of hopeless illogical and eccentric stories.


Sir you are right.
That is what he’s telling.
He used to make money remember, 60-70k at age of 17. He had.
He did goto college.
He is not against any system.

He’s telling raise the GAME.

He’s telling we should be in such a situation or position in life where survival – food, water, shelter is not a issue.

This should not be a big deal for a human because even animals also do same thing.

Point is we do it with EMIs, loans, cars, marriage, kids, job, friends, sometimes even our ambitions, bikes list goes on.
All are just indirectly linked to our survival.

He’s telling raise the Game.
Even if all these things are taken away can you live life.

Be like that. Yes, not much success you achieve or fear of society.

Anything can happen but are you in a zone to still live life without feeling insecure.

He’s telling first make sure you are well settled in the sense you know how to survive.

Not gather things for survival.

Well settled meaning make sure you survive. Life is running.

But point is we get stuck, one after another thing. Goes on.

Point is if a street dog or any creature for that matter, atleast everyday most animals can find food, water, shelter, should it be a life long activity for a human.

I mean if we really are so smart as humans, i should be able to survive with ease.


bestashok Answers spirituality

Why Sadhguru don’t did studies? Reply to Comments by

Question – If I want to buy real estate will not buy a house site but an entire town !!! nice contradiction sir,..When you don’t want own a house why are you asking for a town ?? ok, even if you buy a town, not necessarily that it must be on an elephant corridor right ?


Raise the game. That is what he’s telling. Life life king size. If you want to survive, why just a house. Buy a entire city.

As for elephant corridor – Entire disctrict is NO ELEPHANT CORRIDOR ZONE.
This is a fact. You can see the government orders.

Now dont say Isha influenced government to notify entire district for their one single foundation.

BTW Karunya University is there in same district. So no way Isha can get away with this. Hope you get what i am saying. Isha cant lie, they will be caught.

As for boulders, its like i am a PM of country giving speech but you are seeing the ink spilled on my shirt and saying how can a PM dress like this.

If PM dresses well, again so much money he’s wasting.

Point is you missed my speech. So go deep, don’t look at things with an already decided mind.

Truth will come out. You don’t look for truth coz then you will see what you already decided in your mind.

Should i explain now why i planted rose plants instead of trees in my house. So Y boulders???

As for Isha being money minded, exactly he’s doing spirituality King Size.

Now you say he is also behind money. He is just faking.

You are almost there but he is beyond money, rich, fame.

He is telling us the same thing. Reach a posistion in life where nothing matters.

Isn’t that what we all want, a posistion where nothing in my life goes wrong.

He’s telling be in a position to live even if everything goes freakish TRAGIC in your life.


Its possible because only you can be happy. No one can make you sad. You think this bull.

But you feel you can earn, marry, have kids, have a house etc. Come on wife, kids, house all external factors. Is it all in your hands…its a joke

Right now as we read this comments anything can happen to wife, kids, house.

But can i keep my thoughts under my control.

I am not saying you should not feel sad or not get angry if something bad happens.

But most of times we are dependant on something. Even aim, emotions, love. Which is again external.
As i said what if we goto coma suddenly. Or as i said entire earth nuked. Now.

You, me all gone. Even Sadhguru. Understand reality of life.

He’s telling raise the game, even if your aim is just survival but don’t get entrapped by your goals, even if you achieve it or fail in it.

Bit complicated, difficult to agree, i will sound like a blind follower but tell me which is more tough.

To be happy irrespective of situation or be happy on my aim, success, family, love etc…

Earth is just size of speck in entire universe.

In this speck, what is my ambition, what am I? How big i mean?

With this reality, live life, not survive.

Just four stupid people can Nuke the entire planet right away.

So what happens to all humanity, their plans, ambitions etc.

Life is something beyond what we all see, think, hear, read, felt. You can only experience so much life.

So why not have MORE, MAXMUM EXPERIENCE OF LIFE while you can.
Experience it. That is what he’s telling.

Be Beyond everything, even your thoughts. What if they don’t come true.

If they come true that’s it. Full stop. You are happy with what you have.

I am saying no full stop, infinite happiness.

Tell me you want so much only. Okay but which is superior logic.

bestashok Answers spirituality spirituality

Suppose there is Just You God and the Devil

Yup, let us not beat around the bush.

Keep aside heaven or hell for a moment.

Imagine there is just you, God and the Devil.

Okay Devil made you Sin, next what?

You are now Sinned, you went to Hell.

Bottomline is Devil- 1. God- Zero.


Is that all?

Now just come to current numbers.

So devil has so many numbers in hell.

God will have some numbers.

Humans are jokers.

Remember God is perfect. He surely has a foolproof plan.

And what about other creatures.

Agreed God created everything for man and I know God says use, consume everything in limit in the word of God or Scriptures.

But did you know if there is just one plant, one human, one God, One Devil. Just imagine.

Plants will win hands down.

Plants need not require a human.

But a human needs atleast few grass to survive because we need oxygen to breathe.

But again for grass to grow, soil has to have microbes in them. Just water and soil cannot grow plants, grass, trees. For example: Clay, or Desert Sand, not much grows in them.

So do you see the connection- germs in soil feeds soil, roots in plant feed on those nutrients in soil. We humans eat these plants to survive. So get the point, creation or God is inclusive. God is everywhere in everything in every form. Not just heaven or hell.

The plan is already foolproof.

Trees, plants, grass can survive even with just earthworms because even they give carbon di oxide.

Still not convinced?

So who is superior? Earthworms, Grass are way superior to humans because they dont need us. Get it.

Humans cant survive without flora on the earth. All air, oxygen is given by only plants/flora. Few creatures, organisms, do give oxygen but it is not sufficient for all life on earth.

Still not convinces, imagine we can survive without plants.Okay humans might start growing creatures like algae or spirulina to give oxygen, but what will we eat, if we there are no vegetables, flora, fruits on earth. Only non-veg, how long we will eat or eat only Algae etc. Get it.

God is in every creature. It is not about getting born, use all things in creation, live life, or even conserve nature and goto heaven by following word of God. In fact you dont have to conserve nature. If we control our needs, nature will grow itself.

So point is Flora or plants can survive even with a frog, earthworm, ant or just a useless pig which is there to give carbon di oxide. They don’t need humans on earth.

Get the point.

Each creature, non living creature like mud, water, clouds all are equal. This is the point.

Did you know if moon is blasted, humans will die. Yes, no women will conceive if moon is removed from cosmos. Dig deep, find the truth. You will know even moon is connected to human life.

So like this our concept of God, Word of God is not wrong but limited to humans. We are not the only the superior in God’s eye. You saw right, even useless moon is required for humans to have their next generation of species. Just Google it. See what happens if moon is wiped out from universe. Human women wont be able to concieve. Tough, but find the truth. As i said God has already made foolproof plan.


So if you feel humans deserve heaven, then as i said earthorms, deserve heaven, plants deserve heaven, moon deserves heaven.

I know they dont have spirit, they dont committ sin.

I am just saying, just look at who is superior. It is not right to look at this way but if going to heaven is the ultimate, then surely it doesn’t make sense for inferior beings like humans to do all sin, then reform and seek forgiveness in word of God and goto heaven.  Simply because, all creatures in soil if they die, humans are gone. If moon is gone we are gone.

But look at what we have done in the name of heaven.

The point is crystal clear even if all the hospitals, great scientific experiments, nuclear facilities, share market, Government meetings, conferences, even all words of Gods,  are stopped right now. World will still run.

But if all Honey bees, all organisms in the soil, all trees are wiped. Entire Life on earth will collapse.

Point is bees, soil organisms, flora have more impact on ENTIRE LIFE on Earth than humans.

So who deserves heaven.

I am not saying, dont believe God, or Heaven. I am not saying environment is superior. Moon is superior.

I am saying cant you see God in everything. Did you know mountains also have a purpose on earth. Yes, ask US, why they get tornadoes and why India doesn’t go so many. Ask if they had mountains like Himalayas would it be a better place.

Yes i know God created man immortal. But if you see creation everything else was already in sync. Rain, clouds, water, trees, animals. They were all perfect.

I am saying, live and let live.

Still if you want to go to heaven please go but dont feel the rest are all sinners.

Don’t feel sad or force or even preach that the other person (in the wrong fear) that we will goto hell because he doesnt believe the Scripture or Word of God.

To be following word of God, be Good and reach heaven for sure is so escapism like.

Instead admit be fully responsible for all things you do. Its okay to go hell if you feel you deserve it.

Which is true freedom?

True freedom is not about heaven or hell or saving environment as well.

All i am saying is dont be so desperate about salvation or heaven. Just be free to face life.

Still not convinced…

Okay what if man drops his flesh and blood. Yes what if human found a way to live in robots. For example, what if man creates humanoids.

If life can be in person with coma, or a person on artificial life support then yes, today we can keep person alive with life support system but he wont move.

Yes, what if man finds a way to remove the mind, conscious, life,spirit, soul and put in machines. Say we become machines where man creates a technology to feed the mind or conscious or spirit or soul and feed into a machine.

Some what like say humans become like the robots in transformers.

Say i am now a machine but fed with human conscious.

Hope you know about Professor Stephen Hawking  who lost his ability to speak in 1985. He was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a rare form of motor neurone disease, aged 22, and has relied on a computerised voice system to communicate and speak since the ’80s.

So its just one step away. If my thoughts can be spoken by a machine, how long before my spirit, life form, fed to a machine.

Then how does it matter if i sin. No pain. A new baby is born, i take the intelligence, consciousness or spirit in it and feed into machine.

Now i am a machine but with consciousness of man. I dont have to eat, worry about health, age, blood, sin.

No death, you can change into any machine you want. Whenever my machine gets old, i just change.

Offcourse, my spirit, soul, life or conscious is now in a machine in a chip. So if entire robot is crushed or zapped into ashes, i am gone forever.

But look at the situation. I have no pain, no morals etc.

So point is God, hell, heaven matters for a human spirit in a flesh and blood.

Imagine my conscious is now in a robot or machine. I will be worried about my existence but i have no pain, no blood, and no need to worry about food, water or worry about word of God etc. Infact i can have backups and almost be immortal.

I mean possibility is just limitless. Now you can survive in space, other planets. No food, oxygen or water.

Now the point is i am not saying Science is superior.

The human conscious, soul, spirit has no death or birth. This is the same force residing in every inch of the cosmos.

Say everything in cosmos has atoms right. Like that. Atoms dont die.

I am saying live and let live.

Dont you get it. Everything in creation is made of the same atoms. Including robots, germs, cosmos, humans. So where did this heaven come from.

Problem is because someone statrts Word of God is ultimate truth.

Scientists say there is a way things work but its not God.

Point is we all are same. Remember Atoms. Yes your phone, the ant, the bird, sky, planets, microbes, soil, rock, everything has atoms.

All of us are seeing different forms and giving different meanings.

I am saying all are same and God exists in entire cosmos.

Some are saying word of God and Scriptures give full picture.

Problem arises when i say i am right or other person says scripture or word of God is ultimate.

As i said word of God is true but that is not complete picture about God. Can anyone know God fully. Never. Even word of God says only what is required for humans. It is not wrong but it is for humans limited understanding.

In fact if word of God is ultimate truth, We all can checkmate God now only. Say entire world people can just accept the Saviour or Scripture and die at once now. Anyway world is getting to brink of collapse. Hope you see currently earth is no flourishing. Lot of good things are happening but is it enough.

Next few years you see people will no water to drink. Atleast lot of lives will be lost due to lack of water, like these problems.

Why we have to fight in end days when survival will become hell.

For example imagine I believe in God, i will tell God, God there is no water, no food, ozone layer gone, anyway earth will be unliveable in few years. So we put ourselves to rest.

God will take care of everyone in heaven even if i sinned by putting everyone to rest.

Let God send me to hell. Atleast i will go with fact knowing because of me all humanity went to heaven.

Remember i am sinned because of Adam so i demand i goto hell and i dont believe word of God or Saviour. But others cant to hell because i nuked the earth.

But that wont be fair. Some are still unaware of word of God, Allah or Scriptures. Oh okay, they will goto heaven because i nuked earth but i goto hell. Vow, i send whole population to heaven but i goto hell. God checkmated is it.

Infact, i insist i goto hell. Again i am not giving God the creator option. I am choosing hell. Again God checkmated is it.

But there are sinners till date, who know the truth but still committ sin. Okay, they will goto heaven because humans are sinned coz of Adam and their good luck earth got nuked.

So point is by accident there will always some people who goto heaven is it. What rubbish? God is foolproof.

Still dint get it. Imagine Armageddon. All babies born during just before collapse of earth will goto heaven.

What rubbish. Just because i was born 30 years before Armageddon i was stupid not to believe God and suddenly Judgement day happened. I goto hell for my sins as i was born 30 years earlier. Or i was shrewd and believed God and did some sins but i went to heaven.

Common I can’t fool God by doing few mundane sins like not studying, not being fully occupied in life, say i goto just a average job, have a few drinks every week and die.  God is not average or neither is God a ticket to heaven.

Also the baby by fluke born just few seconds or hours or days or say 3 months during Armageddon goes to heaven as earth was destroyed on Judgement Day.

This is not free will. This is blackmail.

In fact why wait, because if you push humans to brink, there will be people who will be desperate to survive and choose to kill or do more bad things at Armageddon.

Atleast i did it peacefully. I take the blame because i want every human to go to heaven. I dont want them to Sin anymore.

So get it heaven or hell is not the point.


On their day any creature, force in nature can beat anyone.

Humans can also beat everything on our day. As i said Humanoids, remember.

But remember, everything is one and same. Problem arises when we start thinking we can sort it out or go to heaven and that’s it.


We are missing point, that right here, right now everything in cosmos is connected.

And ya forgot to mention, cockroaches have been there before humans, they were there with the dinosaurs, they will be there even after ozone is punctured and after all life on earth is gone.

And here’s one more:

World’s most indestructible creature – the Tardigrade.

The tardigrade can survive 30 years without food - half its lifetime 
The tardigrade can survive 30 years without food – half its lifetime 

The tiny tardigrade has been named the world’s most indestructible species after scientists discovered it is the only creature that will survive until the Sun dies.

Although cockroaches are traditionally seen as Earth’s most resilient species, the eight-legged microbeasts are actually far hardier and will continue to thrive for around 10 billion years, come hell or high water, Oxford University has found.

Tardigrades, which are also known as space bears or moss piglets, are able to survive for up to 30 years without food or water and endure temperature extremes of up to 150 degrees celsius, the deep sea and the frozen vacuum of space.

Tardigrades would survive most asteroid strikes unless it was so big that it caused the seas to boil
Tardigrades would survive most asteroid strikes unless it was so big that it caused the seas to boil CREDIT: MARK GARLICK

Researchers from Oxford and Harvard University, found that their astonishing abilities would protect them from calamities which would wipe out all life on Earth. In fact the only forces capable of harming tardigrades, such as a gigantic asteroid, an exploding star or a deadly gammar ray burst will not happen before our own Sun dies.

Not only does it suggest that tardigrades will survive long after humans have died out, but it gives hope that life could exist on even the most barren and hostile planets.

“Life on this planet can continue long after humans are gone,” said Dr Rafael Alves Batista,  of the Department of Physics at Oxford University.

“Tardigrades are as close to indestructible as it gets on Earth, but it is possible that there are other resilient species examples elsewhere in the universe.

“In this context there is a real case for looking for life on Mars and in other areas of the solar system in general. If Tardigrades are earth’s most resilient species, who knows what else is out there.”

A tardigrade seen under an electron microscope 
A tardigrade seen under an electron microscope  CREDIT: BOB GOLDSTEIN & VICKI MADDEN 

The water-dwelling micro animals can live for up to 60 years, and grow to a maximum size of 0.5mm. The only real threat to their existence would be from an apocalyptic event which would cause Earth’s oceans to boil away.  But the scientists discovered that there are only a dozen known asteroids and dwarf planets with enough mass to cause the oceans to boil if they struck the Earth and none are on a collision course with our planet, Smaller space rocks would not harm tardigrades.

Likewise in order of an exploding star to boil away the oceans it would been to be 0.14 light-years away but the nearest star to the Sun is four light years away, so even if it exploded in a supernova it would not harm tardigrades.

Tardigrades are also known as moss piglets 
Tardigrades are also known as moss piglets CREDIT: SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY/TOM JACKSON

Destructive explosions of electromagnetic energy known as gamma-ray bursts which are thought to be caused by neutron stars colliding or the formation of black holes could also be a threat to the little creatures, but again non could occur close enough to wipe out the species.

Dr David Sloan, Co-author and Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the Department of Physics at Oxford University, said: “To our surprise we found that although nearby supernovae or large asteroid impacts would be catastrophic for people, tardigrades could be unaffected. Therefore it seems that life, once it gets going, is hard to wipe out entirely.

“Huge numbers of species, or even entire genera may become extinct, but life as a whole will go on.”

No exploding stars or gammar ray bursts could happen near enough to Earth to threaten tardigrades 
No exploding stars or gammar ray bursts could happen near enough to Earth to threaten tardigrades  CREDIT: MCT

In highlighting the resilience of life in general, the research broadens the scope of life beyond Earth, within and outside of this solar system.

Professor Abraham Loeb, co-author and chair of the Astronomy department at Harvard University, said it proved that life could survive in even the harshest environments, such as beneath the surface of Mars, or on the moons of Europa and Enceladus.

“Organisms with similar tolerances to radiation and temperature as tardigrades could survive long-term below the surface in these conditions,” said Prof Loeb.

“The subsurface oceans that are believed to exist on Europa and Enceladus, would have conditions similar to the deep oceans of Earth where tardigrades are found, volcanic vents providing heat in an environment devoid of light.”

Now also i am not telling dont miss heaven. I am saying dont feel insecure, threatened or even privileged that yes, you will goto heaven.

Atleast dont say whatever word of God known is the only truth.

I am saying there are things beyond that as well. You are just stuck with a fraction of God’s word. No human, even me can say even description about God. Not even word of God, Ancient Scriptures or Holy book.

So point is all are right. Problem arises when i say only i am right


bestashok Answers spirituality

I am ready to go to hell for YOU. Are you willing to put your heaven on the line for me.

Okay, i agree you say I don’t know the whole picture.

I am just ignoring the truth inspite of knowing everything.

And that finally what matters is Heaven and Hell is the option.

I agree with you.

Now what i am saying is okay, fine.

I am ready to go to hell(if it exists) for YOU. Yes, but are you willing to put your salvation/heaven on the line for me.

Your faith is true right.

You’ve been cleansed right.

Then why fear, for God is on your side.

All I am asking is are you ready to do the same for me.

So its like this imagine even if I am cheating you or mindwashing.

God knows i cheated you.

You were just trying to help me thinking i was not knowing what you know, or you sincerely wanted me to help or you just got tempted by me.

See, towards God your sincerity is there right, then why worry.

As i said, I am ready to go to hell for you, because i committed the sin of  cheating/mindwashing you (if hell exists).  I will ask Jesus/Allah, to not send you to hell. No matter what i do to you.

I am responsible for you if something happens, i will goto hell.

Yes, but are you willing to put your salvation/heaven on the line for me.

Get the point. Dig deep find the truth. Don’t stop. Go deep. You will know God.